Direct Message Instagram DM Scam

By February 27, 2018 Instagram News
Direct Message DM Instagram Scam

Direct Message Instagram DM Scam isn’t new. Wolf Millionaire exposes the latest Instagram scam YOU need to be aware of NOW!

Direct Message is Instagram’s direct messaging function (also known as DM).  The latest flavour of Instagram Verified Scam and Badge Scam that I have taught the world to be AWARE of in hopes to keep you from having your VALUABLE Instagram account hacked is a clever play on these.

I also updated this Instagram Email Scams blog post to ensure you KNOW everything STEP-BY-STEP about all the Instagram Direct Message scams that exist out there! As you can see I am extremely well informed in the subject of SCAMS and getting hacked. LEARN FROM ME!

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Instagram unfortunately made some BIG changes to their Instagram “Report Hack” feature and YOU must read those two articles above if you want to ensure you keep your Instagram account LOCKED down AND SAFE! You won’t believe what Instagram did. I still don’t understand it…

Thanks To Chiara for checking in with me TO VERIFY if this was a scam or not when it hit her inbox earlier this week.



Direct Message Instagram DM Scam DETAILS


SO this is what the scam looks like. You basically get an Instagram Direct message from an account like the one below @account_suspicious_activity. Which to me screams FAKE AS FK!

Direct Message Scam

The Instagram Direct Message Looks like this and it’s a COMPLETE SCAM. It took me a couple minutes to really focus on it, as I was just getting up when I got a DM from Chiara alerting me to this.

DM Instagram Direct Message SCAM


Lets take a closer look at the LINK included in the Direct Message Instagram SCAM DM.


As you can see the 2nd “a” in “” isn’t an a, it’s an ALPHA “α” character.. SNEAKYYYYYYY, VERY SNEAKY!!!!


Once you click though you are brought to a very well crafted PHISHING PAGE, that looks like INSTAGRAM login page. IT’s NOT, IT’s sole purpose is to trick you into giving up your Instagram Username & Password.


DM Instagram Scam


IF YOU FALL FOR IT and enter in your USERNAME or PASSWORD (I put in fake info so I could show YOU the entire chain of the SCAM), you would get a screen like this (below) THAT WOULD SCARE YOU (in the event you came to your senses and realized you fell for this scam) into thinking you might have made a mistake, and want to change your password….. THIS IS COMPLETE Instagram Direct message scam!



So there you have it, PLEASE share this BLOG post with all your FRIENDS, I hate getting emails and DM’s from people that haven’t had a chance to see and read all my FREE guides on this subject to keep your accounts SAFE!

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The more you learn the better you will be come at everything in LIFE!

Happy Instagramming!



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