BOOST Your Income In 2019 Using Instagram Analytics

By January 14, 2019 Instagram News

BOOST Your Instagram income this year by diving into your Instagram Insights with Wolf Millionaires STEP-BY-STEP help!

Instagram Insights (aka analytics) will give you access to the most valuable insights about your content performance, your audience and your current content strategy.

STEP 1: You MUST have Instagram Business Profile enabled in order to get access to YOUR Instagram Analytics

Evaluating your analytics will help you maximize the potential of every post and boost your engagement while ensuring that your maximizing your Instagram accounts money making potential

Instagram Hack: One highly overlooked (and valuable) feature is the Instagram Follows You trick to gain quick insights into WHO is actually following you. USE IT!

Increasing engagement will alert the Instagram algorithm of your high-quality posts, making your content appear in user feeds, and ultimately, lead to making more money in 2019.

NOTE: Instagram Analytics = Instagram Insights

If you’re NOT evaluating your Instagram analytics regularly, then you could be:

  • Targeting the wrong audience (and loosing out on MONEY)
  • Overlooking the different factors that the Instagram algorithm is based on when prioritizing content in a user’s feed
  • Posting content that you audience doesn’t love (and therefore doesn’t engage with)
  • Posting during off-peak hours of the day or days of the week
  • Missing opportunities for engagement in your comments or stories

I get it — needing to wade through all sorts of different charts and numbers can be an overwhelming task.

That’s why I’ve put together a list explaining the most important Instagram metrics you should focus on to elevate your marketing strategy and improve your overall Instagram performance.

But first things first — to get access to your individual account insights on Instagram Analytics, you need to Enable your Instagram Business Profile account (in your settings) if you haven’t already. Yes click that link and let me walk you through HOW TO – STEP-BY-STEP.

So many Instagram accounts (6M+) used these UN-SAFE Top 9 Instagram Scams over the holidays when you could have done this using Instagram Insights like I did below sorting content in 2018 by “REACH”.

If you used one of those Top 9 SCAMS please make sure you’ve read that important blog post to ensure you don’t get hacked in 2019!

We’re now going to dive into some key performance indicators (KPI’s), the specific data you’ll want to track & optimize for your account performance, identify your audience, and share the content that your followers can’t live without… thirst trap style…

Instagram Analytics Explained

Profile Activity Analytics

  • Interactions

You can access your profile analytics directly through the activity tab that shows you an overview of the number of interactions on your account within the past week.

This is one of the most useful tools in Instagram Analytics as this bar graph is indicating to which posts your followers are responding to, to which ones they aren’t, and ultimately, which content you should be focusing on.

Additionally, the Interactions section shows the number of profile visits within the past week, as well as website and email button clicks. It also tells you whether each of those metrics have increased or decreased from the week prior.

  • Discovery

Keep an eye on the the number of Instagram accounts that you’ve reached in the past week and track the impressions of each of your posts compared to the week before.

Look at your average numbers from the week prior. Did they increase? Decrease? What did you do during that span of time that could have led to that change?

Further below, I’m explaining the importance of breaking down individual post interactions.

But before focusing on your content performance, make sure to identify your audience. This will help you fine-tune your content to target your unique follower base.

Audience Analytics

  • Top Locations Indicating Best Posting Time

There is no general rule for the best time and day to post on Instagram — it all depends on your individual follower base.

Instagram Insights shows the top five cities and countries where your followers are located. This is extremely valuable information, and particularly important if you’re posting across different time-zones. Based on this, you can craft a content schedule that caters to the times that are best suited to your audience. (link to apps that can be used for scheduling posts, e.g. Preview App, Later + link to blog post “My Favorite Posting Times” which I prepared in the spreadsheet).

  • Follower Hours and Days

Keeping track of the average time of day and days of the week your followers are most active on Instagram will help you determine when to post to reach most of your audience.

  • Age Range and Gender

Knowing your audiences’ age range and gender will help you create optimized content, call to actions and day to day captions that are more appealing to the interests of the majority of your followers. This will result in higher engagement rates (likes & comments).

If you’re using Instagram to promote your business, this insight is particularly useful to check if the target audience for your business is aligned with your current audience. If not, adjust your content to attract your ideal demographic of followers.

Individual Post Analytics

Once you’ve made sure that your profile is targeting the right audience, you want to focus on individual post analytics to optimize your content and posting strategy.

  • Interactions

Whether that’s visiting your profile, bio link clicks, or using the call/email button in your post, these items are tracked and recorded here.

  • Discovery

The number of accounts reached through the discovery page who are not yet following you. This is also a very powerful way to track how well your posts are doing and how many hit the discovery page where you have the opportunity to gain organic followers depending on how high up on the discovery page your post reaches.

  • Reach and Follows

How many new followers you received from a post and how many “UNIQUE” Instagram users your post reached. Tracking your account’s Reach will help you determine if new followers are actually seeing your posts.

  • Impressions

The total number of times your post was viewed. This includes people who have scrolled through their feed and seen your post 2 or more times. It’s interesting to monitor how many “IMPRESSIONS” vs “REACH” your posts do over time because you can monitor the Instagram algorithm

Impressions – REACH = # of users who have seen your post more than once in their feed.

  • Saves

The number of unique accounts that saved your post to their personal saved folder. This is a VERY powerful and often overlooked metric. To me knowing how many people SAVED my photo or video tells me all I need to know about what type of content/posts/angles/lighting I need to create if I want people to continue engaging, liking & commenting on my posts!

This is also a very important metric for any of your advertising partners as it helps you showcase that the content you are creating is being SAVED by your followers (potentially for a future action – like buying an item you’ve advertised or using a discount code you’ve put in your caption).

  • Likes and Comments

Based on the number of likes and comments, you can determine which posts are garnering the most engagement.

To get the most out of the analytics of each post, can you notice any patterns in your popular posts? That’s the type of content your audience wants to see more of. And that’s content worth replicating and repeating.

Similarly, check the posts that are performing the worst and see what they have in common…. it will be obvious 🙂

Make sure to identify patterns and similarities across your entire content and don’t change your strategy based on a one-off post! This is extremely important to do when you first start Instagramming on a NEW account as the numbers will be smaller and you’ll be able to adjust your content/captions to ensure you are catering your content to your NEW audience from DAY 1.

Want to learn more about how to optimize your content tactics game and make more money? Keep your eyes peeled for my detailed blog post about the Instagram Algorithm in 2019!

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Happy Instagramming!

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