Bitcoin Instagram Account Opportunities

By November 28, 2017 December 5th, 2017 Instagram News
Bitcoin Instagram Opportunity

Bitcoin Instagram opportunities are growing. Wolf Millionaire offers some insights you might be able to use to start a lucrative account.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately it’s hot not to have heard a thing or two about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and it’s underlying technology the Blockchain.

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At first diving into everything that entails this hot new technology and currency could seem to be overwhelming. However after spending a couple minutes reading up on each of these topics one can get a fairly clear understanding of what they are about.

I am not here to teach you about Bitcoin, but I am here to help you potentially uncover an exciting new opportunity using Instagram to become a Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency or Blockchain influencer on Instagram!

Just because the basic workings of Bitcoin might seem dry and boring from a currency and technology perspective it doesn’t rule out the immediate opportunity to become an Instagram influencer to educate and keep others informed in this hot new space.

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Bitcoin on Instagram

So what are some of these immediate hot new opportunities on Instagram for the Bitcoin space? Well for starters, there is so much news out there that it’s a little too much for someone who wants to keep current in the space to sift through and get the high level news.

Lets backup for a bit and let me highlight and teach you something that will HELP YOU carve out more productive and FOCUSED work in your day.

I don’t watch TV, listen to the radio or spend too much time reading about all the bullshit negative never ending news we are bombarded with every single day. You shouldn’t either!

I stopped watching SPORTS when I left for University, and started watching the stock market as it was fascinating to watch and learn during the height of the DOT COM BOOM. I even made some money with several stocks like Broadcom, PayPal but it just wasn’t my passion it was all extremely volatile post September 11.

Because of this, I live in my own little bubble and it has served me EXTREMELY well over the last 20+ years. I selectively have a news feed setup on my Android Phone that only provides me with info in the areas I want to know about. This allows me to focus on a daily basis on the things that are important to my success. Stuff like Instagram news, Influencers, Money/Finances, Technology and of course everything to do about the auto industry.

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Wars, Terror, Death, Presidential buffoonery, scandals serve me ZERO purpose. I refuse to let that bullshit enter my own world. You shouldn’t either!

If you want to be successful I urge you to adopt the same strict guard on what you allow yourself to listen to on a daily basis. This naturally follows suit with WHO you let into your life. OUT WITH THE NEGATIVE and only IN WITH THE POSITIVE. This is one of my secrets that I mastered shortly after I lost my father when I was 19.

I do not care about what is going on around the world let alone in my own backyard. I am a digital entrepreneur, who makes money using Instagram in the automotive space while consulting with companies in multiple niches. Sure I browse the headlines in order to stay on top of worldly events and trends, because that is where many opportunities are hiding, especially in the digital world!

NOW, lets get back to the Instagram Bitcoin opportunity at hand. I personally would follow a Bitcoin Instagram account that followed all my InstaWealth Growth System strategies. There isn’t one account that I have seen that has successfully accomplished what I am talking about. So far most of the Bitcoin Instagram accounts I have seen have been managed sloppy and half assed, missing the point of creating a stellar Instagram account that people would want to follow.

You can start learning for FREE with my Wolf Millionaire Blog where I will teach you 9 amazing ways you could be making money with Instagram, without having a business, product or service. Many of these strategies don’t even require you to have a massive following! When you’ve watched my entire Webinar, I will email you a link to my recently UPDATED FREE 35 Page Instagram, which has been downloaded by over a million people since it first came out! In here you will see I know exactly what I am talking about when it comes to everything Instagram.

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So heres a million dollar idea, just remember you’re going to have to put some effort into it. This IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME. I am teaching you how to create an Instagram account branded in the Bitcoin/Crypto space that summarizes all the news for each of the cryptocurrencies.  You WILL be able to grow a following, interact and network with others in the space from around the world and if you put enough time and effort following all my STEP-BY-STEP Video Tutorials, YOU WILL BE ABLE to launch a company like I have multiple times simply by using Instagram!

Think about it without distraction, YOU could even create an Instagram account for each of the various cryptocurrencies and report once a day on the news that is relevant to each of them. There certainly is NO shortage of news as of lately as this space is RED HOT!

Remember you have to give people a solid reason, provide value and teach them something if you want to attract a following while slowly turning yourself and your brand into a powerful money making Instagram machine! I teach you everything STEP-BY-STEP how to do this in my InstaWealth Growth System

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Keep it simple, keep it relevant and keep it REAL. Report on things and credit the source where you got it from. Remember to use high quality photos, and videos. CONTENT IS KING. There is nothing that turns people away quicker than giving them news and not providing your source. People want to know where you are getting your news from so they can understand the level of accuracy and how much they should believe in it.

In a world filled with fake news, it’s easy to report or repost Bitcoin news you’ve read on less than honourable news sites. Remember do your homework and your due diligence. Put in the work up front reporting on the news and you will grow an INSANELY loyal Instagram following in one of the hottest technology/currency opportunities of our history.

So there you have it. The Bitcoin Instagram opportunity at hand. Start an account using my InstaWealth Growth System teachings and when you think your account is worthy of my attention, you know the drill, start to engage with me on my @Wolf_Millionaire Instagram posts in the comments and maybe if you’re actually contributing to my comments and not spamming me with “LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME”, I will review your account and give you some 1 on 1 guidance! I do it quite regularly to all those who comment on my posts on a daily basis. Join in on my daily dose of positive reinforcements! I reply to every single comment that is left on my Instagram posts!

Happy Instagramming!

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WARNING: Remember all the Instagram Scam artists like Nuxery who scammed hundreds of people with their FAKE Likes Exposed programs as well as FAKE Forex/BINARY stock market mentoring that came and went… These were a dime a dozen over the last 5 years on Instagram. Where are they now? Well most of them are going to (if they haven’t already) re-invent their scam as self proclaimed Bitcoin guru’s who’ve made millions trading Bitcoin and they will try to lure you into buying their bullshit get rich quick schemes. Come across one? Email me so I can take a look and make sure I expose them before the masses get fooled.

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