Fake Followers and Bots Explained

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Fake Followers and bots are a big problem on Instagram. Wolf Millionaire explains how using fake followers and bots will result in your account getting banned.

Fake followers and bots are a growing issue on Instagram just like my massive article EXPOSING Fake Likes. As Instagram becomes more and more popular in the lives of everyday people, advertisers and marketers are becoming increasingly savvy.

Transparency is now more important than ever, which is why people are becoming more attuned to the troublesome problem of fake followers and bots on Instagram.

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Fake Followers Beware

There are signs to watch out for when trying to avoid working with accounts that are full of fake followers and bots. One of the dead give aways is to watch out for Fake Likes (I teach you how to spot them in that article) with brand new accounts with very few photos that seem to follow you for no reason usually means something fishy is going on.

Fake followers are also accounts with no profile pictures, with names that don’t make sense (like a jumble of characters with no logic to it), or accounts that seem too good to be true (why is this uber-popular celebrity or this insanely hot babe following me?) are usually fake. Same with accounts that have Instagram photos that were all posted on the same day (or a short period of time) and have no further updated photos on their accounts for weeks or months also scream FAKE FOLLOWERS.

This blog post is a follow up on my two most explosive posts that busted many accounts over a year ago for fake followers. Make sure you watch my video that explains exactly How To Spot Fake Instagram Accounts and you will quickly teach yourself

Also watch out for users with a very high follower rate compared to the number and the quality of their posts. These were accounts that were created by automated programs and sold to others who want to fake their growth and following. Fake followers usually look like they might be bots, once you know how they look, it’s all the same pattern just different flavours.

Check out these 2 accounts with MAJOR FAKE FOLLOWERS added in April 2017. HAHAHAHAHA ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

Fake Followers BrianGoldPHD

Ferrari Collector David Lee Fake Followers


If you learn my Instagram Strategies I will show you exactly how to tell if other accounts have a high percentage of fake followers and are using bots, and that’s not a good sign either! Also, pay attention to where the accounts that are engaging with accounts are coming from, geographically, language, and how their comments look. It’s a dead giveaway when someone comments “nice one” on a post which makes no sense for the type of photo that was posted. I saw someone post a photo about their pet passing away, and a bunch of fake followers commented “great post” and “this is so motivational” HAHA ARE YOU KIDDING ME????

I have been saving so many students from getting ripped off online with my Safest Way To Send Money On Instagram article not to mention watching out for Instagram Badge Scam emails which go around very often and look very real.

A high percentage of foreign engagement can be a sign of fake followers or bots, it’s also a DEAD GIVEAWAY, it’s the #1 thing I look for when investigating accounts for fake followers. Of course real people from other countries can engage with your profile, but the likelihood that the majority of your followers would be from other countries is low, because social networks tend to start in close proximity to the user and expand over time. If see native accounts in USA or Canada or UK with massive followers & comments all from countries like India and Russia, but not from close to home, it usually is a sign of fake followers.

Using hashtags like #FOLLOW4FOLLOW or #LIKE4LIKE is also an example of POOR HASHTAGS that attract fake followers and will always yield poor quality followers and more prominently FAKE FOLLOWERS! Follow my Best Hashtags for Instagram guides and learn how to properly use #HASHTAGS

Instagram Bot programs target specific hashtags to work their auto-commenting and auto-liking on your account and on others in order to attract poor quality followers mostly other fake bot accounts.

Instagram Bots Danger

A bot is an automated system that users can sign up for which accesses your Instagram profile (once you provide your login and password which is sketchy to begin with) and the system generates automated engagement (likes, comments and following and unfollowing users) automatically with other users, without your active presence.

Fake Followers Bots Exposed

For a fee, a user can essentially hire a service to build engagement for them. The problem is that bots create a fraudulent social media culture, which users seeking authenticity are able to see through. Botting also creates an uneven playing field, where those who pay a little more can benefit from higher engagement, even though they aren’t actually putting in more effort than those who don’t use bots, they are simply purchasing the service.

