Bluetick Instagram Verification Scam

By August 7, 2018 Instagram News
bluetick Instagram Verify Scam

Bluetick Instagram verification scam has been circulating. Wolf Millionaire exposes this latest SCAM so you won’t fall for this phishing technique!

Bluetick is just another phishing website that I have uncovered trying to trick people into giving out their Instagram Username & Password. Most people who don’t follow my Wolf Millionaire Blog & YouTube Channel for the free education I provide to keep you safe fall victim to this scam.

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I’ve also included some very big Instagram Scams like the InstaJam Scam ran by a fraudster who went to jail below like the to educate you so you can be aware of all these hackers trying to steal your valuable Instagram account! This is why I sleep like a baby at night, knowing that I have helped thousands and thousands of people keep their valuable Instagram Accounts SAFE from people like this.

Anthony Carbone Los Angeles

PLEASE don’t fall for this popular FAKE Instagram Badge Scam or Direct Message Instagram DMScam!

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Bluetick Instagram Scam Explained

The Bluetick Instagram scam starts off with a DM to you from some random account like the one below. They entice you to read and click through tricking you into thinking your Instagram account qualifies for Verified Instagram Badge


I don’t understand how most people who see this don’t clue into the fact that this IG account @verifybadge.php and the URL in the DM ISN’T A LEGIT Instagram account or website…. but that is why this bluetick scam still gets people. People actually think they are getting a Verified Instagram Badge, and all logic goes out the window.

If you actually fall for this DM and click through, you are now 50% the way to losing your account for EVER due to this highly deceptive phishing scam which looks like the screenshot below.


As you can see even my Google Chrome browser is telling me that this is a deceptive site, not only in the URL area, but a big red screen comes up (just like the main image of this blog post. DON’T FALL FOR THIS.  Make sure you read my My Top Instagram Hacking Answers because Instagram recently made a MAJOR change to their “report an account hacked” help center in Intagram, I was shocked too!


Here’s a little bonus, after answering someones DM just now. THIS IS A COMPLETE SCAM, don’t fall for these people telling you they will pay you money to “WORK OFF OF YOUR PAGE” lol. They are only looking to get your Username & Password and then STEAL your ACCOUNT… YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!





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