Case Study: How My Student Makes Instagram Money From The Sky

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Case Study insights from Wolf Millionaires Instagram Success Students who’s become a high flying well paid pilot Instagram influencer in the skies!

Karim Nafatni also known as @KarimTheCaptain is another one of my rising star students, and at 80K almost 100,000 followers AND most recently Instagram Verified, he’s only going to get more attention & more money making partnership and advertising deals simply by following his passions and using Instagram to highlight his lifestyle!


Of course, it’s not just the followers…. he’s turned his passion, job and lifestyle as a commercial pilot into a positive role model and Instagram Influencer motivating and educating other pilots or those looking to become pilots!




You’re a TRUE Instagram inspiration Karim! I am very thankful Instagram connected us over the last couple years!

Karim has partnered with Bell & Ross Watches (he’s received 3 watches from them valued at $10k), BOSE Aviation headphones and his personal photography was even monetized by selling several of his photos to the Dubai International Airport for all their Duty Free Bags!


And you thought you needed hundreds of thousands (or millions) of followers to start making real money or partnership deals!

And again, Karim is only just beginning his fame and fortune thanks to my Instagram Video Guides and personal 1 on 1 mentoring!

Because once your success gets rolling on Instagram, the network effect takes over and your growth snowballs bigger and bigger.

I’m unbelievably proud of where Karim’s taken his journey, and excited for where he’s going!

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CASE STUDY: Question & Answers

Question 1: “When did you start on Instagram?”

I first started using instagram in 2014 posting every now and then and trying to find my way around the platform.

Question 2: “What made you take the leap of faith and dive into Instagram?”

I was quite active on Facebook before I started using IG with approximately 25k followers on my account but I wasn’t satisfied with the platform. My posts were flooded in between thousands of other posts that sometimes didn’t have anything to do with the niche I was in or the content I was interested for. I needed a platform that could help me focus mainly on the visual impact at the first and engage in a better way with people with the same goals and interests.

Question 3: “Where were you at (followers, growth, confidence) before these strategies?”

I enrolled in the Wolf Millionaire program around late 2016. at that time  I was somewhere between 20k and 25k followers, acquired in almost 2 years. My account was growing slowly and despite using the platform more and more often I wasn’t able to effectively target users and larger accounts in my own niche. I was posting sporadically and wasn’t paying attention to details like editing a proper profile or using proper hashtags for example. Over 2 years into IG I still was at that time frustrated that things were not going the way I assumed they were.

Question 4: “What shifted for you after the Wolf Millionaire course & mentorship/motivation?”

After going through the free content available on WM I did not hesitate a minute before enrolling as a student and getting access to the full course available in the members area. 18 extensive chapters detailing the how to of IG I went through in less than a week. But more important than this, by engaging as a full time student I found you to be a genuinely dedicated human being that was ready to help other any time of the day.

I was able throughout the courses and with your help to understand in depth how IG worked and how to effectively use it to my advantage. There are thousands of websites that promise hundreds of followers or thousands of likes in a minute but I was not interested into a shortcut that could ultimately harm my account or followers that had nothing to do with my own niche. I found in WM pure knowledge on how to use the platform and learned from Anthony to trust the process and last but not least give it time and stay consistent.

Question 5: “Where are you at with your Instagram Influencer journey now?”

Today I am close to 82k followers, my account is growing consistently with quality followers and increasing engagement throughout my posts. More and more people show dedication to my feed and that boosted me to stay consistent and always make sure to give the best I could to those people that believed in me. My account is growing organically and I get approached more and more often by brands or flight schools that are willing to work with me on different levels.

Question 6: “What’s next for you, or what excites you most about Instagram going forward?”

Instagram has been an exciting journey and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for me! I’m looking forward to connect more with brands/people on a larger scale and I can’t wait to see what these coming years have to offer.

Captain Karim Nafatni

Success Story – Final Thoughts From Karim

While leveraging Wolf Millionaire Instagram strategies and being mentored by Anthony directly I’ve had the opportunity to work with aviation schools on paid ads  through my Instagram account.

I never thought I’d be able to monetize my account so quickly, I always thought I would have needed hundreds of thousands of followers but by working with Anthony I have learnt that we don’t!

I’ve also had the chance to and still work with BOSE Aviation using their Aviation Headsets while flying and creating content and advertising them on my account. I’m planning on receiving their latest upcoming products to be one of the first pilots in the world to try them!

I was also approached by Duty Free Innovation (DFI) a major provider for duty free stores around the globe. Anthony helped me close a deal while maximizing what the company wanted to pay me to use my photos that they will be using on all the Dubai International Airport Duty free bags. How cool is that!?!?

Last but not least I am very proud to say that since September of 2017 I became “Friend of the Brand”  (product ambassador) for Bell & Ross, advertising their amazing watches on my account. Anthony also helped me shape the relationship between Bell & Ross while ensuring that I got the best deal and above all else, over delivered on what was required of me to fulfill my partnership with them.

I am very humbled that such a major brand like B&R took interest in my personal brand and in the quality of my IG account to offer me this opportunity and I am proud I had the chance to establish stronger relationships with the brand throughout the past months and looking forward to work with B&R for many years to come and on different projects.

What an amazing ride this has been, I never thought Instagram would have helped me further my personal brand while connecting with others in my niche who are passionate about aviation! Remember to never give up and to be consistent with your posting and amazing things will come to you no matter what niche you are focusing on!


Case Study: Conclusion

As you can see from Karim’s story, becoming an influencer is about more than just getting more followers (though that’s important too); it’s about relationships, income… FREEDOM.

That’s what he has now, and will continue to have more and more of as his account grows, but this Case Study should provide you with enough proof that if you are truly passionate about what you are doing, YOU will be able to follow my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides and create an amazing Instagram presence for yourself, your business or your products you want to sell!

It’s what I want for YOU—and why I created my FREE Wolf Millionaire Webinar & STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides: to help mentor individuals like you through every stage of the influencer process… from account growth, to engagement and posting, monetization and so much more!

After you’re done watching my entire FREE Wolf Millionaire Webinar, I will personally email you my world famous FREE 35 Page Instagram Guide filled with tips, tricks & strategies to help you lock down your account from hackers, create an attractive BIO, take better photos and make you more efficient and productive using Instagram!

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For those who are willing to PUT IN THE WORK & learn ALL MY STRATEGIES, I’ll see you inside my mentoring program!


Anthony Carbone aka The Wolf Millionaire


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