Best Hashtags For Instagram Growth

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Best Hashtags For Instagram

Best Hashtags for Instagram? Believe it or not there is an art & science behind figuring out which are the bests hashtags to use on Instagram and Wolf Millionaire is once again providing you the knowledge for FREE.

Best hashtags to use on Instagram is one of the most misunderstood questions that everyone who tries to answer gets wrong. So listen up and takes notes! I originally wrote the Guide on How To Get The Absolute Most out of Your Hashtags so make sure you read that very popular blog post I also recently updated while writing this article to educate you.

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What was once just a silly-looking symbol (#) on our parents’ old telephones is now a ubiquitous component of the social media universe. The best hashtags, originally popularized by Twitter, and now standard across all social media platforms, may be more than just the norm in social media – knowing what the best hashtags are is necessary to generate growth and attract quality followers on Instagram so that you can make money with Instagram like my successful students and I continue to do.

While the best hashtags may have originally come from Twitter, it’s now Instagram, the hottest and fastest social network in the world that it is seeing the most relevant usage! The top questions I continue to get from new students who haven’t signed up for my STEP-BY-STEP InstaWealth VIDEO Growth System looking to expand their profiles, reach and brand is what are the best hashtags for Instagram use? Take note of the following!


Best Hashtags Strategies

Let’s start with some basics; a hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by #, AKA the pound sign. The hashtag organizes Instagram content. By clicking on a specific #hashtag an Instagram user can see any other photo or video posts that others on Instagram have tagged their content also using the same hashtag. The popularity to get one of your posts into one of the “Top Posts” for a given hashtag depends on how much engagement each post using that hashtag gets in a quick amount of time. I can help you sharpen your Instagram skills so that you use the best hashtags and thus get your content into the “Top Posts” section for a variety of hashtags that are relevant to your POST and BRAND.

While it may be difficult for more novice Instagram users to determine which are the best hashtags for generating engagement with their profiles, there is a huge spectrum in terms of the quality of any potential hashtag. Using any hashtag similar to #LikeForLike or #FollowForFollow is ABSOLUTE garbage, you will only attract POOR QUALITY FOLLOWERS IF ANY.

The best hashtag strategy will actively attract HIGH QUALITY FOLLOWERS who will covert (buy stuff you are selling or promoting with paid advertising), whereas a bad strategy (like most people using#LikeForLike or #FollowForFollow etc) will only attract POOR QUALITY FOLLOWERS as well as fake bots following certain garbage hashtags.

The best hashtags not only promote growth, but can do so at a very high rate, and even cause a post to go viral helping you gain followers FASTER, and spread your brand on Instagram all for FREE! This is why Instagram is such a goldmine!

Learn How Instagram Makes Me Money if you are completely NEW to the world of making money on Instagram! I teach you how to turn your Instagram Play Time into money making time STEP-BY-STEP in my extremely popular and easy to follow along online Instagram video guides. I also update my course monthly at NO cost to YOU so you can stay on top of everything NEW when Instagram rolls it out.

On the simple question of whether or not users should be tagging their content, it’s generally much more beneficial to use hashtags than not. It’s no longer a question of “should I use hashtags or not”, it’s simply a question of “what are the best hashtags to use”.

In my previous Hashtag post explaining how to Get The Absolute Most out of Your Hashtags I explained how using hashtags that have 250,000 to 500,000 total hashtags is the best hashtag strategy because you have less people using those specific hashtags, which increases your changes to have your post reach the “Top Posts” page as well as attracting NEW HIGH QUALITY FOLLOWERS who might be browsing your specific hashtags.

I browse very specific hashtags like #McLaren540c  (see below) instead of #McLaren because I want to see photos of a #McLaren540c which is the car I bought last summer BRAND NEW all thanks to the the Instagram advertising money I make thanks to my 18+ Million Instagram followers. With this simple strategy I have been able to connect with McLaren 540c owners all over the world (this model is not available in the USA, as they only have the 570S in the USA), in order to discuss and talk about my specific McLaren model.

McLaren 540C Hashtag

If we were to examine #McLaren hashtag (see below) which has 2.6 Million uses on Instagram, we can see right away that it’s plagued with the top 9 posts which are all SPAM and have nothing to do with #McLaren. This is whey using 2 worded descriptive hashtags is the best strategy to use when describing anything on Instagram. It yields more relevant posts because of the much lower SPAM posts that the degenerates of the world use thinking they’re going to gain followers from doing so. They actually don’t!. TAKE NOTE!

McLaren Hashtag Spam

Instagram will start to ban these SPAM accounts who are using Telegram Engagement Groups/Pods and Automated Bot programs to like/comment on their posts which help a post hit the TOP POSTS section for a given hashtag.

Be WARNED, it’s not worth cheating to waste your time when you could be using Instagram properly following all my TIPS, TRICKS & STRATEGIES to use Instagram within their RULES!

Best Hashtags – How Many To Use?

How many best hashtags should you use? Studies show that the sweet spot it between 4-7 hashtags or 10-11 hashtags. Remember to put no more than 3-4 in your actual caption, unless you’re creating long captions and can put them at the very bottom of your long ass caption (Like I do on my Wolf Millionaire Instagram Posts, see below).

