Creative Content Tips For Instagram Stories

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Creative Content For Instagram Stories

Creative content for Instagram stories can help you tremendously! Wolf Millionaire reveals his top 10 tips for you to create more engaging stories.

Creative content is what keeps people coming back to eagerly watch your Instagram stories!  Remember CONTENT IS 👑 KING! This is especially true if you are posting photos about your life or day to day activities as an Influencer. But don’t worry if you’re still too shy to share your face or behind the scenes of your life on your fan page or business, theres lots of creative content you could be creating to grow, retain and engage with your followers in any niche!

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Creative Content – My Top 10 Tips To Follow

1. Go Behind The Scenes OR Day to Day With your Stories

This one is the easiest of them all. All it takes is a little courage to show your followers behind the scenes of an event or party or whatever you do on a day to day basis. Depending on the my week, work cycles, and my travel scheduled, sometimes my days feel repetitive and boring. This is normal even for an Instagram Influencer like myself who have what others consider to be very interesting lives. Sometimes I feel like I have a boring life, but when I sit back and look at what I get up to every day, I am thankful for the live I have created thanks to my Instagram Empire of 18+ million followers. Someday’s I don’t feel like being on camera with my Instagram so I take an entire day off or just post random photos throughout my day!

PRO TIP: For creative content photo or video creation to be used on Instagram Stories, I prefer filming or shooting them with my Android Pixel XL or iPhone 7+ using the native camera app then uploading from my camera roll. Using Instagram’s Stories feature to take photos or videos do not produce the highest quality (especially video) so keep this in mind if you want to show off something in low light or post the highest quality content with sharp detail!

2. Experiment with new content! Remember Stories disappears after 24 hours!

The beautiful thing about Instagram stories is that your stories disappear after 24 hours! So why not experiment with random creative content? Get your brain to start thinking out of the box. I am literally addicted to seeing how creative I can get with my smartphones to deliver new content from Sunrises, Sunsets, Workout photos, random photos, little moments of honesty, motivation and inspiration speaches and sometimes I even just let it out and rant 🙂 Just remember to keep your rants politically correct or you’ll have a mutiny on your hands.

3. Use Instagram Live

I actually should be using Live Instagram Stories Makes Money more often than I do. One thing I have noticed when I want to Instagram live, it consumes my device, drains my battery and I don’t get to take a photo or a short video of whatever it is I am experiencing and want to share at a later date in high quality. I also don’t like how Instagram has designed the “Stories” feed when you have STORIES & LIVE video that has been saved. This is a personal preference. If you do sporting events, concerts or any event where being in the moment would be a wonderful creative content story to share, then I suggest you use Instagram Live! I also suggest you narrate your Live story so people tuning in can quickly get on board what it is you’re sharing. Remember you’re the host so keep it simple and feel free to engage and answer your viewers questions to keep people interested!
PRO TIP: Make sure your phone is fully charged, or have a battery backup connect. Going live sucks the life out of your battery! I also suggest you check your signal strength. There is NOTHING I HATE MORE than watching peoples Instagram Live feeds and the quality is SHIT. It’s a complete turn off even if you’re broadcasting something incredible.  Remember, the longer you broadcast on Instagram Live, the more followers will sign on to your Live feed! I suggest going live for no less than 5 minutes and no longer than 20 minutes and make sure you save the live broadcast to your Instagram stories so others who missed out (those who work in the office and have to work all day like rats) can watch your Live event later in the day!

4. Give video shout outs to friends, followers & influencers

This is another really easy one. I started doing this months ago, and haven’t seen others in my niche copy it. It’s extremely personal and allows you to give shout outs, or love or mentions to your followers, friends or other influencers. I sometimes engage in flat out conversations with my Instagram friends like Damon of @DailyDrivenExotics and Marlon of @CarsWithoutLimits having back and forth conversations with them using Instagram video Stories. To me this is fun and a personal way to give my boys some love while allowing my viewers to watch how we talk to each other and motivate each other in front of others. Try it out!