Instagress Fake Followers Bots

One the most well-known botting services that finally got shut down is Instagress. This was the same company that brought you CrowdFire that many other so called Instagram Guru’s used to teach you how to grow accounts with less than attractive strategies. People who used these services actually got their accounts disabled by Instagram, not a couple people, Im talking like tens of thousands of people. I heard people cry every week and I didn’t feel sorry for them. They all wanted to grow their accounts by cheating and using programs that Instagram didn’t support. Naughty Naughty!

Before the company was shut down by Instagram, they would operate by taking control of your profile while you are offline and automatically engaging with hashtags. A bot can sift through thousands of hashtags in a day and have users surfing back to your profile in high numbers, whereas doing this the old fashioned way takes much more time and will likely never generate the same level of engagement. The bot can be configured to search for things relating to your profile so as to appear attractive to a user that shares similar content with you.

Even Hootsuite Agrees with Me that Instagram automation programs are a very bad strategy after testing it themselves!

The success of a bot is directly tied to the high number of hashtags in its user’s photos, which is why lately photographers are adding more and more hashtags. Photos with the most engagement stay pinned to Instagram’s Top Nine Selects, the top nine posts for every hashtag based on engagement, so a bot cycling through photos with dozens of hastags can propel a user to Instagram fame rather quickly.

Instagress was compelling to users because it WAS EASY and didn’t exactly buy fake followers, but rather it interacts and builds engagement with real users, albeit automatically and for a fee, but still with a service like this real people do end up engaging with your account.

This muddies the ethical question about whether using such a service is in fact some kind of act of social media fraud as it attracts LOW QUALITY FOLLOWERS THAT DON’T CONVERT – I’VE TESTED THIS TO DEATH.

When you play with these automated style of profile-building programs, you are bound to attract some unwanted followers, USELESS FOLLOWERS. Because there are so many bots and fake followers out there, using bots will also attract bots because of how the programs are buit, so the engagement-building that a company like Instagress used to sell never really told you that it would be using your account as a bot account with tens of thousands of other bots accounts to grow your account. THIS IS WHY SO MANY PEOPLE GOT DISABLED ACCOUNTS!

See all the Instagram Features I Predicted over the last couple years, ALL OF WHICH CAME TRUE! I can’t make this shit up, as I was making these prediction back in 2015 when I first launched and recorded my Wolf Millionaire Instagram Strategies, focusing on helping you turn your Instagram Play Time into MONEY MAKING TIME. Remember CONTENT IS KING!

Ultimately the prevalence of bots is a result of the growing pressure for users to become successful through social media. With mediums like Instagram, we constantly feel the need to do things instantly, or other users will get there first.

Being consistent with your posting, engaging with other accounts and followers in real time YOURSELF and focusing on high quality content, are the most important strategies to building a successful profile. Remember fake followers and bots are not the answer, YOU WILL NOT MAKE MONEY WITH FAKE FOLLOWERS and USING BOTS or AUTOMATED PROGRAMS.

Brands, clients and marketers want authenticity and transparency, AND REAL FOLLOWERS and because of all my teaching MOST can now spot fake followers and bots with growing ease. Building your profile organically will always yield higher quality results and engagement, and will build a better brand long term. SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE!

Instagram is STILL full of money making opportunities especially with all the NEW features that Instagram continues to roll out!

It’s my mastery of Instagram to an obsessive level, having posted well over 10,000 photos testing and testing and testing in my first 2 years Instagramming that has propelled Wolf Millionaire Domination to be the top of the food chain when it comes to teaching you Instagram BEST PRACTICES.

There is nothing stopping YOU from starting an Instagram from scratch, following all my strategies and becoming an Industry Influencer Influencer just like I have! Let me TEACH YOU EVERYTHING STEP-BY-STEP!

Happy Instagramming!

Wolf Millionaire

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