CarSociety Instagram Scam Exposed (AGAIN)

By April 19, 2018 Instagram News
CarSociety Instagram Scam Exposed

CarSociety scam was first exposed when Instagram deleted 380,693 of his fake followers. He is still scamming brands for advertising money. BEWARE & SHARE!

CarSociety Instagram scam didn’t learn his less when I exposed him and others when Instagram Deletes Fraud Accounts over a year ago. Now he’s back at it and scammed one of my clients and approached another one trying to scam these brands out of money to advertise with his garbage account.

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Long gone was the original Nuxery Instagram Money Scam that busted along with the CarSociety scam. I then busted him again recently, and finally he’s disappeared only to re-appear as this rebranded scam from his original NUXERY SCAM

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Now lets dive into the CarSociety Instagram Scam to expose this clown one last time. Please make sure you SHARE this article so others will not lose money!


CarSociety Scam Details

First off, I always do my due diligence before I call people out. This isn’t just some witch hunt I enjoy on a regular basis. Because I have so many students around the world, I get tipped off to so many scams and fraudsters on Instagram every week I choose the most reported ones.

In this case, one of my latest friends and clients Sean @HuberDesign mentioned that he had paid CarSociety back in December for some posts and after delivering 2 posts, the owner of CarSociety never delivered the remaining posts OR even replied back to several of his inquiries.


Not surprised and not the first time I have heard this from others. Don’t feel bad if you’ve been ripped off on Instagram, when I first started I also got ripped off as these kids who ran these accounts would take your money, deliver 1-2 posts of your 5-10 post package and you’d never hear from them again. These accounts burned and died fast like the losers who ran them.


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Furthermore CarSociety reached out to another one of my friends and sponsors @AlloyGator_USA DM’ing their Instagram account and asking “Hey would you like a post”. As you can see by the reply (by yours truly) I totally baited him for more information knowing full well he was either going to lie or not respond.. well it’s been since March 26, and no Instagram Insights have been been provided… hmmm wonder why??


Here’s WHY!!! About 70% of his following is coming from INDIA, TURKEY and INDONESIA… CarSociety must be using the Instajam Scam to grow his account LOL

No one from INDIA, TURKEY or INDONESIA is going to convert or buy anything you are advertising on CarSociety… look at that USA 4% about 35,000 followers. Thats really what you might be advertising to AT BEST on this account which is supposed to have 890,000 followers (hint they are mostly FAKE / BOT followers).

Carsociety scam on Instagram


Here is the data from when I last busted CarSociety when Instagram deleted 380,693 of his FAKE followers back in September 2016.


With al this info on the table, it’s a complete layup for me to be able to say with 100% conviction that CarSociety is a SCAM Instagram account! Make sure you share this with others so they don’t get fooled and waste their money or time with this account.


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Others just want your money and don’t care if they deliver 1000’s of FAKE followers, and FAKE likes or are just out Cheating Instagram Followers that you’re falling for.

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