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By February 9, 2017 February 1st, 2018 Instagram News

Ceramic PRO puts PRO to proper use! Another client of mine who has used their Instagram account to promote their products successfully on a global scale. Ceramic Pro has become a global phenomenon thanks to my Instagram strategies which has helped them become the worlds leading automotive protective coating solution! It’s so good I even put it on my McLaren!

Ceramic Pro has has totally WOWED their customers (including me & my McLaren which is now Ceramic Pro protected with their GOLD protection package). As a result of their industry leading protective coating and thousands of luxury and exotic car owners swearing by their products, they have created a cult like following! It’s pretty amazing to see how Instagram has helped catapult their brand while amplifying the love all their customers have for their products!  One of their main strategies on Instagram was to create & promote the hottest content they could using their customers as their spring board into the global market!

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They both have closed several MAJOR sponsorship deals in the last year with BELL & ROSS (luxury watches worth over $5000 USD), BOSE (headphones over $2000), The Dubai Mall, McLaren Automotive (hehe yes I love to keep it in the family) and so many Fashion brands like GAP, Banana Republic, Express and many more!

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Ceramic PRO is growing successfully and globally by leveraging my Instagram strategies!

Disclaimer: I just signed my first major Influencer deal with Ceramic Pro (thanks to my 18+ Million Instagram Followers) making me their FIRST EVER social media Influencer! Yup, I am now getting PAID to drive my McLaren and share my wicked entrepreneurial journey with the world! Follow my MadWhips CeramicPro Journey as I drive my Ceramic Pro Protected McLaren in the SALT, SNOW, ICE in Toronto and now down in MIAMI for the next 3 months to put Ceramic Pro to a real daily driving test on my McLaren!

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ceramic pro official

Bio: Clean & Concise Brand Positioning

Right away I have a major compliment for this account! I could actually write a whole article on how important your bio is, because it’s the first thing viewers see and take in. It’s your Insta “hook”! Here we see the Ceramic Pro logo, professionally displayed as a registered trademark even. Beautiful! They’ve got 103K followers and are following 247- not a bad ratio at all.

Next we have two lines describing their product, subtly selling their product, and finally a website for further info. I couldn’t help but check out the website and it’s just as clean as their Instagram, go figure! Take a look at their landing page that you arrive at when you click the LINK IN THEIR BIO!

ceramic pro official

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Download a PDF version  for this post.

Oh and did I mention I have been making a healthy 6 figure income for several years now all thanks to my Instagram strategies? If the facts that I have 30 Instagram accounts with over 18+ Million REAL Followers (in just over 2 years) isn’t convincing enough maybe the fact that I just took delivery (June 30th, 2016) of a BRAND NEW McLaren might motivate you to realize just how much money is out there in advertising just waiting for you!

Ceramic PRO Wow Factor!

This account nailed it with their bio, and even just the first few photos give me a pretty strong feeling that the entire account is going to be amazing photos of luxury & exotic cars from around the world. I could stop right there. Finished! Great job, and now we’re moving on to the next student. Just kidding, let’s continue already and really dive into how exactly they have taken the protective coatings industry by storm!

Of course, I want to dive in a little deeper and give this account some more props for all their hard work in implementing my strategies to create a thriving account, regardless of the niche market they’re in. Everything about this account screams BALANCE! Great job, Ceramic Pro! If you look at this snapshot below, you’ll notice that they subtly have their brand in about half of their photos. The logo isn’t too overpowering, but in every few pictures we are reminded what this account is advertising. Clever!

I also want to note, that many of their show room or shop photos of their final coated cars are as clean as Dr. Evil Evil lair (or McLaren’s Technology Centre which I have visited) which further ads to the professional company and product image that is imperative when marketing to the luxury & exotic car crowd!  Remember on Social Media and INSTAGRAM specifically, IMAGE IS EVERYTHING if you want to sell your product on a global scale!

ceramic pro official

A Look at the Most-Liked

Ceramic Pro’s account posts have an average of about 1K-2K likes, and that’s great given the wide range of the content they post, including renders, professional photos, and organic raw photos from their customers and detailers!!  This offers a very real and organic view of the company. Polished is great when it comes to your Image, but there is also going overboard and having everything OVER POLISHED.  Adding that level of realness to your page shows that while your a professional product and organization, you are human and not everything in life is glitter, gold and perfection.

They’re still growing and I know that their more recent posts have been doing better than ever as they’ve gained more popularity, interaction, and as a result continue to drive sales around the world! One post that totally surpassed the rest was this video below!

You’ve GOT to have videos because viewers start to like/share like crazy when they can actually feel like they’re there live with you versus just scrolling through photo after photo. Check it out, this video got over 10K views in just the last week!

ceramic pro official

I even created a video of my McLaren (see below image) after it was coated with Ceramic Pro’s Gold Package (including 4 layers of their 9H product) to demonstrate how fast water just runs off the car. It’s one thing to watch on a video, but to see the hydrophobic protection that the Ceramic Pro coating protects my car (paint, clear bra and windows) is so amazing. No wonder they have such a loyal and cult like following! This product is amazing and I will no doubt be putting Ceramic Pro on ALL MY FUTURE CARS!

As you can see by the screenshot of the video below, posted on our small collaboration Instagram account we created for our partnership @MadWhips_CeramicPro the video I created of the water just rolling off my finally Ceramic Pro protected paint saw over 67,000 VIEWS! WOW!

