How to spot FAKE Instagram Accounts

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Learn how to quickly analyze any Instagram account to determine if they are REAL or FAKE with these FREE tools & techniques.

Today I have a really important lesson that I want everybody to watch (video below) and please share with your friends especially those buying Instagram ads on big accounts. This post is all about how to spot a fake Instagram account. There seems to be quite a few fake Instagram accounts with fake followers and fake likes there in just about every niche, the good news is, they’re easy to spot once you know how to look for them.

I was going to reserve this lesson purely to release it to my advanced InstaWealth Growth System students. But if there is one thing that I can’t stand in life is seeing good, honest people who are trying to follow their passions and do things that they love being taken advantage of. And I’ve come across a couple of pages that are complete bullshit. And I’m going to walk you through how you can spot these. Once I show you how to do this with these two pages, you’ll be able to do this yourself and come to your own conclusions whether a page that you’re looking to have promote you or advertise your product or service is legitimate or not.

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Download this cheat sheet to learn how to spot FAKE Instagram accounts.

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Am I surprised? No. Because my strategies are completely legit, and it’s basically just me teaching you everything that I have done over the last two years to grow my Instagram network and to make a super high six-figure annual salary all from Instagram, following my passions and posting photos. It’s that simple, you just have to put in a little bit of work. The harder you work at it, the better the return, just like anything in life. Let’s dive into this lesson, because I really want to expose these fake page and I want to put a stop to them making money and ripping people off. I’ve been hearing from a lot of people that this page has been doing it. So I looked into it and lo and behold it is a bullshit account.

The account is called @Nuxery. Now if you were to take a quick look at this account, it looks really clean, it’s been put together very well. You can see that the account has 1,000,000 followers, that are only following 65 people. And yet they’ve only got 402 posts. Now hat’s kind of a low amount of posts for an account that has a million followers. Every page and every niche is going to vary, but usually to get to a million followers, you need to have at least a couple of thousand photos. And if you don’t, then that account has been deleting their photos along the way. There is no way that account can grow to 1,000,000 in 400 posts.

So why is this account bullshit? Well, let’s take a look. We can see that they’ve been posting some ad photos here, for bracelets, secret academy. And taking a look at them, you see that they’ve got 20,000 likes, 42,000 views, 11,000 likes, 14, 19, 16,000. Now from a high level, it looks like the account is legit. But when you really dive into the analytics behind it, which I use for. So let me bring that up so that we can all be on the same page here. So if you go to, you can look up anyone’s Instagram account for free. If their account is on public mode. Then you can see all the different stats on them.



So I’ve clicked on the detailed stats under Nuxery, and I want to show you what really stands out as complete bullshit. So we can click on the detailed stats and see quite a way back. So all the way from May 29th all the way down to today, June 27th. Now if we look at this, we see the follower column and we see that it was kind of like very small. There were some loss of followers. And then all over sudden he went from a very low following per day if not a loss of following up to 3,000. Then he had a day where he did 11,000, 20,000, 15,000, 10,000.

He had a day where he lost some. So this was a day where he wasn’t pumping bullshit, fake followers in his account. Then he went back to grow 8,000, 6,000, 158, 8,000…… Then Sunday, shit starts to catch up with him. Now he’s lost, 8,000 followers. On Monday, so far it says 1,100. But because SocialBlade sometimes has a bit of a delay, I’m expecting that sometime tomorrow when I refresh this and take a look, there should be another loss of anywhere from a couple of thousand, probably up to five or 8,000. And this account is just complete bullshit.


Now I’m going to show you another screenshot that I have created if it shows up here. Nope, here it is. And the other dead giveaway that you can do is go through someone’s post and click on the likes. So let’s see. Where are we here? So if we go back to this users account, you can’t do this on the web. So you’d have to do this on your mobile device. If we clicked on this any post and see the likes here, where you see the number of likes on your mobile device if you click that, you can actually scroll through the 22,000 likes that this photo supposedly got. Which it absolutely didn’t because when it posted it, I had one of my advanced students send me a screenshot about 10 minutes into the post. And this photo had maybe 50 or 60 likes of what I remember.


