Community Building On Instagram

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Community Building on Instagram

Community building is essential to build a strong brand. Wolf Millionaire explains how to build a powerful Instagram account to connect with your community.

Community building was once an exhausting and expensive task for brands. Today’s social media channels like Instagram have made it increasingly easier to connect, manage and scale your brand with your fans. These high level Marketing your Business on Instagram tips have helped businesses around the globe become better at building and growing their brand around the world.

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With Instagram recently announcing that they have over 25 Million Instagram Business accounts (up from 15 Million in July) it shows me that there is still so much opportunity left to be had for people wanting to manage other business Instagram strategies.

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Instagram is still in it’s infancy when it comes to small businesses that have yet to embrace the most powerful social network in order to build their online community.

It’s essential that you have your business, product & services available and highlighted on your Instagram account.

Did you know: “Two-thirds of profile visits to businesses come from people who aren’t following that business.” Instagram Data (November 2017)

Another study released in May 2017 by Morning Consult uncovered that 1 in 3 small businesses using Instagram say they built their business on Instagram.

Instagram is not only the hottest social network, it’s become a destination where businesses are not only discovered, but where business is done!

Growing your own business community takes the limits off how far your brand can reach which will enable you to dramatically scale your impact and relationships which ultimate helps drives more sales! I even created a detailed article to help you with all the Instagram Business Profile Secrets I normally charge my clients, because I want to help everyone I can fully utilize this FREE social network to their own benefits! If you’re new to Wolf Millionaire, then I highly suggest you read though all my FREE blog posts which have golden pieces of information to help sharpen your Instagram skills.

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Instagram is the PERFECT tool to social media channel to captivate your audience, build a powerful community around your brand, services or products. You can use it to share business techniques, creative ideas, or interesting & cool things about your business that will draw interest and engagement!

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Community Building 101

Community building removes the cap on how many relationships you can maintain and helps bring awareness and brand recognition which always helps drives sales. Leveraging Instagram properly will help your brand engage with thousands of people around the world.

Make sure you read my detailed Instagram Marketing Secrets before you embark on your Instagram endeavours. So many people FAIL right off the bat because they are focused on the WRONG aspects of Instagram.

Small to medium sized companies around the world hire me me to develop a detailed roadmap of how they should use Instagram for their specific business.  You can reach out to my support team via the RED SUPPORT button in the lower left corner of my blog or website. My team responds to all inquiries!

Here’s the process & high level thinking I use to discover & drive community to enable the success with any business on Instagram!

Find what is sexy, interesting or appealing about your brand and then highlight and showcase it. This could be your products, services or your what your brand stands for itself. It could also include your culture or how your business operates. Some companies have even shared behind the scenes operations of how their products are made or services are performed. A picture can tell a thousand words but a video will tell the tale on a more personal and organic level.

“When you only have milliseconds to capture the attention of your customers organically, the ability to directly connect them with products that pique their interest is priceless. Customers who follow business accounts for quality content can now easily be guided to products without disrupting their natural browsing habits, and even those with little interest in promotions can’t help but take notice.”  Joe Nullet, VP of Branding & Marketing, Man Outfitters

Ask yourself (and those in your business) this question over and over “what value can we showcase/provide to our followers” and “why would someone want to follow us”. These two questions seem like pretty easy answers to follow, but the answer you will address to provide that value on Instagram has to be 100% AUTHENTIC otherwise people will see right through you and will not follow you.

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Many brands are afraid of not having “professional” or “polished” content. You don’t need “professional” or “polished” content, in fact the more raw and authentic while keeping the highest standards for your content game in check will serve your brand more success. Just look at my @Wolf_Millionaire Instagram account, all those photos & videos (like 99% of them) have been taken with my Android or iPhone!

I am NOT a professional photographer but I have learnt a thing or two of how to make the best possible content for Instagram/Social Media all by myself without the need for thousand dollar cameras (my Canon 5D MKIII and Lumix GH4 collect dust and I rarely travel with them anymore!)

Once you have your content strategy setup and you decide on a consistent posting schedule, it’s important to post relevant, simple captions that provide further insight into each post. Remember next to CONTENT is KING, CONSISTENCY IS QUEEN. Instagram’s algorithm and your followers LOVE CONSISTENCY!

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I see so many brands posting captivating posts (products, services, events, culture) and they miss the mark of highlighting and explaining the “behind the scenes” details that they could be providing to really get their Instagram audience engaged. Not every photo or video is going to have a “behind the scenes or story” but you can definitely get creative with your business and provide some inspiring, motivating or authentic captions to get people to actually read and engage with you. HAVE FUN WITH IT, try not to be so serious and you will come off more authentic and attract more people who want to engage!

Now that Instagram Poll Sticker is here it’s even easier to quickly get your community engaged by asking them binary questions that allows them to vote, and for you to get valuable feedback and information that could literally help you change your product or service in order to grow your business more successfully!

It is extremely important (I can’t stress this enough) TO RESPOND TO ALL YOUR comments on every single post! This is single handedly the most important strategy for getting the most mileage (Impressions) and growth for your Instagram account. THIS IS WHAT BUILD’s A VALUABLE COMMUNITY.

With an engaged community your company doesn’t have to do all the work of promoting your brand. YOUR COMMUNITY becomes the primary vehicle for growing your company’s reach, influence, and CREDIBILITY! It can help you from being a small brand to one that can compete with the GIANT BRANDS!

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Your goal needs to be 1000 REAL FOLLOWERS to start. So many brands think they need thousands and thousands of followers as I explain in my Instagram Marketing Secrets which is the absolute WORST STRATEGY that everyone is SO FOCUSED ON.

Don’t get discouraged if less than 10% of your following engage with likes/comments. According to all the studies I have read, less than 1% of your followers are going to actively engage with you. 9% are most likely to share your content with others out of interest in your brand, products or services.

That 1% that leave comments you need to respond to and foster a unique authentic reply back to them IMMEDIATELY and do your best to comment and thank the other 9% who have reposted your content and tagged you. All this work is going to show the 99% who are watching on the sidelines to see how you operate as a brand. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT if you want to be successful with Instagram.

BIG UPDATE COMING: NEW Instagram Insights are coming for businesses! We will be able to see exactly how they’re being discovered on Instagram – whether through feed, location tags, hashtags or explore. Instagram has mentioned here that this will become available globally in the coming weeks!

Make sure you have enabled these Instagram Business Profile Secrets so that you can all these valuable analytics for your Instagram business account which will ultimately help you sharpen your understanding of how you are getting discovered and which Instagram features are producing leads and sales!

Happy Instagramming!

Anthony Carbone
The Wolf of Instagram

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