Fake Likes Exposed On Instagram

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Fake Likes

Fake likes are a major issue on Instagram. Wolf Millionaire teaches you how to determine if an account is using fake likes & comments to make it seem like they’re getting amazing engagement so you don’t get scammed.

Fake likes are contributing to a massive growing problem on Instagram. Make sure you read my important and viral Fake Followers & Bots article which will explain why YOU DON’T want to use these services or work with people in Comment Pods who use them.

I’ve even started to expose others faking Instagram comments, you won’t believe some of the accounts that I have busted. It’s really sad!

Instagram has been disabling accounts that use Fake likes and Fake follower programs. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

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I am going to expose (again) a MAJOR Instagram scam below and teach YOU how to spot others doing the same!

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Fake Likes – Why People Use Them

Instagram influencer fraud is a growing problem on Instagram and it’s all because of fakes likes and Fake Followers programs. People who are looking to cheat the Instagram ecosystem in search of advertising money is a prime example of WHY INSTAGRAM is so valuable and how much money you can make with an Instagram account or as an Influencer!

People who are trying to scam advertisers in order to make it look like their page has followers and amazing engagement (likes & comments) will create a fan page, product page or Influencer page to start. They will then start posting their photos or video (usually other peoples content without proper credits) then pay an online service to grow with fake followers and deliver fakes likes.

Speaking of giving credits, make sure you read my Instagram Credit & Copyright rules strategies. Not only is it a BEST PRACTICE to give proper credit when using other peoples photos or credit, but there a growth strategy behind why you want to be using it! It’s sooooo simple, yet so many pages get it wrong because of their own ignorance to learn all my FREE TIPS I PROVIDE! I just want to help you use Instagram to follow your passions and make money like I have been ever since I lost my job!

Fake Likes – How To Spot Them

If you haven’t read all my past posts on how to spot Instagram Scams or seen my viral blog post that busted so many Instagram accounts when Instagram Deletes Fraud Accounts, then make sure you check it out. I provide an easy STEP-BY-STEP analysis to teach you exactly how to spot these fake Instagram accounts who are just trying to scam you into giving them money to grow your account or advertise your product.

Lets dive into an example of fake likes by an Instagram account I busted for buying fake followers who still hasn’t learned his lesson about scamming people when Instagram Deletes Fraud Accounts Out of the 4 accounts I bused for buying hundreds of thousands of fake followers over a year ago, 2 of those pages got disabled and deleted by Instagram and 2 of them still exist.

Fake Likes – @Nuxery – Daily Dose of FAKE FAKE FAKE

This is one of the biggest fake followers and fake likes account on Instagram.  I FINALLY EXPOSED Nuxery Instagram account claims to have over 1.1 Million followers and further his BIO claims that he makes over $50,000 PER DAY FROM INSTAGRAM!!

Then only people making $50,000 a day from Instagram are celebrities like Kim Kardashian and others who command 6 figures to post and promote a product on their account. Even then they pick and chose which products to promote and do not promote products every single day which means not even they are making $50,000 a day from Instagram!

Fake Likes - Nuxery

HAHAHA I don’t know where to start! First off, this account is certainly not making ANY MONEY from Instagram with his fake followers and fake likes. In fact I have been watching what this account posts and I haven’t seen a single advertisement in months yet the account claims to make $50,000 PER DAY because he’s monetized every corner of his Instagram account???? AHAHA YAAAAAAA OK. ‘

Hopefully no one has fallen victim to this scam because it’s absolutely ABSURD and the only person you have to blame if you have fallen for this scam is your own gullibility of not doing your due diligence by reading this article to LEARN how to spot FAKE ACCOUNTS!

The only thing Nuxery has accomplished with his page is becoming the biggest FAKE Instagram account in the luxury space. Don’t fall victim to people like this or think that you can grow an account with fake followers and fake likes and actually make money. YOU WILL NOT MAKE MONEY WITH FAKE LIKES and FAKE FOLLOWERS and I WILL EXPOSE YOU.