Wolf Millionaire Ceramic Pro

Click Here For The Viral Video: MadWhips McLaren Water Video SO SIMPLE YET SO EFFECTIVE RIGHT?

Heres a behind the scenes shot during some recent filming with Sam Schwartz of @schwaafilms. I can’t wait to show you the super insane footage we created of my Ceramic Pro Protected MadWhips McLaren while doing some fun shoots in Miami!

Wolf millionaire behind the scenes


Interaction = Higher Engagement

Why else did the above videos get a ton of views? Well this account is promoting a product, and this post in particular is teaching viewers a lesson using that product! After watching this video (because I couldn’t resist) I know I’ll never scrape snow off my car off again- thanks Ceramic Pro! Anytime you post a mini-blog, a contest, a question, or in this case, a mini-lesson, you’re getting viewers to INTERACT which is cause for tons of engagement!

I just can’t say enough great things about this account, @ceramicpro_official! They’ve totally combined their already fantastic product with my strategies and made something that MORE than works for them and their brand. Below is one of their top-liked photos ever. It’s hard to choose just one out of their many amazing shots, but I think I know why this photo was so well-liked..

ceramic pro official



With this photo having 2,372 likes after being up for only 4 days, this photo struck viewers for multiple reasons. First of all, the car is sleek and badass which is a given. Second, it also is a professional photo which makes a world of difference! Third,  I can’t help but realize that the angle of this photo is clever because it would only be flattering to a smaller sports car like this. Lastly, this shot comes off as intense and even a bit dramatic because of the contrasted dark image of the car against the blurry urban background. Way to work with angles and backgrounds, Ceramic Pro!

Again! Great job Ceramic Pro. Do I have any tips? Well, maybe just ONE key bit of advice, which this account has already shown efforts in..

1 Tip: Use MORE videos. As you noticed, the videos in this account got 3-10X the amount of likes and views that their other posts did. The more videos the more engagement and ultimately the more business, period! Overall you rock @ceramicpro_official and I’m so glad I could highlight you today!

Pro Content = Viral Performance = More Followers & SALES

Ceramic Pro isn’t shy about taking their creativity to the next level by commissioning my good friend & Wolf Millionaire student Gabe @CarLifestyle to create some custom renders of insanely setup vehicles for use to promote Ceramic Pro and get the automotive enthusiasts talking about the wild designs! This is product placement at it’s finest! Nice work Gabe!

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 6.57.40 PM Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 6.57.54 PM Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 6.58.08 PM


Ceramic Pro Now Influencer Powered

It’s pretty amazing that I get to write this section of my Ceramic Pro review for YOU as Ceramic Pro’s very first Social Media Influencer. 2017 is going to be a huge year for not only ME, but for Ceramic Pro as our partnership will take us on an incredible journey.

I did a lot of research when I was evaluating what to protect my McLaren with after I took delivery, especially given that there are multiple products out there. Everyone I knew who had an exotic car kept telling me about Ceramic Pro. Naturally it helped that I had been advertising for them on my top Instagram accounts, but it’s not every day that I buy into products that I am shamelessly promoting on Instagram. Remember I am playing the Instagram to MAKE MONEY, and I happen to do it BETTER THAN ANYONE!

I ultimately decided to take the plunge and contacted my client to inquire about who I should go see in Toronto to get my McLaren coated with Ceramic Pro’s Gold Package (Everything got coated, wheels, windows, clear bra, paint with 4 layers of 9H, the interior leather, my exhaust tips) in order to protect my car from the abuse I continue to put it through not to mention the winter salt, snow, ice and dirt that was just around the corner in Toronto!  Did you actually think I was going to store the love of my life? I didn’t work my ass off for the the last 2 years to store my McLaren like all the other exotic car owners (posers) too afraid to drive their expensive show off toys during the winter!

The rest was history as my partnership with Ceramic Pro unfolded soon after I had my car coated and was immediately blown away by how clean my car was staying after the Ceramic Pro coatings. We even left the roof of my car UNTREATED so that I can show YOU the difference between a Ceramic Pro protected surface and a NON protected surface.

MadWhips Ceramic Pro Influencer

Request a FREE Quote, and YOU automatically enter to WIN one of our monthly Ceramic Pro Protection package giveaways! You don’t have to have an exotic car, you can fill out a quote for a motorcycle, minivan, sports car, luxury car, limo, bus, work truck you name it! We are looking to give away a monthly package and all you have to do is request a FREE Quote for your vehicle!

MadWhips Ceramic Pro McLaren

Follow me on my MadWhips CeramicPro Journey and see all the fun stuff I get to do as part of my first official Influencer partnership and collaboration with their industry leading products protecting my McLaren as I continue to daily drive my McLaren (currently at 5600 miles / 9000km) and counting. Every new mile is a big smile on my face!

MadWhips McLaren in Miami

It’s Your Turn

It’s so nice highlighting yet another successful client of mine like Ceramic Pro. YOU and YOUR BRAND or PRODUCT could totally be my next success story! If you’ve been following my blog regularly, you can see that all of my Wolf Millionaire students are diverse in what they use their Instagram’s for, but they all have found success in growing their accounts. Take note in what they are doing to gain followers and see how you can apply those techniques to your own Instagram.

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Happy Instagramming!

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