Finsta – How To Make Money With One

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How To Make Money With Finsta

Finsta is Instagram’s latest trend. Wolf Millionaire explains the benefits of creating one and how to make money with one!

Finsta is a “Fake-Instagram” account used for those who want to share less than desirable pictures, videos and stories with close friends while remaining anonymous. However I’ve also helped several Influencers setup Fake Instagram accounts in order to make money with it.

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These accounts are almost always private, the actual owners behind these account hand select who gets access to them. These accounts usually have no information in the username, bio and have a blank profile picture, ensuring that from anyone stumbling across the account couldn’t be identified. However behind these private accounts lies all kinds of ridiculous content tfrom pornography, illegal activity, drinking, drugs, vandalism and real life debauchery.

The burning question is can YOU make money with a Fake “Finsta” Instagram Account?

The Answer is ABSOLUTELY!  There is a dark underworld that Instagram will never admit or expose, but it exists and I have seen it and help some create very successful businesses using them.

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I know DOZENS o f female (and male) Influencers who charge monthly subscription fees (ranging from $19/month to $49/month) for access to their FINSTA accounts.  I also know a handful of Fake Instagram accounts that post pornography photos and videos that are downloaded from paid porno sites and are reposted to private Fake Instagram accounts.


Not all Influencers post content that goes against Instagrams terms of use. Many use it as a personal way to reach out and really engage with their paid audiences. Most will post content and then delete it so there is no lingering content. You watch it and it gets deleted from the account usually with 24-48 hours. This ensures a very HIGH engagement and call to action making people who are allowed to follow these accounts (for a set monthly price) watch it. Behind these closed doors are the highest engagements of views and likes sometimes reaching close to 90% engagement rates. It makes sense because if you’re paying for something you enjoy watching, you are most likely going to engage extensively with it.

Just think if you had 100 people paying you ranging from $19/month to $49/month for access to your private Instagram content you could be making $1999/month-$4999/month just for sharing sexy, provocative and revealing content! The same goes for people who post other content that others usually pay for but for a fraction of the cost because of how many people are already on Instagram and willing to pay $2/month-$5/month to access a wide range or very niche specific private Instagram accounts with high quality photos and videos of their favorite models or porn stars.

These Influencers monetizing their Fake Instagram Accounts share content daily, many sharing nude photos and videos that are raw and completed in one takes. Many will wear outfits, costumes or masks depending on the level of nudity, to ensure those who want to copy the content and re-post it elsewhere on the web won’t be able to identify the said Influencer.

Many of these private Instagram accounts do LIVE Instagram Stories To Make Money – going solo or with other influencers using Split Screen LIVE Instagram Stories Makes Money to get you introduced and hooked on paying one of their close friends for access to their Finsta.

It’s a slippery slope once you get hooked on paying for access to these Fake Instagram accounts with REAL content from Influencers around the world.


People flock to these accounts and pay for access to them because they allow REAL behind the scene access to their favorite Instagram Influencers. The Influencers behind these paid fake Instagram accounts enjoy the ease to create the account, manage the monthly subscription with quick/easy/cheap online systems to start making a couple grand a month EASILY! Plus they have an easy and quiet way to promote these fake Instagram accounts using Instagram stories or DM’s from eager fans wanting more content!

Given that these Finsta accounts are private and have paying members, they don’t get shut down by Instagram! After all who’s going to pay a monthly fee to see this content and then report the content to Instagram?

Yes there is a chance that a jealous competitor will infiltrate your account and report your content, but who cares! You can simply start another Instagram account and setup another Fake Instagram account. After all it doesn’t matter how many followers it has, as you get to allow certain people to access it, namely your paying fans! MONEY!

Finsta – Why Have One?

Finsta is for certain eyes only and certainly not for family or parents.  It is mostly used by teenagers but there is real world validity as to why you should probably have a 2nd version of yourself on Instagram. A REAL VERSION! After all Instagram should be used for fun!

The phenomenon stems from the desires of teenagers wanting to escape the prying eyes of their parents, society and employers. Once parents started joining Facebook and adding their children as friends, Facebook lost its appeal to younger people. The same trend is occurring on Instagram, where older generations are adopting the technology, engaging mostly with their own children, who then feel they need to find a new new thing.

Concerns have grown recently about Finsta’s affects on teens’ overall wellbeing.


Fake Instagram accounts comes with the predictable addictive qualities that accompany Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, but the darker nature of these accounts implies to parents that it could encourage dangerous behaviour from their kids for the sake of fitting in to the discourse of the medium, like eating Tide Pods – WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH KIDS TODAY?

After all, if the point is to keep out of view of parents, there is usually a reason for not wanting to be seen. The majority of Finsta’s users are female (according to several studies), and many Finsta usernames are sexual in nature, which also has parents concerned that these accounts will encourage teens to be sexually active at younger ages, again to fit in with others posting provocative and sexually oriented content.

The impulsiveness of a Finsta post is not filtered by the user’s own sense of social media propriety the way it would be on Instagram or Facebook, and bad behaviour is therefore encouraged on Finsta in a unique, almost unspoken way. Ultimately, parents fear that Finsta will pose a real threat to their children’s mental health and performance in school, as it will encourage gravitation to harmful forms of engagement.

It’s possible that the concerns over Finsta are another example of parents becoming afraid of a morality crisis that isn’t real. Teens will always find ways to rebel, share and communicate with their peers away from prying eyes, no matter what.

There You Go Wolf Pack, One More Way You CAN MAKE MONEY WITH INSTAGRAM!

Happy Finstagramming!



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