Cannabis Instagram Guide For Marketers & Influencers

By October 19, 2018 Instagram News

Cannabis Instagram guide for Marketers & Influencers. Wolf Millionaire explains how to avoid getting your Cannabis Instagram account disabled.

Cannabis Instagram accounts have all been on a wild ride for the last 5 years. In fact the entire industry has been ramping up with the Legalization of Cannabis (medicinal & recreational) in Canada on October 17, 2018!

Cannabis marketing on Instagram has the potential to be the most disruptive and lucrative social network for promoting brands, products and services via Influencer Lifestyle marketing.

In my FREE Wolf Millionaire Instagram Webinar, I explain STEP-BY-STEP, 9 ways how you could be making money with this booming industry. The best part is that you don’t even need a business, product or service, or millions of followers to start making money right now!

The most turbulent, upsetting and unknown ride of this brand new industry on social media has been that Instagram continues to randomly disable Cannabis Instagram accounts (influencers, brands, businesses) without any reason (outside of the normal “you have violated our terms” bullshit).

Given Instagram’s strict mantra (lets be honest and call it corporate & social optics) of providing a positive and safe place for it’s users to consume content, Instagram has every right to continue to disable Cannabis Instagram accounts as it sees fit, as I will explain below.

Most of these disabled Cannabis Instagram accounts had been abiding by very conservative posting standards, yet some get disabled without a justified or communicated reason.

This is unfortunately just how things are given the illegal/legal nature of a Cannabis in the world and Instagram’s position on requiring it’s users to abide by the law.

I was featured in LA WEEKLY as Hackers Are Holding Instagram Pages of Pot Businesses Hostage thanks to all the consulting & security work I’ve done in the the Cannabis Industry, so please make sure you you have locked down your account with my STEP-BY-STEP security features below.

Cannabis Instagram Marketing Guide

I’ve provided the Instagram community with My Top Instagram Hacking Answers Explained exposing and educating Instagram hacking while teaching you STEP-BY-STEP how to lock down your account.

Thankfully Instagram recently (OCT 2018) provided us with Two-Factor (NON-SMS) Instagram Security!

If you follow my STEP-BY-STEP guide to properly use this NEW Two-Factor Instagram feature you will NEVER GET HACKED!

Just remember to follow all my STEP-BY-STEP instructions!

Cannabis Instagram Guide: How Not To Get Disabled

Over the last couple years, I have studied and reviewed hundreds of Cannabis Instagram accounts from around the world in every flavour trying to find the safest formula & best practices for my clients.

Unfortunately even by my strictest standards if Instagram wants to disable you, they are entitled to do so at their discretion given that Cannabis Instagram accounts are in a bit of a grey area with respect to Instagram Terms of Use and more recently their Community Guidelines which outlines things like Intellectual Property, Posting for a Diverse Audience (soft snowflake millennials) and Following the Law (tricky because Laws vary from State to State, Country To Country).

So here are 7 RULES to abide by to ensure whatever you are doing in the Cannabis Instagram space, you can reduce your exposure of  getting disabled.

  1. Do not attempt to SELL ANYTHING. This includes linking to an eCommerce store where Cannabis products (recreational, CBD or medicinal) might be sold. Instagram Community Guidelines states “offering illegal or prescription drugs (even if it’s legal in your region) is also NOT ALLOWED.
  2. If you are going to put a LINK in YOUR bio or IG Stories, make sure you’re driving traffic to your blog or educational landing pages, and not pages that SELL PRODUCTS online or in store. This directly violates Instagram Terms of Use. Educate your audience and they will buy your brand indirectly!
  3. Put a disclaimer in your BIO “WE DO NOT SELL ANYTHING”
  4. Put an age disclaimer “Mature Content 21+ Only”
  5. Do not post photos or videos of people consuming Cannabis in your FEED or Instagram Stories or IGTV.
  6. Do not try to copy what other peoples are doing with their Cannabis Instagram accounts because if they are breaking the rules I’ve laid out above of my best Cannabis Instagram practices it’s just a matter of time before they will get disabled. TRUST ME ON THIS.
  7. While not a bulletproof strategy, keeping your Cannabis Instagram account on PRIVATE is actually a great idea! This gives you the ability to visually vet each follower you allow to follow and view you content.


Cannabis Instagram: How to Get Disabled

Bess Byers is was known as @imcannabess on Instagram but her account was disabled without warning August 1, 2018.  After two weeks and much effort contacting Instagram dozens of time and having a friend at Facebook appeal on her behalf her account was magically reinstated with only a “we disabled it by mistake” email from Instagram. Instagram did this to one of my accounts years ago and it took several months to get the account back with the same “we disabled it by mistake” response.

Bess Byers imcannabess

Doing a quick search on Bess yield this article below that was written April 2018 (3 months prior to getting disabled). Having any PR on the web bragging about how you are monetizing Instagram in the Cannabis industry is a BIG NO NO, and no matter how many signatures on your petition you get, Instagram will never be ok with anyone using their platform to sell any kind of drug, LEGAL or ILLEGAL.

Bess Byers Cannabis Instagram

While it might be unacceptable for a billion dollar tech company to not issue a statement explaining what is and is not appropriate cannabis content on their platform, they’ve made it very clear that all content must abide by the laws and their community guidelines.

In a statement, an Instagram spokesperson told CNN its community guidelines “make it clear that buying or selling prescription drugs isn’t allowed on Instagram, and we have zero tolerance when it comes to content that puts the safety of our community at risk.”

So there we have it, at no point EVER will Instagram allow the promotion or sales of any drug (including Cannabis), so stop wasting your time and start playing by the platform rules!

Hit me up with a DM on @Wolf_Millionaire if you have any specific questions marketing your Cannabis business, brand, product or service, I love helping people capitalize their home grown success using Instagram, after all this is what has made me famous as the Wolf Of Instagram.

Happy Instagram & Happy 420 😉


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