Common Instagram Mistakes (You Make)

By March 14, 2018 Instagram News

Common Instagram Mistakes everyone including YOU make! Wolf Millionaire addresses the most common mistakes so you can stop making them.

Common Instagram mistakes are usually found in peoples BIO, Post Captions, Stories and Hashtag use. One would think that by offering people my Wolf Millionaire FREE 35 Page Instagram Guide, all these FREE blog articles and FREE Tutorial Videos that that people would be learning to stop make such common Instagram mistakes… but they don’t.

I’m even good enough to put out RED ALERTS to keep you from falling for Direct Message Instagram Scams!

Most people are just lazy, and that begs the question of why even bother using Instagram as a marketing tool if you aren’t going to use all the BEST PRACTICES that I lay out in my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides. There is a reason I’ve made more money on Instagram than most big name Influencers, and it’s all because of the attention to detail at every step along the way.

So many people fall for other people claiming to be “Instagram Experts”, who come out of now where like the latest InstaJam SCAM I just exposed. Hopefully you’re not one of the unlucky people who thought that using their Instagram marketing software would actually deliver REAL followers, and not fake bot followers from INDIA while putting your Instagram account in danger of getting BANNED!

There’s a reason I can write such definitive articles like iPhone Vs Android The BEST Phone For Instagram and give MY actual TOP 10 Instagram apps I ACTUALLY USE, and not just some bullshit fluff list you find on some marketing website pushing bullshit apps that others have paid to be featured in.

Listen up and stop making these amateur hour mistakes, it pains me to FOLLOW YOU if you’re still making these mistakes.

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Instagram BIO – Common Mistakes

First off most peoples usernames are complete CRAP. If you are trying to win the search game, use a word that represents your niche, and spell it correctly. Don’t use some slang or pluralize it with a “Z” instead of an “S”, it makes it hard for people to find it. Plus it looks like a 12 year old came up with the name.

Next up don’t use a combination of “.” and “_” in your username. There is nothing that pisses me off more than seeing people do this. It’s such amateur hour I can’t get over it. No one wants to see your username “a.b_car.photography_in_southern_mississpi” or “”.

No one honestly cares what do you and telling people you’re a photographer in your username isn’t going to help you take better photos, get photo shoots or help you grow followers. What is going to help you is BRANDING. You should be branding yourself as your company name or your personal name.

Remember, keep your username SHORT & SIMPLE and EASY to REMEMBER.

If you’re an influencer, please keep your username choices clean. No one cares that you have two or three middle names, you’re not that famous and no one cares that your parents couldn’t decide who’s last name to give you let alone how many middle names without offending your extended family. Ever heard of privacy?

You’re bio should be clean and simple. Tell people who you are at a glance, with an easy to remember, easy to use username in the event they want to tag you or mention you in their posts.

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Instagram Captions – Common Mistakes

If I had a dime for every-time I see people put “FOLLOW @their_username_here” in their Instagram account I’d be a billionaire. DON’T DO THIS. It doesn’t help you gain followers, if anything it’s a mouse trap for bots to click through in captions and follow you. If someone stumbles across your account or post and they’re interested, they will follow you.

There’s one one to WASTE your caption space to generate engagement (which is important) or deliver a call to action, and it’s by putting ” PLEASE FOLLOW ME” in your caption. DON’T DO IT. STOP IT NOW. YOU LOOK LIKE A FUCKING IDIOT DOINT THIS.

Are you someone who writes a sentence in your caption, then adds a bunch of “.” down the caption then stuffs a bunch of useless bullshit hashtags at the bottom?

HERE IS MY FANCY POST CAPTION… NOW I AM GOING TO LEAVE YOU A BUNCH OF “.” comma bread crumbs down my post just to piss you off because I saw some other clown using this and I thought it would make me unique and make my post stand out. WROOOOOOOONG.








#HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere #HashtagHere

STOP IT, for the love of my SANITY!! This is absolutely AMATEUR HOUR. I see people doing all over the place and it’s such a turn off. I expect better from you if you’re one of my students. Where on earth did you learn this from? Because it WASN’T FROM ME. If it actually was a good idea (WHICH 100% IT’S NOT), don’t you think I would have made a special blog post titled “How to Ruin Your Caption & Turn Off Followers”. EXACTLY.

WHY??? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? There is nothing that PISSES ME OFF MORE, than having to click “more” to take the time to read your “oh so inspirational caption you copy and pasted from some website” and then scroll all the way down to comment on your post.

I’m going to address this once and for all in my Wolf Millionaire Video Training guides when I upload all my updated course material next month. You better take some notes.

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Hashtag – Common Mistakes

One word. Do your homework for crying out loud. Using apps that suggest hashtags are garbage. Using high level competitive hashtags are garbage. Using the maximum number of hashtags doesn’t help you (Instagram doesn’t like this).

Using BANNED hashtags (that you don’t even realize you’re using because you’re too lazy to check) is VERY VERY BAD for your account and post.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Hashtags

Best Hashtags For Instagram Growth

Follow Hashtags – Instagram’s Powerful NEW FEATURE (you’re probably not using)

Please read these and LEARN how to use hashtags properly (you think you know how, but trust me YOU DON’T).

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Instagram Stories – Common Mistakes

If you haven’t already clued into the fact you can use #HASHTAGS in Instagram Stories then you’re going to want to read Stories Hashtags Hacking Secrets and get on that strategy to get your stories posts discovered by more people!

Also, DON’T put your POLL sticker or @username mention to close to the bottom of the STORIES posts. There is a text entry box there for most people who allow people to comment on their STORIES. If you have a POLL sticker or @username to close to the bottom people won’t be able to click it because that text entry/message box is over top of it.

Also when you use @username mentions in Instagram stories, make sure you don’t shrink them too much, I see so many people shrinking them down that 2 things happen. FIRST, they become un-clickable because they are too small, TWO the person you TAG doesn’t get notified.  Also try not to put them to close to the edge because thats where Instagram has coded in the areas for you to tap forward and back through someones stories. I know, very complicated stuff.

Summary, DON’T shrink your @username mentions to small and don’t put them near any EDGE (top, bottom, sides).

Well that’s it, hopefully my ranting and raving has proven some good points and I won’t be SEEING YOU make these mistakes anymore.

Happy Instagramming Wolf Pack STAY STRONG!

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