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By December 13, 2018 Instagram News
Close Friends List Instagram

Close Friends List was recently rolled out to everyone. Wolf Millionaire walks you through how this exciting new feature can make you money!

Close Friends list is an awesome new feature I’ve been waiting for Instagram to roll out and I’m super pumped that YOU can use it to make money with your Instagram Account!

This NEW feature allows you to send photos, videos & polls on Instagram Stories but ONLY to your Close Friends List!

You get to control who sees your Instagram Stories now!

Mark my words, Instagram will most likely roll this same feature out but for our FEED POSTS in 2019….

BTW, if you’re new to my blog, my name is Anthony Carbone aka The Wolf Millionaire and you can read more about How Instagram Changed My Life ever since I lost my job for the first time in my life back in 2013.

Before you get started make sure you read what & how a Finsta Instagram Account Makes Money as it’s very similar Instagram money making strategy but a little different!

Close Friends List – Details & How To Use

  • You get to CHOOSE who’s on your Close Friends List and can add/remove people at anytime.
  • Those on your Close Friends List who get added (or deleted) DO NOT get notified about being added or deleted.
  • Your photos or video shared in Instagram Stories to your Close Friends List can be commented/replied on by them, but they CANNOT be forwarded to others.
  • Those on your Close Friends List CANNOT see who is on your Close Friends List.

As usual make sure your Instagram App (iOS or Android) is up to date. Today I am showing you how to use this using my iPhone 7+ (iOS) because my screenshots seem to sync quicker to my Mac iPhotos than to my Google Photos.

Make sure you have read my iPhone vs Android – The Best Instagram Phone to learn exactly why I have both (the PROS & CONS of each) and which one I ultimately prefer.

You should have seen this notification about the Close Friends List being available to YOU. If you did or didn’t, check below if you have this feature yet!

Go into your Instagram Account Settings, click the top right 3 bars, and then click “CLOSE FRIENDS LIST”

Close Friends List


You will then get prompted to “ADD” people to your CLOSE FRIENDS LIST, once you do, you can see “YOUR LIST” now has a TOTAL # OF PEOPLE and you can click “REMOVE” to anyone on your list at anytime.

Instagram Close Friends List Makes Money


Next time you go to post a video, photo or poll to your Instagram stories you will have the option to “SEND TO” which defaults to EVERYONE FOLLOWING YOU, or just to your “CLOSE FRIENDS” as you can see below.

When YOU view your Instagram Stories you’ll see a GREEN banner on the top that tells you a specific Instagram Story post was sent to “CLOSE FRIENDS” only and you can edit your CLOSE FRIENDS LIST in real time if you want to add or remove people who get to see your CLOSE FRIENDS posts!

How To Use Instagram Close Friends List


Close Friends List – MAKE MONEY

So you want to money using Instagram Close Friends List? Well it’s actually pretty simple!

One way you could be making money with this NEW feature is using that Close Friends List as a “PAID CONTENT LIST” or “VIP/PREMIUM MEMBER LIST” for whatever niche your account is posting content about.

Some Examples:

My Friends DAMON & DAVE @DailyDrivenExotics could be using that channel to share rare footage, behind the scenes or shout outs to their superfans who register and subscribe to their DDE Elite content chanel

My Friend Sara Underwood @SaraUnderwood (or any Influencer) could be using the channel as an exclusive content channel for her paid Patreon members.

I will be using it and adding all my students who sign up for my NEW Mentoring Program so I can communicate to them IMMEDIATELY teaching them all my Instagram Strategies in REAL TIME as they happen! AMAZING! What a great value added bonus I can give to my NEW Mentoring Program Students.

If you want to join my NEW Mentoring Program, Direct Message me on Instagram @Wolf_Millionaire (be patient, I reply to ALL DMs) or emails Wolf Millionaire Support to be considered for my early enrolment before I release it to the public.

Think of this CLOSE FRIENDS LIST as a private channel for any kind of content you want to deliver and charge people money for or reward others for being loyal contributors to your account (power likers/commenters etc). It’s a nice easy way to tier your content and reward your most important Instagram Account contributors/followers/engagers.

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Happy Instagramming!




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