Best BBQ Instagram Account Success Story

BBQ Instagram Success

Best BBQ Instagram success story! Wolf Millionaire highlights one of his students success in the food niche with their fast growing BBQ account.

Best BBQ Instagram account can be found at @BBQ.Nation. This Wolf Millionaire student has grown his successful account to be the 2nd largest BBQ account in the FOOD niche that focuses on everything BBQ. He even invited me to BBQ with him at his place in Miami. I am going to take him up on his offer during my next visit!

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Best BBQ Instagram Account: Case Study

Now, lets take a deep dive into all the elements that this STUDENT executed on extremely well to show you how you can model your own Instagram account (in any niche) after his in order to ensure you are doing everything right to build your Instagram brand! Make sure you drop me a DM on @Wolf_Millionaire with your success testimonial if you’ve put in the work and used ANY of my Wolf Millionaire Instagram strategies (even the FREE ones).

I love rewarding and highlighting NEW student accounts in every NICHE! I’ll even give you pointers where you can improve! Just remember I will be diving deep into your account, cheaters will get called out!

Cheaters like Nuxery – Instagram SCAM DON’T MAKE MONEY and NEVER WIN, they get crushed and exposed by me so you don’t have to get ripped off. Cheating literally gets you NO WHERE on Instagram or Social Media.

BBQ Nation Analytics Walk Through

BBQ Nation Instagram Success

BBQ Nation BIO:

Lets take a peek at BBQ.Nation Instagram BIO, which gets my full approval on all the important areas you need to optimize!


  1. Instagram Username @BBQ.Nation is extremely important, you want to make sure your username is simple, easy to remember, EASY TO SPELL and most importantly has 1-2 keywords of that your Instagram account is all about. In this case “BBQ”.
  2. Profile Photo – It’s extremely important to have a SIMPLE profile photo that further helps brand your account. This student chose to use a simple BLACK & WHITE lettered approach, having BBQ nice and big with Nation under it. It is evident this account is all about BBQ! It’s important to keep the design of your Profile Photo SIMPLE and with the fact that when people see it in their Instagram feeds, comments and DM inbox (if you message them). Your Profile Photo should highlight your brand message and help others recognize your account. Don’t use a BUSY or VERY detailed Profile Photo, we can only see so much detail on our mobile phones.
  3. Business Profile Setup – This student has elected to setup their account using my Instagram Business Profile Secrets, furthering their ability to have “Community” designation setup for their page which further shows Instagram and Followers that your trying to build a “Community”. It’s EXTREMELY important that you focus on Community Building on Instagram when you first start your Instagram account. It will help you grow your account FASTER and help you MAKE more money down the road when you monetize your account! This user also has their EMAIL setup (Business Profile option) so that he doesn’t have to waste valuable space in his BIO listing his email address.
  4. Instagram BIO – One of the most important things you must do properly is create a SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE Instagram BIO. It tells people who discover your account what your account is all about. You have 2-3 seconds to capture a new user to HIT that FOLLOW BUTTON, so make sure you’re BIO is effective. I walk you through all the BEST practices with dozens of examples of STRONG BIO’s in my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides. This students BIO is PERFECT and includes his preferred hashtag #BBQNation to be FEATURED! NICE WORK!


Best BBQ Instagram Growth:

This students growth has been nice and consistent with the ebb and flow of Instagram ever since he started his account about a year ago. No wild spikes, just nice constant even growth thanks to his high quality content and somewhat frequent posting consistency! Looking good!


Best BBQ Instagram: Captions





Best BBQ Instagram: Engagement

This user regularly asks open ended questions in his captions to really get the engagement going! This photo below hit more than double his average likes at 7,033 LIKES and 194 Comments! Thats what I’m talking about! Nice work! You need to do this frequently to really get people engaged and interacting with YOUR POST,  your brand and others who will be attracted to your account and commenting!
Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 5.31.22 PM


Below is another excellent example worth NOTING. This student ALWAYS gives proper Credit & Copyright Rules and is one of my secret growth strategies that I see so many SHITTY Instagram accounts NOT using. As you can see in the image below the user who’s photo he reposted left a BIG “THANK YOU!!!!!” comment on this post! YESSSSSSS! Mission accomplished, this is how you get peoples attention on Instagram!

Giving proper Instagram Credits is one of the most important strategies you must be using! If you don’t use it, you run a very high risk of having your Instagram account DISABLED!


Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 5.27.11 PM


Best BBQ Instagram TIPS Going Forward:

  1. This student should be engaging & responding to MORE followers when they leave comments
  2.  This student should be posting more frequently to grow his account even faster
  3.  This student should be using my Hashtags For Growth strategy and post to Instagram Stories with my Stories Hashtags Hacking Secrets!
  4. Tagging the photographer/owner of the content he’s reposting in the actual photo (not just giving credits in the caption).
  5. Tagging other accounts selectively in the image to get his images strategically tagged to other peoples accounts to help him get discovered and grow faster!


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Happy Instagramming!


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