Best Hashtag Placement

While Instagram allows us to use 30 hashtags per post, actually using ALL 30 hashtags for every single post is OVERKILL and if you continually use the same ones you could get banned from using ALL hashtags. So keep it relevant. After all how many hashtags DO YOU really need to describe the post your about to post. I usually use 7-10 hashtags on Wolf Millionaire Instagram posts.

Adding hashtags is easy. They can be added in your captions or in the first comment directly below your first post. The bigger question is how to increase their reach. This is where having a public vs. a private account makes a difference; with public accounts a hashtag use will become visible on the corresponding hashtag page. Private account posts using hashtags will not ever been seen by others searching the hashtags you used.

Now keep in mind numbers and letters and even emojis are fine to use in hashtags, but special characters like $ or % won’t work; the tag simply won’t create a link if a special character is included. I regular rotate the Emoji Hashtags #💰  #☀️  #🌴  I use because they are fun, they fit with my content and most people don’t use them which allows my posts to hit TOP POSTS for these very easily and quickly!

Money Emoji Hashtag


Helicopter Emoji Hashtag

Instagram us to use a maximum of 30 hashtags per post, which is too many. So when I say do your homework and think of the most relevant hashtags, to use the best hashtags, being selective is very important. Too many arbitrary tagged phrases or words can dilute the message and negate the purpose of the post. But too few might not generate enough engagement. The best number of hastags is typically somewhere in the middle, let’s say between ten and fifteen. The exact number isn’t as important as the purpose behind them: are these the best hashtags and the right amount for the exact content you are posting? Ask yourself this every time you post!

Best Hashtags for Branding

The big question for any individual user is how to pick the best hashtag for their personal brand. This all depends on what you hope to achieve with your brand or business. If you are a boxing enthusiast, and post pictures and news from the boxing world, it would make sense to include hashtags that will engage other relevant and up-to-the-minute items relating to boxing.

For example, if you post a picture of the first promotional poster for the super fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, some of the best hashtags you could include would be #mayweathermcgregor (currently 13,000 hashtags), or #mcgregorvsmayweather (currently 6000 hashtags), both of which are highly targeted, extremely new and therefore have LOW amounts of SPAM!

This automatically puts you in the most current trending spot for this upcoming fight, and instantly increases the chance for engagement with other users and boxing enthusiasts. The same logic applies to internet-specific topics like memes. The hashtag #memes has 19 million posts, and related tags such as #memesdaily 2.4 Million or less competitive ones like #memesarelife 50,000 hashtags, #memes4days 28,000 hashtags and #memes4ever have 20,000 posts. If your content includes memes, then doing your research like I just did will show you which are the better hashtags that could get your content seen by others looking at memes, the ones with less than 100,000 hashtags are the best hasthtags to use instead of the ones in the millions.

Best Hashtags to Geo Target Language Specific

Want to target Spanish Memes? Then use #memesenespañol 38,000 hashtags, #memesvenezuela 14,000 hashtags both of which have Memes En Espanol which you can target! Use this similar strategy for other languages or locations around the world to GEO target specific niches or product offerings!

Best Hashtags For Your Niche

If you want to find hashtags that were created specifically for specific niches, or genres or subcultures, then just use the following when searching or creating your own!

  • Combine the word “Insta” with your term (example: #instacars or #instarich)
  • Combine the word “gram” with your term (example: #stylegram or #videogram)
  • Add the word “life” to the end of your hashtag (example #baggedlife or #carlife)
  • Add the word “porn” to the end of your hashtag (example #carporn or #watchporn)
  • Add “ofinstagram” or “ofig” to your hashtag (as in: #carsofinstagram or #fashionofinstagram)

Final Tips For Best Hashtags Research

1) Be aware of the competition. This could make you aware of available hashtags that you didn’t know existed, or it could discourage you from competing with content you decide already has an establish viewer base, in which case you search for or invent new hashtags.

2) Use hashtags that the influential use. If certain users already have a well-established base, following in their footsteps may lead you in a good direction.

3) Use related hashtags. If you are having success with certain hashtags, become attuned to which related hashtags also exist, and see what success you can have with those.

4) Search Search Search! Instagram’s search function is a wonderful thing; it can lead to nearly endless discoveries for popular content, and is also coded to call up items relevant to your search interests and history. If you search with the Tags label, you’ll be able to discover all kinds of hits that may turn out to be the best hashtags for your brand.

Hashtags don’t end here, Instagram just rolled out a brand new feature that allows us to use HASHTAGS in our Instagram Stories posts so that our Stories posts can now be discoverable via HASHTAG searching! Make sure you read my Hashtag Location Story Search blog post so you can learn to leverage my best hashtags strategies into your Instagram Stories posts as well and make more money with each post you do for your advertisers!

As you can see there is just as much of an art as there is a science behind determining which are the best hashtags for you to use and it all comes down to finding the fine line between representing YOUR POST, YOUR BRAND and YOUR POST GOALS.

If you want to learn EVERYTHING I know about Instagram, then sign up for my FULL STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Course Here.

Happy Instagramming!

Wolf Millionaire Helicopter

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