Credit & Copyright Rules on Instagram

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Credit & Copyright Rules

Credit & Copyright Instagram rules you need to know for reposting and using other peoples photos & videos is still the #1 question I am asked daily. While I answer all these questions and more regarding giving proper credit in detail in my InstaWealth Growth System, I feel it’s necessary to provide this informative strategy to my loyal followers!

Credit & Copyright law in the digital age is relatively a new one. Digital artists, photographers, videographers and content creators work very hard to produce the images/videos we see on Instagram.  We all have been introduced the idea behind copyright plagiarism. Most of you digital born millennials have probably plagiarized most of your education. Back in the day when I went through high school, we didn’t the “The Internet” and the ability to Google anything we wanted to learn or plagiarize…. lol we actually had to write essays. I can’t believe I am that OLD guy saying that but it’s absolutely true!

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The photo above was taken by myself while in Key West for a weekend getaway. I stayed at the Parrot Key Resort and while there took many amazing photos of their stunning resort in paradise. I posted them on Instagram and the Parrot Key resort reposted 2 of my photos and gave proper credit to me both times! This is how it’s done properly!

Credit Parrot Key Resort Instagram Post

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Learn my Credit & Copyright strategy below and start using it. This is one of my biggest strategies (see why below – my GIFT to YOU) that many people and many of my students overlook and fail to use properly, yet it’s one of the most simple strategies you can use right away to start getting the attention from content creators in your niche while ensuring your Instagram account doesn’t get DISABLED for using other peoples content without their permission.

Credit & Copyright Laws

Credit & copyright law is black and white.  The laws state that you may not use anyone’s work (photos or videos or anything digital) if you do not have written permission from the creator themselves.  Some photos or videos you might find on royalty free websites that allow you to use them under specific conditions (like non-commercial use, or use providing credit) while other sites allow you to use photo & video without giving credit.

However when it comes to social media the same black and white credit & copyright rule apply.  You do not have the rights to use other peoples photos or videos without written consent from the copyright owner of that work.

Did you know that if you give your phone or camera or GoPro to someone to take a picture for you, or of you, that the person’s who’s finger actually pressed the button to take the picture is the rightful owner of that photo or video? Yup it’s CRAZY!

It doesn’t matter if it’s your phone or camera and it doesn’t matter if you are in it. Copyright law dictates that credit & copyright ownership of the photo or video is owned by the person who actually TOOK that photo or video! The person who physically made the camera (digital, film etc) take the photo owns the credit & copyright to that photo or video!

THE ONLY EXCEPTION: if you have hired a photographer or videographer to take photos FOR YOU (or for an EVENT) you must have that hired person’s contract in writing, otherwise the freelance person you hired will own the rights to the work they shoot.

Wolf Millionaire Helicopter

Why Give Credit?

Give photographers & videographers the credit they deserve for their hard work. They will most likely comment and like your post and maybe even FOLLOW you. Stealing photos is technically against the law, so why not protect your self? Giving proper credit will help reduce the risk of your Instagram account getting copyright infringements and getting disabled by Instagram! It’s pure IGNORANCE to use photos from other accounts YOU FOLLOW, and give them credit and not the actual photographer or videographer.  The ONUS is on YOU to FIND the proper credits. YOUR LAZYNESS of not finding the proper OWNER of a photo or video and giving proper CREDIT is going to land your Instagram account DISABLED. Trust me, I’ve seen photographers go on war paths and report accounts that do not give proper CREDIT, most accounts out there “with growth services” are not giving proper credit, yet many trust them with their own Instagram accounts.

When you properly credit the photographer you are acknowledging their hard work. This is a great networking opportunity for you, and in turn it will help grow your account. When you give credit to the owner in the photo & tag them (in photo you can tag someone, in video’s you cannot), you are also very likely to attract more of their followers onto your account. In a way it is a very symbiotic relationship you will be building, simply by crediting the hard work of the photographers/videographers.

Giving proper credit will help you become known by the photographer/videographer and their followers, which usually results in them following your account, liking and commenting and thanking you for re-posting with credits. There is no better feeling than being appreciated and the rewards it come with are ten fold for your Instagram account!

These small changes to your posts will helps you grow because the person you are giving credit to in your caption and tagging in the photo will continuously like and comment on your future photos which helps your photo rank better in Instagram’s feed algorithm, which was recently changed to account for these tricks.

If you end up building a relationship with the Photographers/Videographers, they might even provide you with unique contents to post FIRST on your account knowing it will help provide them with exposure on new accounts.

Want this strategy to work even better for you? Tag others who have either reposted the photo, or are in the photo or if a brand/company product is in the photo, you’d be surprised how many small, medium and large brands issue lots of likes to thank others for sharing/tagging them in their posts. All this love translates into better engagement and ultimately faster follower for your account.

How To Prevent Image & Video Theft

Watermark all your photos and videos. No media should ever leave your computer/camera/phone ‘naked’. I know, some photographers think it’s ‘tacky’ and ‘unprofessional’, but times have changed, we are now in the digital era. Plus, branding your photos & videos with a proper watermark is ESSENTIAL, why put all that time and effort into your work if you don’t have a personal or company brand that you want others to associate it with. Remember, in life everything is about BRANDING, BRANDING, BRANDING.

We don’t rely on print work anymore, our digital art is traveling thorough the Internet with no restrictions. You wouldn’t leave your bike with no lock in the street, would you? Then why don’t you put a lock on your intellectual property? Preventing is way easier than dealing with the consequences. Trust me. WATERMARK YOUR SHIT!

I use “add watermark – the paid version” for my Android device and “iWatermark – the paid version” for iOS. Yes there are other watermarking programs out there that I review in my InstaWealth Growth System, but these are the cleanest, easiest and simplest apps that do one thing amazingly; they watermark your photos! For video I use “eZy Watermark Video” on iOS. I do not use video or edit video on my Android. iOS is king for this and as a result I stick to iOS for video creation.

Always ask for credit you if you see your image floating around, even if that account has 5 followers, you need to get credit for your work, because a 1 million account can see your photo and repost it without crediting you or even worse, credit that other account that reposted your photo. You don’t want to deal with this confusion.

If you asked them to credit you and they ignore your request, report the account for copyright infringement. It’s not difficult if you do it from your computer. All you have to do is fill out a form and provide the link to your original content. Instagram will take care of the rest and remove the photo, so you don’t have to ever come back to this issue again. And, hopefully, it will teach that person a lesson.

If you see someone else’s work being misused or not credited, speak up, tag the original artist and credit them while calling out the account who posted the photo or image without giving credit. Last thing you want to end up doing is getting called out by a content creator or having your account reported for COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT.

If you want to grow your Instagram account, make sure you credit the works of others. If you are a content creator, then save time and money by learning to protect yourself while branding your work with the use of a watermark on your photos or videos!

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