That’s 10 minutes into posting this photo on this account that’s supposed to have a million followers with enough active activity to deliver 22,000 likes, which isn’t the case. Now you can also scroll through some of the comments and you’ll see a bunch of bullshit comments. And again, I think it’s just this user has set up a bot to either give bullshit comments. Or he’s in a network of people that are doing this to make it look like there’s actual engagement.

There’s a lot of responses from Nuxery to other people, which is again, kind of a red flag. No one responds that much to people’s comments, and if they do they’re doing it to appear like they are engaged with their followers. Nuxery is doing this to try to make it look like his page is actually got an engagement. And pretty much every other person who had liked this photo had an account with no profile photo, no bio, and was either following one or two people or no people or following a bunch of people.

Those are all bullshit spam bot accounts, there is no way around it. We can see this by looking at, I took a screenshot above. So out of this full screen of followers who has supposedly liked that photo, all these accounts without profile photos are fake user. And you can go and you can click them and take a look and see. There is no way that an account that has proper organic followers has this many users without profile photos. And if you go and look at their accounts they all fit that fake user profile mode. They either do have zero photos, they posted nothing. Maybe their account is on private, maybe it’s not. And they’re either not following people or don’t have followers, or they’re following a high number of people.

And again, if they’re following a high number of people, even if it’s a couple of hundred and no one’s following them, it’s a good chance that it’s a fake user that’s been used to follow another account like Nuxery’s to make it look like they have a million followers, when they don’t. They’ve been buying bullshit fake followers, and they’ve also been using a bot service to like their photos. Now everything comes out in the wash. We saw what happened early on in Instagram when Instagram did their user correction and deleted a bunch of users. I have a feeling we’re going to see this again. Instagram likes to clean house and keep their shit super clean. They don’t want to see this kind of stuff, I don’t want to see this kind of stuff.

So if you come across an account, or you personally have been taken advantage of, you’ve given an account money to advertise your account, and then what you see from it is either nothing or you see a bunch of fake followers start to follow you after they advertise it, then you know that they’re just completely trying to rip you off. Send me a screenshot, DM it to me at wolf_millionaire on Instagram. Or send me an email and I will look into it. And I’m going to start busting these pages, just like FakeWatchBuster does. He busts all the people wearing fake watches on Instagram.

I’m going to start busting all these fake Instagram accounts so that I can hopefully stop people from getting ripped off and taken advantage of. There is absolutely no excuse for this. I’m kind of disgusted that I came across such a large account. I’m actually going to email every single advertiser that I have seen on his page with this YouTube video, explaining exactly why they’re getting ripped off and why they should not be advertising with this person. And I can guarantee you that this page will probably change its name, that’s what these pages do. They grow them to a large number of followers, they make some money. When the results aren’t there, they either put their account on private or they rename the account.

So stayed tuned to Wolf Millionaire’s Blog & YouTube channel. If you want more of my learnings, I’ve got a Free 20 page Instagram guide that you can download. Just go to, enter your email address, and we’ll send you a link with my free PDF that’s filled with best practices that will immediately help you to have a better Instagram profile and sharpen your posts so that they get more likes and ultimately you get more followers. If you want to learn everything I know, then you’ve got to go and sign up for my advanced course. It’s known as the InstaWealth Growth System.

And if you want to see how some of my students are doing, like I said, go to my Wolf Millionaire Instagram page, @wolf_millionaire. And go read all of my student testimonials. I keep featuring them every couple of months (like this student & this student & this student this student) as they continue to grow and now MAKE MONEY!. And as I mentioned I am now having more and more students provide testimonials that they’re starting to make their first $200-$400 per week. Super, super exciting! These students are simply following my step by step Instagram Video Guides!

Whatever your passion is; whether it’s cars, money, watches, fashion, makeup, beauty, arts, sports. You can follow the exact same strategies that I’ve done to organically and virally grow your account. Once you have a bunch of followers then you can start selling ad space just like I have. The next thing you know, you’ll be making six figures too. If you want to buy a McLaren or the lifestyle that you’ve been dreaming of, you can do it too. You just have to want it bad enough to put in the effort.

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