Celebrity Instagram hacking – How To Keep Your Account Safe

By September 2, 2017 October 10th, 2017 Instagram News
celebrity instagram hacking

Celebrity Instagram hacking is on the rise and acknowledged by Instagram Co-Founder & CTO. Wolf Millionaire explains how to keep YOUR valuable Instagram account safe from hackers!

Celebrity Instagram hacking actually happens all the time! Most time the time we only hear about the really big Celebrities getting hacked.  Instagram accounts are so valuable and not only to Celebrities. If you’re willing to learn how normal people like me (and I’m old) and you (probably younger) are able to use Instagram to make money then click here for my FREE Wolf Millionaire Instagram Webinar! Let me teach you 9 amazing ways that anyone can use TODAY to start making money on Instagram! The best part of making money with Instagram you don’t even need to have a business, product or service to start!

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Hackers generally hack social media profiles and then demand ransoms in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to surrender the account back to the owner. Other times they do it for fame, or to prove a point. Sometimes they use Celebrity Instagram hacking techniques to post private photos or videos that were not intended for public release!

Selena Gomez Instagram account was a perfect example of the latest Celebrity Instagram hacking to go down after Instagram itself was hacked this week!  Selena Gomez Instagram was hacked and posted a nude photo of Justin Beiber during one of their trips 🙂 OOPS!

Celebrity Hacking Selena Gomez Nudes

Learn everything you need to know in my popular article that provides YOU with my Top Instagram Hacking Answers that will teach YOU how to lock down YOUR account so it’s hacker proof as well as what do if you’re Instagram account is hacked. It’s not rocket science, but I’ve explained it all out STEP-BY-STEP just like all my Instagram Video Guides.

Instagram co-founder & CTO (chief technical officer) acknowledged the Celebrity Instagram hacking here on the Instagram blog and stated:

“We care deeply about the safety and security of the Instagram community, so we want to let you know that we recently discovered a bug on Instagram that could be used to access some people’s email address and phone number even if they were not public. No passwords or other Instagram activity was revealed. We quickly fixed the bug, and have been working with law enforcement on the matter. Although we cannot determine which specific accounts may have been impacted, we believe it was a low percentage of Instagram accounts.”

marijuana instagram hacking

Celebrity Instagram hacking is just the tip of the hacking iceberg right now! Instagram accounts from influencers to fan pages and celebrities are all at risk because of how valuable with even 10,000 followers is! Check out this LA Weekly article I was featured highlighting that hackers are targeting Marijuana Businesses Hacking their WEED & POT Instagram accounts and holding them for ransoms.

Well just a short banger to keep you all on your toes this weekend!

Happy Instagramming!

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