Cats vs Dogs: Which Instagram Pet Niche Makes The Most Money

By January 26, 2018 February 27th, 2018 Instagram News
cats vs dogs instagram money

Cats vs Dogs which will bring you Instagram Fame & Money. Wolf Millionaire takes an updated look at how pets are bringing their owners serious FAME & MONEY!

Cats vs Dogs debates on Instagram continue to make more money than some famous Instagram celebrities with millions of followers. It’s absolutely INSANE, but nothing new to me or my students. Given that most people want to feel good about themselves, the average time wasting lemming on Instagram will gobble up all the feel good content they can in a day.

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The recent news making the headlines is how Grumpy The Cat successfully sued and won $710,000 USD in a recent California Federal court case over copyright infringement!

Grumpy Cat Limited sued the owners of US coffee company Grenade for exceeding an agreement they had in place over Grumpy The Cat’s image.


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Several successful students of mine sold their Instagram Puppies Account so as you can see it’s not a matter of cats vs dogs, but more so creating cute, cuddly and loveable content from your pet or curating an account filled with other peoples pets!

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There is so much money on Instagram, so don’t worry if you can’t decide between cats vs dogs as your Instagram niche, just pick one, or even better, create a page that allows you to USE BOTH!

These successful Instagram Pet Students sold their accounts after relying on cute content to gain likes and followers fast!

There’s nothing stopping you from starting to use Instagram to make money in your spare time WITH YOUR PET!  The best part about making money with Instagram is YOU don’t have to quit your job to start making money on Instagram!

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You can start by putting in 1-2 hours a day taking fun, cute and funny photos of your LOVEABLE PET, as long as you’re being consistent and implementing my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram strategies!

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Cats Vs Dogs – The Data & Global Trend

Checkout the google trend graph below where we can see that the entire “funny cats” phenomenon that blew up a couple years ago, has run it’s course and cute dogs are now taking center stage.

cats vs dogs Instagram trend


This is great news for those who have pets, especially DOGS! GET ON THIS OPPORTUNITY and the HOT TREND! As you can see, it’s not even a relevant question of which will make you famous or rich when it comes to Cats vs Dogs Instagram niches, but more so on the execution using my strategies, regardless of the global trends!

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Happy Instagramming Pet Lovers!

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