Follow Hashtags is Instagram’s Hot New Feature

By December 14, 2017Instagram News
Follow Instagram Hashtags

Follow hashtags is Instagram’s hottest new feature! Wolf Millionaire explains how this can benefit your Instagram account if used properly!

Follow hashtags on Instagram? What the?

This is the worlds first social network to provide it’s users the ability to follow hashtags not just other accounts!

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Best Hashtags For Instagram Growth in order to get you up to speed!

This is also a great time for me to remind you that using the same SPAM hashtags over and over and over is NOT a good strategy. If you ignore my advice you will run a very high risk of getting your account temporarily suspended from using hashtags or even disabled by Instagram.

Follow Hashtags Instagram

Get the Absolute Most out of your Hashtags with all the guides I have provide so you can make your way into peoples Instagram feeds with this new Hashtags Following feature that just got rolled out.

Thats why your here reading my article isn’t it? To make sure you’re doing everything you can to learn from me. I have logged more time using Instagram than anyone in the world thanks to my MADWHIPS Instagram Empire of 30+ accounts that command more than 18+ Million Instagram followers ever since I lost my job for the first time in my life just over 3 years ago.

Did I mention I bought a brand new McLaren & Solid Gold Rolex to reward myself for all the hard work I’ve put in over the last couple years killing it on Instagram and making more money than I ever have with multiple jobs in the past 15 years of my life?!?

Wolf Millionaire McLaren

All I want to do is TEACH YOU everything I know STEP-BY-STEP if YOU are willing to learn.

I have not only mastered Instagram and successfully taught others how to grow their account but I have helped other Success Stories of students become Instagram influencers helping them secure lucrative money making deals with BIG BRANDS in their NICHE!

I even walked my students through how I landed one of the biggest sponsorships I ever got with Ceramic Pro which took me and my McLaren to Miami for 4 months.

My InstaWealth Growth System has walked them through and taught them how to turn their Instagram play time into money making time!

There is nothing stopping YOU from doing the same thing,  you just have to PUT IN THE WORK CONSISTENTLY and remember, your success isn’t going to happen overnight. This isn’t a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME like others on Instagram who are always trying to sell you bullshit courses from people you’ve never heard of or have any real success.

I have created the most comprehensive, STEP-BY-STEP video guide series on Instagram with more than 22+ hours of me walking and talking slowly showing you everything about Instagram in a course I designed like a blueprint. I’m not some guy with no background or education.

I was never the smartest kid in school. I had very strict parents that just wanted me to get a good degree. I worked my ass off to finish university almost failing out of my program for 3 years in a row…. However I stuck with it determined to get that degree for my parents who I am eternally grateful for in life.

I have a Systems Engineering degree which taught me to how to research, test and learn ANY system in the world which is exactly what I did after loosing my job and seeing the tremendous amount of money and opportunity that Instagram provides as the worlds hottest social network! It took me 2 months to carefully and accurately create the 80+ videos in my InstaWealth Growth System that walks you through EVERYTHING STEP-BY-STEP so you can learn at your own pace whenever you have time with my online video guides!

MadWhips McLaren

Following Hashtags Explained

Instagram’s Press Release Explains the reason behind this new feature:

“Today we’re introducing the ability to follow hashtags, giving you new ways to discover photos, videos and people on Instagram. Now it’s even easier to stay connected with the interests, hobbies, passions and communities you care about. Following hashtags is just the beginning of how we’re giving you the tools to discover and be inspired by our community.”

You can see that Instagram has more features coming out up it’s sleeve!

Now when you search for a hashtag on Instagram SEARCH -> “TAGS” and search any hashtag  (see below) you will have the ability to FOLLOW them!

Follow MadWhips Hashtag


Now when you start to FOLLOW a hashtag you will see the TOP posts trickle their way into your feed according to Instagram’s Algorithm. You can unfollow any hashtag at anytime. You can explore the TOP posts or the RECENT posts as well.

McLaren 540c Instagram Hashtag

Looks like I completely dominate the #McLaren540c Hashtag which is kind of cool and shows the power of hashtag branding as well as using specific hashtags that have low competition VS using generic hashtags like #McLaren that have over 3 Million hashtags where my posts would get lost and thus discovery of my content harder to find. This is why you must learn to use the Best Hashtags For Instagram Growth

So far I only see the HASHTAGS I am following when I look at my Instagram account “FOLLOWERS” page on my iOS you will see below you can change between seeing you are FOLLOWING “PEOPLE” and “HASHTAGS”.

Unfollow Instagram Hashtags

NOTE: your total Instagram accounts reported “FOLLOWING” number will not change if you follow hashtags 🙂


To help solve the problem of HASHTAG SPAM, any image that appears in your Instagram feed because of a HASHTAG you’re following will have a prominent button above it, allowing you to easily tell Instagram “DOWNVOTE” to not show you anymore images like that for that given hashtag as shown in the image below.

Don't Show For This Hashtag

It won’t unfollow the tag, but it will help to train the Instagram algorithm on what aspects of a certain HASHTAG you want to see. This will not affect other peoples feeds as this is a personalized HASHTAG learning algorithm FOR YOUR ACCOUNT, not other peoples. It’s very personalized.

Yes there is lots of wizardry going on behind the scenes of Instagram, have fun with this new feature as it continues to EVOLVE!

Happy Instagramming

McLaren 540C Dash

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