FAKE Instagram ADS – How To Avoid Getting Scammed

By January 16, 2019 Instagram News

Fake Instagram ADS and cheap garbage products are rampant on the social network, thats all I see in my feed these days. I’m sure you see the same.

As more and more advertised content is being pushed on Instagram, fake companies are now aggressively targeting Instagram ads to scam customers.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with these TOP SCAMS found on Instagram I have exposed all the major ones you need to be aware of that will teach you to spot theses scams in seconds (anywhere on the web). I almost fell for one of them it was so well crafted!

Thousands of “drop-shippers” advertise items that they don’t own, hold or dispatch. Their scam businesses are about selling cheap Chinese products on Instagram with pictures and captions that lend a high-quality appearance.

I personally even tested one of these companies (shopchurchill.co – who haven’t posted to Instagram in MONTHS…) just to prove my point and not just talk shit. I purchased a cool looking shirt that was originally $58 and on sale for $34 with FREE SHIPPING… all the products on this page are fucking junk, marked up with fancy photography to look like quality….

The shirt was apparently shipped out (from China – of course) within 5 business days and tracking was provided. When the shipping notice came that my package was delivered (to my concierge) I went down to pick it up about 1 hour after it said it was delivered at 7:04pm on September 24 and my concierge said there was NO deliveries to anyone in the building since 4pm…. hmmmmm….

So I emailed shopChurchill.co customer service with my situation and explained who I was (to ensure I wasn’t going to get ignored) and they sent out another shipment of my order without charge… I was impressed that they didn’t even question me… this immediately confirms that they are running a scam and purely operating on a numbers game of people who probably would order and forget and not follow up if their product didn’t arrive…. you’d be amazed at the shit that people buy, forget and never follow up on…. our world is one big distracted mess.

Thankfully I have a full 24 hour concierge in my building that must sign every package that gets delivered to my building and take down the couriers info and ID… and zero record of this courier was in the books (or on security camera – which was looked into by my buildings security.

When the 2nd shipment finally arrived, I wasn’t surprised to find that the t-shirt was as thin and cheap as I expected, it didn’t look even remotely as cool or quality as in their photos (again not surprised). I didn’t even try it on, I threw it out and had a laugh…. my loss, your learning. Don’t waste your money on these garbage no-name drop ship dime a dozen companies you see in your IG ads.

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A company called “Military Tees” promoted an $800 drone for just $100. But the supposedly high-quality product arrived in cheap plastic packaging from China.

Instagram user Raul Gonzalez, who ordered a drone that popped up in his Instagram feed, reported that the drone does fly, but its battery would die after a couple minutes of use. Not only was the drone Gonzalez ordered not the high-end product he expected, he found it available elsewhere for under $50 and when he contacted the company, “Military Tees” wouldn’t provide a refund.

Instagram banned “Military Tees” ads and their website has been shut down… just like I shut down this Instagram Criminal last year!

A few things to look out for before purchasing an item via Instagram ads and, if you’re using ads to promote your products, make sure to follow these tips to prove the legitimacy of your company:

  • A “too good to be true” price

Don’t be tempted by heavily discounted high-end products. The biggest red flag is a price that is dramatically lower than that of other sellers.

  • Google the URL/brand, check the website & read Facebook and YouTube reviews

Check the website for spelling and grammatical errors, links that don’t lead anywhere, or bad quality photos and logos. Check the website footer and see if the website lists a contact address, if they don’t it’s a major red flag.

The company should also have a Facebook or Twitter account where users/customers usually post positive & negative feedback. A company doesn’t have to be a fraud per se, but they might have issues with delayed deliveries, missing deliveries (like my example above) or quality issues so you can get a better idea about the experiences people are having.

Additionally, you can check if the website is trusted or not by using www.scamadviser.com. This website gives you an instant numerical indication on whether or not an online store seems trustworthy.

In our example, www.scamadviser.com categorized military-tees.com as a high-risk website based on a number of user comments and the data shown in the graphic below.

The analysis tool also shows the domain age. If a website has only been online for a short amount of time, this can indicate a scam as well so please be careful and question everything online, especially if it sounds too good to be true.

  • Payment methods

It is usually a cause for concern if a company does not give the option for PayPal, which is the safest way to make purchases online and limit credit card theft. Also make sure that the URL of the payment site DOES start with “https://” (note the “s” on https) to ensure their security certificate is valid which helps ensure your credit card data is encrypted during your purchase.

  • Shipping time & Tracking number

The door-to-door shipping time should be clearly conveyed. Be wary of websites that only list dispatch times, which just means when they say they’ll send it out, but it doesn’t tell you when you can expect the order to arrive.

After purchasing an item you should receive a confirmation and tracking number. Receiving only a confirmation number doesn’t guarantee you that you will receive your order. It is only once the tracking number is being issued, you’ll be able to follow up with the status of your delivery.

  • Report to Instagram

Designer & Brand Name Scams

Here is a very common Fake Instagram Ad Scam selling Adidas Yeezy’s and Iphones at insane prices (some claim FREE) and yet all these accounts are FAKE FAKE FAKE selling scams on scams… Instagram can’t keep up!

Once you have evidence that the company is a fraud, report them on Instagram. If enough complaints are being issued, Instagram could ban the company’s ads and delete their account.

I’ve uncovered & exposed all these Top Instagram Scams (highlighting all their tricks to educate and keep you safe) so you can spot them!

As Instagram aggressively shifts more in the direction of pushing advertised content, it’s becoming easier for scammers to reach a broader audience through ads. BEWARE!

Happy Instagramming!

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