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instagram badge scame

Here is the latest Instagram badge scam email currently making it’s way into peoples email inboxes. Don’t get fooled by this fake email or you will be hacked. Make sure you read the details below so that you can learn from Wolf Millionaire how to spot these types of badge scam phishing emails before you lose your valuable Instagram account!

This isn’t the first Instagram email badge scam to not only be brought to my attention by several of my Wolf Millionaire students! It’s also recently landed in several of my inboxes!  If there is just 1 thing that I can teach YOU about Instagram TODAY, it’s how to keep your Instagram account safe from these Instagram email badge scams! One wrong click and you could end up loosing your valuable Instagram account to these hackers who are phishing for your username & password. Don’t fall victim to these cheap tactics! Let me teach you STEP-BY-STEP below how to spot these just like I did in my last Instagram Verified Scam post and my extremely popular Top 5 Instagram Scams posts!

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Instagram Badge Scam Email Explained


Now let’s get back to taking a look at how this latest Instagram email badge phishing scam has the ability to steal your Instagram username and password before you realize it’s actually a fake scam! Take a look at the first image below, this is how the email badge scam looks when you open the fake email on your mobile device. It’s called a “phishing scam” because it’s used to trick you (they are “fishing” for your private information) into giving out your Instagram username and password to a login website that looks just like the REAL Instagram login page.

Instagram email badge scam

Check Who Sent The Badge Scam Phishing Email

The very first thing you should do when you get any EMAIL with an offer that sounds too good to be true, or even an email where you are being asked to login to your account or provide a login and password is see exactly WHO the email came from. If we click on the “to anthony” (iOS) or “view details” (android) email header area on your mobile device (similar on desktop/laptop email client) you will be able to see the exact email details of who sent it.

See the image below to see the BOGUS & FAKE email that sent this Instagram badge scam phishing email. Below you will see that this email came from “[email protected]”. LOL. It’s not even close. Any email from Instagram (the real Instagram) will come from “[email protected]“.

If it differs from this, then just make sure the last domain part reads “” because any email coming from Instagram will come from that domain/subdomain. Thats it. Once you have identified that the email DID NOT come from Instagram, just delete the email or click the “…” in your email client and “report spam” so that you will never see an email from that email address again.

email badge scam phishing email


Taking a Closer Look At Verified Badge Scam Email

If you want to dive deeper into this to this verified badge scam email to really see how these phishing scams try to get you to surrender your Instagram username and password you could click on the “Continue” or “Get a Verified Badge” calls to action in the email. Take a look at the screenshot below if you aren’t brave enough to click them if you were to ever get an email like this. It’s safer if you just learn from this article than try to go off and click on stuff in phishing emails like this. You never know what clicking on links in scam emails could result in, so it’s best to just DELETE these emails when you get them and or report them.


Instagram email verified badge scam

How The Badge Scam Email Steals Your Username & Password

If you were to click on the “Continue” or “Get A Verified Badge” link in the email per the photo above, it would then open your web browser where this image below would load and ask you for your Instagram username and password. This screen below is the final part of the phishing scam.  YOU are an unsuspecting and uneducated individual thinking you are going to log into Instagram and get verified!!! But you are really just handing over your login and password to some asshole who will immediately log into to your account and change your password and lock you out of your account. BAM you’ve just been HACKED by YOUR OWN DOING! Don’t fall for this, it’s the oldest trick in the book, but when it’s executed it’s very very difficult to determine if it’s coming from the REAL Instagram or a FAKE Instagram badge scam phishing email like I have just explained to you STEP-BY-STEP!

See how the browser has opened up the URL: (AGAIN LOL) WTF, this isn’t even close to which would be the actual URL or webpage if you were logging into the REAL INSTAGRAM. DON’T GET FOOLED BY THIS SHIT!

Not just for INSTAGRAM, but for logging into any WEBSITE. These scams exist for everything we log into on the web, whether it’s your mobile phone provider, your bank account, your amazon and ebay account, even your PayPal account! Please play it safe and ALWAYS look at these small but very important details. Do your due diligence with everything DIGITAL in your life and you will never fall victim to a email phishing scam!

badge scam instagram username & password



Keeping Your Instagram Account Safe From Hackers

While we’re on this topic of keeping YOU and YOUR valuable Instagram account SAFE, make sure you read my Top Hacking Answers! You won’t believe what hackers are doing and how they are hacking small accounts that are 5,000-10,000 in size all the way up to the biggest brands & influencers with millions of followers on Instagram. Once again if you let me teach you STEP-BY-STEP I will teach you how you can safeguard and lock down your Instagram account so you won’t ever get hacked! Just remember to follow ALL my strategies. If you don’t protect your account then you only have yourself to blame for being lazy and not following ALL my FREE guides. Don’t say I didn’t warn you and try to teach you!

email badge scam


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