Faking Instagram Comments Exposed

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Faking Comments on Instagram

Faking Instagram comments isn’t new. Wolf Millionaire shows you another flavour of fake bot Instagram comments used to fake engagement.

Faking Instagram comments isn’t a recommended strategy. I have seen so many Instagram accounts get disable by those who use Fake Likes and Fake Followers.

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Cheating Instagram Scammers like Nuxery continue to try and scam people into buying their fake Instagram growth strategies claiming they make hundreds of thousands of dollars a day or week or month with their completely fake Instagram accounts.

faking Instagram comments

I’ve been busing all these clowns since Instagram Deletes Fraud Accounts in a big way during the last couple years.

Instagram learnt it’s lesson cleaning up accounts like this and will most likely never delete big chunks of Fake Followers anymore. They are now slowly deleting them daily which is why so many old large Instagram accounts are loosing dozens, hundreds and some over a thousand followers a day.  Remember all these fake accounts they are deleting had to follow accounts to look real. They were following celebrities, Influencers and accounts that all grew like wildfire during the early years when we all took advantage of the explore page.

Instagram currently **CLAIMS** to have 800 Million Active Monthly Users, BUT, what they are not telling you is they have a MAJOR BOT and Fake Follower PROBLEM which they will never admit to the public. Why? It’s simple, they don’t want to turn off ALL the major brands spending millions of dollars with them to plague our feeds with their sponsored posts. It’s all about the 💰 Benjamins 💰 baby! No wonder so many people are faking it!

Imagine if Instagram came out and admitted to the public and all the big brands spending millions of dollars a month to advertise on their network that that between 11%-15% of THEIR SOCIAL NETWORK was fake followers (which by many peoples calculations Including mine is what is most probable).  This would raise a lot of concern and would really hurt their core business which is MAKING MONEY off of all it’s users.

Wolf Millionaire Motivation

Remember, nothing is going to be gained by faking anything on Instagram. Brands that I consult with are now armed with all these learnings of how to look for Fake Likes and Fake Followers and it’s the first thing I teach my clients and students to do before they spend a dime with Influencers, Fan Pages or anyone on Instagram to promote their products or services!

Grow an Instagram account using all my InstaWealth Growth System Video Guides, where I walk you through everything STEP-BY-STEP which will teach you all the BEST Instagram PRACTICES (which are essentially the best Social Media practices) and you will be able to reap the rewards of  making money with a proper Instagram account in ANY NICHE you choose to pursue!

Just remember, I am NOT selling you a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME, there is NO SUCH FUCKING THING!

I am teaching you how to leverage Instagram if you want to grow a FAN PAGE, become an Influencer yourself, make money for your Business, Products or Services. I’ve even showed you how you can make money on Instagram with Bitcoin and Amazon Influencer Program by leveraging Affiliate Marketing on Instagram.

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Not only have I launched multiple businesses on Instagram, but I’ve helped students and clients all over the world who never had a business before start to turn their Instagram play time into MONEY MAKING TIME growing their own brand and starting their own business. It’s so much fun and Instagram is still just getting going that it’s never to late to get your shit together and get to work joining my WOLF PACK of STUDENTS!

Just remember, YOU HAVE TO BE PATIENT! The more work you put into Instagram (and anything in LIFE), the more successful results YOU WILL SEE!

Faking Instagram Comments Exposed

So lets move on to showing you the latest bunch of fake Instagram comments that several of my students alerted me to this week! Once I show you what to look for you’ll be able to spot them yourself! We’re going to look at @Jcartu’s Instagram account, and I have found a pattern of faking Instagram comments on 3 of his last posts by the same exact fake bot Instagram accounts! NO WAY! YES UNFORTUNATELY WAY!

Fake Instagram Comments Josh Cartu

The dead giveaway is the amount of posts they all have (between 7-9), and the freshness (newness) of their account (many have posted all on the same day in August, Sept, Oct, Nov), not to mention they all comment what is supposed to be “organic looking comments” on @Jcartu post after post.

