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By October 23, 2017 November 4th, 2017 Instagram News
Cheating Instagram Michael Kohler

Cheating Instagram for followers scams are growing! Wolf Millionaire exposes another scam selling fake followers and likes so you don’t get ripped off.

Cheating on Instagram has become so widespread, that my team spends so much time meticulously going through new accounts to ensure they are real before spending our clients Instagram marketing budgeting with Influencers. If you don’t use all my FREE articles here on my blog to educate yourself from these cheating Instagram accounts and you do lose money you have only yourself to blame. I have written so many articles teaching you how to stay safe and do your homework on these scam artists.

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Today I am exposing (and teaching YOU how to do the same) another so called social media expert with Fake Likes and Fake Followers (make sure you checkout those articles to learn who I busted). These accounts have scammed so many people, I hear it all. They are trying to sell you Instagram growth strategies or advertising services yet have nothing but fake accounts with fake followers.

If you are sending anyone money for any kind of digital services or help, YOU need to read The Safest Way To Send Money on Instagram. If you don’t YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF. You’ve been warned! These guys are a dime a dozen and do nothing but lie and cheat to try and scam you out of money.

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Cheating Instagram Scammer Busted

Now, lets get on to the real reason I’m writing this article to keep you safe. If you are still on the fence as to who I am or what I actually know about Instagram and what I’m talking about, make sure you checkout my recent interviews by LA WEEKLY and High Times on the topics of Marijuana and Weed pages getting hacked! Instagram is so hot even these pages are getting hacked and held for ransom!

Today’s unlucky bastard who’s getting burned and exposed is Michael Kohler, a self proclaimed entrepreneur (of nothing) with a fake Instagram following of about 100,000 Fake Likes and Fake Followers. If you have followed both those in depth articles I wrote you will be able to follow along and see exactly the scam that he is running.

Michael Kohler Fake Likes

Lets take a look at why I can say with 100% accuracy that this guy is not only full of shit, but also trying to scam you and rip you off. First off looking at the growth of his account we can clearly see he has been cheating Instagram and buying fake followers. In the top graph in the Image below you can see big jumps in followers 20k, 10k, 10k, 20k, then he got to 100,000 followers and started scamming people claiming that he grew his account organically with all his strategies. I watched one of his videos and I think I lost some brain cells as this retard clearly doesn’t know shit about Instagram.

Michael Kohler Fake Growth

Now if you’ve been following along in my articles and letting me teach you how to spot these cheating Instagram accounts claiming to be able to grow your accounts FAST and EASY, then what I am going to show below will be very clear to you that without doubt this clown has been cheating his way to 100,000 followers and as a result I am going to expose him so YOU and OTHERS won’t lose your money to people selling bullshit like this.

Make sure you forward this post to your friends, post it on Facebook, share it, Tweet it, Snapchat it, Share it on Instagram, especially to those who think they are going to get famous or make money buying Fake Likes and Fake Followers because they won’t. They are wasting their time and their money. I want to teach EVERYONE how to spot amateurs like this.

The video I watched as I did my quick research and further proved what I already knew, that he was selling bullshit. I paused the video where he pretends to post a photo to his account and then shows you all the FAKE LIKES that pour into the post. So doing what I do best, I paused the video and went to research all these FAKE LIKES that were pouring in. Can you see that just about every single profile is non-english and the amount of people these FAKES LIKE accounts had was in the 7300-7500 range.

Cheating Instagram Michael Kohler

Many of these FAKE accounts have 7450 followers give or take 20/25 followers. Coincidence?? NOPE THESE ARE ALL FAKE OR BOT ACCOUNTS!

If you’ve read my last two articles these numbers should ring a bell and set off your senses that something is up. This IS NOT COINCIDENCE. These are FAKE BOT ACCOUNTS that have been created or hacked from the original owner and used to FAKE LIKE Instagram posts like Michael Kohler and other cheating Instagram users use to pretend they can grow your account. Its pretty pathetic but theres a lot of people out there who will stop at nothing to rip people off and pretend they are important or know Instagram well enough to teach it.

Michael Kohler Fake Followers

If there is one thing that Michael Kohler is great at doing, it’s taking a bathroom selfie in a hotel room to make it look and seem like he’s some big important Social Media Influencer that pretends to have an Instagram Agency. LOL

He claims to have made $150,000 in a month on his webinar landing page, which by the looks of him he most definitely hasn’t.

Listen up guys and girls, if people claim to make all this money on Social Media, they better have the fucking presence & lifestyle to show it, not to mention an actual legitimate background story and proof of it.. I don’t see these clowns living lifestyles even remotely close to money they claim to make. There is even one asshole claiming to make $10,000 a day on Instagram, and his day of reckoning is also coming very soon! Stay tuned for my next article where I expose another clown stunting and ripping off people of their hard earned money! STAY SMART and MAKE SURE YOU READ ALL MY ARTICLES!

Come on dude, if you’re going to play with the big boys you’re going to have to actually learn a skill and stop with the amateur low rent bathroom selfies. Not sure who you think you’re kidding, but cheating Instagram and ripping off people STOPS RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW.

For all of you out there NEW or OLD to Instagram, make sure you read my most read article: My TOP Instagram Hacking Answers, BE SAFE! Your account is valuable!

Happy Instagramming!

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