5. Laugh and be vulnerable

This is another easy one. Well easy in theory. I am and always have been a very quiet and shy person. YES ME. I know you think I live some sort of big boisterous life, but I don’t. I have always been that shy quiet observer in life which has allowed me to learn so much about people and propelled me to success in previous and current sales roles! With that being said there are some thing I confess on my stories, some weeks I am down, some weeks I am depressed, some weeks I am not motivated. Even though I train myself to be a consistent ass kicking robot, I AM HUMAN, and I succumb to life as it runs it’s course.

There is no daily or weekly script in my life. I am my own boss, I am my mothers keeper and a big brother. My business has it’s ups and downs, but on the most part I have a very amazing life getting up when I want and driving a brand new McLaren every single day. I have lots to be thankful and grateful for and this reflects in my captions that I write from my heart.

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However, I have moments of weakness like everyone in life and for the most part I don’t bring them to social media. I know if I did more people would connect with me on a personal level and see that I AM HUMAN and maybe realize that they are no different than me. This is a goal I continually work on and I think in 2018 I might share a little more of these moments with my followers.

Remember, I’m a small town boy, with big dreams, passion, focus & determination to make them come true. Failure is not an option for me, but everyday isn’t a step forward. I have days where I feel like nothing is working. Two steps forward, 1 step backwards, this is normal. The reason I am so successful in life, especially with Instagram, is I KEEP PUSHING FORWARD. I will not be defeated, I know how much money I can continue to make with this platform and I hope you see it to!

There is so much money to be made on Instagram and I want YOU to realize that if you work your ass off like I did, you can find success like many of my hard working students and I continue to do!! Checkout some of my recent Instagram Success Stories!! I am so proud of them!!

6. Promote products, services and sales.

More than 50% percent of businesses on Instagram are producing Stories! Why? Because you can produce creative content and real-time marketing! You can market new blog posts like I do with the Instagram Business Profile that allows your followers to swipe up and go to a url. You can promote products and secret time sensitive sales for those watching your stories! It’s a nice way to give back to your followers to continue to support and watch you in your stories.

7. Do An Instagram Takeover
Make sure you checkout my in depth best practices article on Instagram Takeover Best Practices so you can find an influencer NOW to help promote you by doing an Instagram takeover. All it takes is for you to find someone that embodies product, brand or service and is very complimentary to your business. A takeover is extremely fun when you have a business owner interacting with an influencer who is co-hosting the Story and running your creative content stories machine!

8. Use Instagram Polls To Figure out your audience

I continue to use Instagram Poll Sticker as a way to ask my audience fun and interesting questions in order to get to know them better. It also can be used to ask them what kind of content they want to see or how many times they want to see you post. You can ask them what pair shoes they want to see you wear today, what kind of car (if you have multiple cars) what to eat, where to travel, the list goes on and on. The most important part of the Instagram Poll Sticker is that it really engages with your followers to help bring them into your life which is an easy way to master creative content producing on Instagram.

9. Promote Stories from a caption IG post
Don’t forget to urge your followers to checkout your Instagram Stories from your regular posts in your captions. You will be surprised how many people still don’t realize that your glowing colorful Instagram avatar indicates that you have posted to Instagram stories!  Take it one step further and entice them with a special offer, or new content revealing something new or special to really engage and draw them in to watch your stories!

10. Use Location Stickers

Make sure you use the Instagram Hashtag Location Story stickers so you can target local geographic or events around the world as you travel and create killer content. This has really helped me promote and drive sales for local companies as your stories get combined with the search feature for a given location!
11. Use Hashtag Stickers (Yes this is BONUS TIP #11)
Make sure you have read my Best Hashtags For Growth article which will really teach you how to use hashtags properly. Almost everyone I meet or talk to about their Instagram habits always starts with me teaching them which hashtags to use and explaining to them why they have been using them wrong.

Well there you have it! My top 10 (err 11) Creative Content Tips For Instagram Stories! Get to work! I want to see you having fun and killing it on Instagram!

Happy Instagramming!

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