Josh Cartu Fake Instagram Comments

In face these same accounts which I have determined to be FAKE bot accounts have posted consistently on his last 3 posts and funny enough, they seem to comment ALL around the exact same timeframe from one another.. hmmmmmmm coincidence?? NOPE!

Now if you actually read the comments, these fake bot accounts do a pretty amazing job (Kudos to the best I’ve seen yet) at keeping the comments somewhat in line with the content & caption of each post.

The first two accounts that I want to highlight below to show you what we’re looking for are DEAD giveaways. Both have 661-671 people they are following, both have 7-8 posts and both posted ALL their posts on 1 single day. HMMMMMMMM…..

Fake Instagram Follower Comments

Something smells a little FISHY here like FACHE FILET FISHY? YES KIDS! If it reeks like FISH, it most likely is FISH… but wait…… maybe just a random coincidence right?? Lets keep looking!

Checkout this pair of WINNING bots below. It doesn’t get any easier to spot or say with 100% accuracy that these are fake bot Instagram accounts!

They didn’t even try to make them look different from a stats perspective. Number don’t lie. BOTH ACCOUNTS have 7 posts, 2 followers, 21 following, both have 3 NAMES, both usernames are their 3 NAMES stuck together, both posted ALL their photos on October 22nd and October 25th. YUP 100% FAKE!!

As an exercise go through all the other FAKE accounts I highlighted in the posts above and see if you can find the similar patters, and if you’re bored enough and really want to do your homework, go through all of @Jcartu’s recent posts and find out what % of comments left on each of his posts are FAKE and DM me. I’m curious but have no time to go on a witch hunt. Usually when I see someone playing games like this, it’s enough to tell the entire story about someones Social Media intentions.

Fake Instagram Bots Exposed

This isn’t hard to do with a proper bot script using english language libraries where these Instagram bot accounts simply get fed a handful of words each day for each post and then fake comments are generated automatically.

This sounds like a lot of work right? It’s not if you know software/scripts well and anyone with money can hire a black hat team to accomplish this. People will go to huge length to fake a social media follow not to mention engagement. DON’T BE ONE OF THEM.

NOW, this doesn’t mean that Josh’s account is full of fake followers, it just means that most of his comments and probably lots of likes from what I can see are FAKE which isn’t great for his brand. But does someone who travels the world on a private jet and drives a multi million dollar Ferrari’s care? Probably not, but theres no need to help celebrate, praise or look up to someone who finds the need to fake their social presence!

Another thing worth noting, don’t feel special if @Jcartu’s Instagram comments on your posts regularly, his account is clearly setup using automated software as many of my Wolf Millionaire Instagram posts are commented on, almost all my MadWhips accounts and dozens of others peoples have reported getting comments every single day.

MadWhips McLaren

While my InstaWealth Growth System does explain my comment strategy and why it’s important to comment on other peoples posts, the volume of which I have observed his account leaving comments coupled with faking Instagram comments I just highlighted shows me that his account is using software, bots and scripts to comment & like on other peoples accounts regularly multiple times a day.

Make sure you read my complete article on WHY Organic Comments Vs Automated Comments will help you WIN followers and help you make more money!

It’s amazing to see people who have La Ferrari money finding the need to have a big faked Instagram accounts or engagements. @Jcartu isn’t the first, I also busted @FerrariCollector_DavidLee who’s Instagram account almost doubled from 330k to 740k on April 11-13 2017.


It Just goes to show you how valuable Instagram is to the rich. However they aren’t fooling those who now know how to spot faking comments, LIKE YOU 🙂

If there’s one things I have a knack for, it’s finding patterns thanks to my overly detailed nature. This is how I figured out Instagram years ago before anyone and was able to grow 30+ accounts to over 18+ Million followers in less than 3 years! Just remember where you learned all this free Instagram knowledge!

Happy Instagramming, KEEP IT REAL WOLF PACK!

Anthony Carbone MadWhips


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