Dogs & Pets Instagram Success Formula

Dog & Pet Instagram Success

Dogs & Pets on Instagram are a huge money maker! Wolf Millionaire once again highlights one of his successful students.  Read below and turn YOUR DOG & PETS into money making machines!

Dogs & Pets niche on Instagram is actually a very low competition niche because of peoples insatiable love with pets and animals! So many people don’t realize how much money they could be making simply by using Instagram to turn their dogs & pets photos & videos into a long term money making business!

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I taught you How To Make Money With Your Pet  a little while ago, that was my biggest tip to my students that the pets niche is an extremely profitable and huge untapped opportunity!

This isn’t a secret to my Wolf Millionaire students as I have highlighted several of my successful students killing it with Puppies For Likes and Cute Content Gains Likes

Make sure you check out my dogs & pet Instagram success stories in order to help you find that sweet spot so that you can start turning your cute pets on Instagram into money by building a highly engaged following of people all over the world.

Checkout my latest interview on FOX TV in Orlando while I was in Miami for the winter on how hot the PET NICHE IS! YOU could be taking advantage of your pets cuteness and making money from them simply by posting photos and videos of your pet daily to Instagram!


Not only will my STEP-BY-STEP InstaWealth Video Guides (updated May 2017) help you grow a following, but it will help teach you how to take better photos & videos in order to really kick start your growth and attract advertisers who will pay you to review or post photos of your pet with their products!

Dogs & Pets Wolf Millionaire Student @Dogivation

Lets dive into our latest success student taking advantage of the red hot dogs & pets Instagram niche! This student is taking their Dog & Pets passion to the next level by posting high quality content to grow a highly engaged money making Instagram account!

Remember CONTENT IS KING (I can’t stress this enough) and is the #1 way to ensure you can maximize your growth early on when you first start your account as well as continue to grow it organically month after month, year after year!

Dogs & Pets Instagram Success

Dogs, Pets, Pups Logo Breakdown

First off lets take a look at Dogivation’s dog Logo. It’s simple, clean, dog themed  logo with 2 clors red and white which stands out.  Remember SIMPLICITY IS KEY when branding, keep it simple and keep it to no more than 2-3 colours.

I would personally get rid of “Dogivation” text in the logo as no one can actually read this when the logo is in your feed with a photo or video. Yes you can just barely read it when you’re on a mobile device looking at this students account.

I would remove the “Dogivation” text in the logo and make the logo itself BIGGER and a BRIGHTER shade of RED. The current shade is a little boring and dull. You want your brand and logo to SCREAM, especially when it’s a nice simple and clean one like Dogivation has already!

Dogs, Pets, Pups BIO Breakdown

Next up, lets take a peek at Dogivations BIO. Remember the BIO is the 2nd most important part of setting up a proper brand and instagram account that people WILL WANT TO FOLLOW.

Potential followers who arrive at your profile either through the proper use of hashtags, shout outs, or the explore/discover page looking for dogs & pets will only spend a couple seconds looking at your profile. In order to maximize those brief moments, we want to make sure that we provide these potential NEW followers with the most spectacular image of our Instagram account brand as we can to attract them to HIT THAT FOLLOW BUTTON!

This students profile in the NAME FIELD (of edit your profile) is “Dogs ■Pups ■Quotes ■Pets ■Paws” I personally would remove the “■” as well as “Quotes” and “Paws” and replace those characters with

Wolf Millionaire InstaWealth PRO TIP: Remember we only have 31 characters to use in our Instagram profile “NAME” field. It’s extremely important to maximize this field with dogs & pets KEYWORDS so that people who are searching for these words on Instagram will find your page before other peoples! (Think of it as Instagram SEO =  Instagram Search Engine Optimization) which actually also helps your account come up higher in Google Searches, especially if your USERNAME, and NAME FIELD and bio area written to support the KEYWORDS you are wanting to rank (or represent your Instagram account).

Next up we have the actual “BIO” part of your profile, and this student has definitely used my InstaWealth best practices to build a super clean, to the point and effective dogs & pets Instagram BIO to define his page, inform his followers of what his Instagram account posts as well as his Instagram Stories content that he posts! Nice work on this very important part of your BIO!

