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Remember CUTE WORKS! Another Wolf Millionaire student has exceeded my expectations and has began growing their Instagram account with their given niche: cute content focusing on animals!

Nothing makes me prouder than seeing a dedicated student take my strategies and put them to work on their Instagram account. This isn’t an easy thing to do. Too often, people expect their accounts to grow significantly overnight and once they see that this isn’t how it works, they give up. If you want to TRULY, organically grow your brand’s account, you need to be ready to put in the work like my student, who features cute content worthy of every “like” it gets.Using my Wolf Millionaire strategies that have dominated for those using them, this student has started growing their account from scratch, and you can too.

Let me show you an overview of their account to give you some simple tips that you should apply to your own account. What do they focus on? Cute content featuring animals. No matter your niche or business, this can work for you too. Let’s take a look. This student has more than DOUBLED their following since we last featured their 10,000 follower testimonial! AMAAAAAAZING!!!

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Cute Appeal:

So this student began their Instagram growth journey about 6 months ago and they’ve already come a long way! They’ve gained 300-500 followers daily and have reached 16k+ so far. Let’s take a quick glance at their account.

Cute Content For Instagram Likes & Followers

Their account name is pretty self-explanatory. I can assume this profile will consist of animals and if their name didn’t give it away, their profile picture gives it away. Their only following 7 other accounts- which is always great. Remember to keep the number of accounts you follow relatively low. This is important because you want to give the impression that people choose to follow your account due to interesting content and out of pure interest- not because you follow any ridiculous “follow for follow” system. You want ORGANIC followers. The only way to get that is with great content worthy of likes.

Now here’s where I get confused. Typically the bio is used for providing information about the account. So if there’s a business email, a website, or even a quick description about the account. This student has chosen to include a website, “”. Upon clicking the link, I am taken to an online store that features clothing and accessories. At first I thought none of this related to animals, but then I saw a category, “Adorable Animal Products.”

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So I might suggest mentioning something about this in the bio. It just seems a little lost and people crave straightforward information. Is this’s store? Are they an affiliate? I’d love to learn more about the connection between the two. I highly suggest you turn this into a BIT.LY link in order to track the clicks you are sending to the affiliate page (as this can be used in your favour to negotiate other deals with other people who want to pay you for your URL link).

But what confuses me further, is at the bottom of their website’s page, it says, “connect with us on Facebook and Instagram” and offers an Instagram link. I click on the link expecting to be taken back to’s IG page. NOPE. I am taken to woozynow’s IG page. This is all very confusing and I suggest this student gets in touch with this website they’re promoting to ensure that Woozy is promoting them as well and provides a link to their IG. Furthermore I suggest putting in your BIO what the link is all about “CLICK BELOW for COOL PRODUCTS” as an example, will entice MORE of your followers to actually CLICK that link and thus help you generate more affiliate sales!

Cute Content, More Followers

So let’s see what sort of cute content this student is whipping up for their growing number of followers.

Cute Content For Likes And Followers





This post got a great amount of likes and some decent engagement! So I’d suggest this student take their time when posting to avoid typos like this post. The caption, “Tag s friend!” It’s obvious it’s meant to say “Tag a friend!” but it looks sloppy. This isn’t a race, there’s no need to rush through a post. If anything, go back and edit the post after publishing. I see this was posted 1 day ago, but the student hasn’t bothered to go back and check on the post or noticed the error. It’s a simple fix, but if you want your followers to take you seriously, then you need to take your account seriously.

Cute Content For Likes And FollowersThe post above did significantly better on engagement and likes than the previous post. This could be due to the caption being in the form of a question. This is the best way to encourage post engagement as opposed to simply telling followers to tag a friend. Most of the people commenting are responding to the caption, so I’d suggest doing this more often.

Credit Is VITAL

One thing I am seeing on this account is lack of credit on posts. I find it difficult to believe that this student has taken all of the photos on their account… By not giving credit to the source of the photo, they are committing copyright infringement. You NEED to credit photographers. I myself don’t take all of the photos on my Mad Whips account, but I always always always credit the photographer responsible for the picture. If content is stolen or being used without permission, the account can get shut down and all of the work put in gaining followers will be lost. This is something I’ve made clear from day 1.

Cute Content For Likes And FollowersThis post is featuring cute content that goes along with the account’s theme, but where is the photo credit? In fact, collaborating with others is a great way to grow your account. If they create a unique hashtag for followers to use or ask followers to tag them to be featured, you take half of the work out of finding content, and you’ll gain a bigger following.

The Take Away

So, it’s clear that this student needs a few improvements, but that’s not to say that they’re doing an amazing job in the short amount of time they’ve been growing their account. I’m only nit-picky because I know this student has potential for some SERIOUS growth. People love cute content. Anyone with a heart can’t help but melt over this cute content. I have high hopes for this Wolf Millionaire student and I know that with some hard work and attention to detail, this account can become extremely popular.

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Cute Content For Likes And Followers

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Cute Content For Likes And Followers

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