You see people talk, and I hear it all. I get people DM’ing me every day about accounts trying to scam money from them, trying to get them to pay for FAKE mentoring, FAKE growth services, FAKE likes, FAKE followers and asking for people to send them money on PayPal as “Family & Friends”. If someone on Instagram asks you to send them money for anything as “Family & Friends” theres a pretty good chance YOU are going to get ripped off.

PLEASE READThe Safest Way To Send Money On Instagram“, all I want to do is TEACH you to be SAFE on Instagram and not get ripped off!

Let me be absolutely CLEAR and HONEST, no one on Instagram is making $50,000 a day. Nuxery continues to post FAKE screenshots from programs that make it look like he has made millions of dollars of income sitting in an account. Nuxery even posts “FAKE STUDENT” testimonials, where the usernames are hidden (so you can’t see that it’s also FAKE). Nuxery also claims to be giving away an Audi A4 and $500 cash. HAHAHA YA OK!!!

Nuxery also claims to live in Vancouver going by the name of Ryan, yet not a single mention of his last name, or picture of his face. Would you trust someone to be your mentor who is claiming all this bullshit and not providing their full name or even a picture of them with all the money they are making?

Surely someone making $50,000 a day and clamming to have an Audi A4 should be posting pictures of the amazing life they’re living with all this money and success. But NO, YOU DO NOT SEE THIS, because it’s all FAKE!

First off there is no advertising on this page because it’s been busted when Instagram Deleted over 350,000 FAKE FOLLOWERS from his account OVERNIGHT back in September 2016.

The account laid dormant after this major blow of getting exposed and it wasn’t until April 2017 of this year that the account either switched owners, or the original owner started to fire up his fake likes and followers machine to try and scam YOU into paying for advertising, Instagram growth, likes or his fake Instagram mentoring program. BE WARNED!

So lets get into the part where I expose this account and actually TEACH YOU STEP-BY-STEP (something I am world famous for with respect to Instagram mentoring) in order to show you how to spot other FAKE Instagram accounts.

Fake Instagram Likes

Above is Nuxery‘s most recent Instagram post, which by the way doesn’t give proper credit in the main caption or in his first comment, another sign of a shady Instagram account that you SHOULD NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH.

Within 1 hour his post above has received over 3000 likes. However most of these if not ALL are completely Fake Followers & Bots as I explain in detail for you to learn. The proof is right there in front of you.

He has a couple comments (that are common on many of his posts) where other FAKE accounts have comments “W O W” letter by letter in 3 separate comments just so that it looks like he has comments. But anyone with half a brain can see these comments are completely FAKE.


Fake Likes From Fake Followers

I sampled through a couple dozen of the accounts that “LIKED” the post above, and the common theme I saw, 95% of the accounts I checked were following very very close to 7500 other accounts (in fact many are 7491 & 7494 likes), others had a couple photos and didn’t post more than 1-2 photos in MONTHS and were following 3000 to 4000 other accounts, yet liked Nuxery’s latest post….. hmmmmmmmm……… ALL THIS SCREAMS FAKE and is a DEAD GIVEAWAY of an account with FAKE FOLLOWERS!

Fake Followers Nuxery

See a handful of accounts above and below I randomly screenshot at the 3000 like mark and ONE BY ONE investigated over a dozen accounts in a row from the accounts that LIKED the post above. FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE…. UNREAL!

fake instagram followers nuxery

Now that you know what you’re looking for, go look on Nuxery’s posts for these types of users that follow and like his content. ALL FAKE! See now you know how to spot these FAKE LIKES & FAKE FOLLOWERS!

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Happy Hunting Wolf Pack 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

You’re Truly,

Anthony Carbone – The Wolf Millionaire

p.s. Did I mention I bought a brand new McLaren & Solid Gold Rolex last year to REWARD myself for all the hard work I put in growing my various Instagram businesses?

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