🐶 The Best Dog Content

🌅😆 Check Stories For Quotes And Jokes

💹 DM For Instagram Growth

LEARN how you can take you business to the next level


Dogs, Pets, Pups Posting Habits

It looks like Dogivation is posting almost one post a day, there are some days that I don’t see his account post a dog or pet photo or video which is really hurting his account. I CANNOT STRESS HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO POST CONSISTENTLY. It’s so extremely important to post on a regular and consistent basis. Instagram rewards those accounts who display a regular and consistent posting habit. Doesn’t matter if it’s once a day, every other day etc. You also need to keep consistent and post at the same time of the day. When you first start you should experiment with the various HOT POSTING TIMES during your time zone that will yield the best likes & comments which is ultimately finding best engagement time for your account. I explain all of this in detail in my InstaWealth Growth System.

At the very least you NEED to be posting one photo or video of a dog or pet every single day! I have pretty much grown my @Wolf_Millionaire Instagram account by only posting 1 post a day since I launched the Instagram account about 1.5 years ago. As a result my followers know when to expect a post and it’s easier to keep engaged with those followers on a regular basis especially when I post at the same TIME EVERY SINGLE DAY.

dogs & pets Instagram Photo

Looking at a couple his posts, this students captions are on point, and his use of hashtags in the first comment is looking good. However you really should changing up the hashtags you use as I explain in detail in my InstaWealth Growth system.

There is a very specific reason for learning and executing my Wolf Millionaire Hashtag Strategy to ensure you don’t get banned from using specific hashtags by Instagram and to ensure your use of them is advantageous to maximizing your growth and engagement from hashtags.

I notice a couple of this students don’t always give credits. It’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to follow my Credits & Copyright Rules on Instagram strategy. Some people this this is a joke, but it’s one of the MOST IMPORTANT strategies next to following CONTENT IS KING while on Social Media. Make sure YOU read that post to ensure you are following it properly! I provide all these FREE strategies, YOU ALL should following them to a T.

Theres a reason I am the Wolf of Instagram and it’s because I have 18+ Million Followers, see for yourself what my Instagram Success has allowed me to accomplish in 2016 my most successful YEAR in my LIFE:  Wolf Millionaire Domination

I have tested and tested hundreds of strategies over and over growing new accounts monthly to keep testing my strategies which are still the same RELEVANT working TRIED, TESTED &  TRUE strategies that I have launched over a year ago, because they all focus on HOW TO USE INSTAGRAM PROPERLY.

Other people will teach you how to CHEAT or FAKE growth, followers and LIKES which will not make you any money! Use my strategies, stay patient and think long term. This is not a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME, but it will deliver successful results if you FOLLOW ALL MY STRATEGIES STEP BY STEP!

dogs pets Instagram Videos

This student is successfully using VIDEOS which is GREAT! Videos are really hot and easy way to really fire up your Instagram account growth, especially if you can use my InstaWealth Viral Video growth strategies!

Wolf Millionaire InstaWealth PRO TIP: Here is a very specific monetization strategy that I am going to suggest for this account as well as other dogs & pets Instagram students of mine.  Step 1 when you want to monetize any niche of your is to do research to see what products are out there that you could potentially promote on your Instagram account to your specific niche.

This students account is a dogs & pets account so any type of PET accessory is going to be an immediate fit for this students account. I did some quick searches and found 2 potential advertising that would be a great fit for Dogivation’s account.

The first one is @popyourpup which provides graphics of your pets and the second one is which provides a full shop of accessories for dogs! Both of these accounts looks like they do advertising on other pet accounts! Use the STEP BY STEP video guides I have created in my InstaWealth growth system to learn how to approach these potential advertisers to pitch your Instagram account and determine a price to advertise for them! The rest is repeating this formula to find more and more advertising partners to monetize your account!

I came up with the concept of WINNING on INSTAGRAM while all you WATCHED and PLAYED on your phones for the last couple years.

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and put in the work to make your DREAMS a reality like I have?

Then drop the excuses and get off your lazy ass and come join my successful student and I.


Wolf Millionaire MadWhips McLaren

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