Audit Instagram Accounts – Learn How To Tell Who’s REAL and Who’s FAKE!

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Audit Instagram Accounts

Audit Instagram accounts or influencers quickly! Wolf Millionaire explains how you can quickly check the authenticity and influence of any IG account.

Audit Instagram accounts is the #1 step you must do before you start spending money to promote your product or service with Influencers.

Download a cheat sheet of this post as PDF.

With the recent demand and popularity of brands working with Instagram Influencers, it’s extremely important to audit Instagram accounts to make sure you are not wasting your time and MONEY!  There is nothing I hate seeing or hearing about is new clients who’ve wasted hundreds and thousands of dollars on the WRONG Instagram Influencers which have left them with ZERO returns on their Instagram marketing budgets.Strong Instagram Influencers to work with spend quality time community building on Instagram. That is the key way to actually create a STRONG INFLUENCE over people who follow and look up to you. Most people don’t want to spend this important time and as a result they have shitty Instagram followings.

I’ve spent so much time explaining STEP-BY-STEP how to avoid Cheating Instagram Followers Scams that helped so many people stop getting ripped off from accounts like Nuxery’s Instagram Money Scam.

I love exposing all these scams because I’m exhausted (and sad) to hear from so many people who’ve been ripped off. I just want to help YOU use Instagram better whether for personal use or to make money like I have since I lost my job! Instagram changed my life, but it didn’t happen overnight!

You have to WANT IT BAD ENOUGH, like I did and be willing to put in a little consistent daily work!



I also LOVE TEACHING others, which has become one of the most fulfilling aspects of growing my Instagram network to over 30 accounts and more than 18 Million followers!

This is WHY I provide all these FREE Articles and FREE YouTube Channel to TEACH YOU so many tips, tricks & strategies to show you that I know what I am talking about.

Talk is cheap these days, but I keep putting my money where my mouth is and landing MAOJR Instagram Influencer deals with brands all over the world.

Not only do I have a massive following, prominent Influencers (musicians) like DJ Khalid and Chris Brown Follow Me @MadWhips Instagram account just to name drop a few 🙂 we all share a massive love for cars. Enough bragging, lets get on to the real deal of how to audit Instagram accounts!

Audit Instagram Accounts YOURSELF – Heres How…..

Yes there are dozens of Instagram auditing websites (that all cost money). They all claim to have sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms that will audit Instagram accounts for you, however none are completely 100% accurate. Most will simply automate the process that I will teach you below, while doing a little digging on their own to find you demographic data on any accounts following, which is VERY important for targeting and sales.

The only way to interpret this data and feel somewhat safe about what you’re seeing is to look at 50-100 accounts that you are familiar with and then see where the variability is. For the most part I have just examined over 50 accounts that I am familiar with, ones I know are cheating and influencers I know have bulletproof followings.

Here is the data from one of these Audit Instagram services on my @Wolf_Millionaire account, as I have always been 100% TRANSPARENT.  I will be going over all this data on DOZENS of accounts in my Wolf Millionaire Video Guide Tutorials in the upcoming weeks so you don’t have to pay for these reports like I am going to for you!

I have an ‘AVERAGE RATING’ and as you can see I am in good company with other major celebrities and brands like NIKE, DRAKE & THE WEEKEND….

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 6.33.27 PM


Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 6.33.45 PM

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 6.34.50 PM



The AVERAGE & FAIR rating is what I am finding the majority of the business, brands and Influencers with more than 250,000 followers to have which is pretty much in line with my own self diagnosis of who’s running a legit account. You want to make sure you stay away from accounts that have a POOR rating, as they coincide with the CHEATERS I’ve explicitly busted and shown you how you can see for yourself of their devious Instagram fake followers and fake likes game.




You don’t want an account with lots of followers from INDIA, RUSSIA or South America, they just don’t convert and if they do, shipping costs usually don’t make financial sense for buyer or seller!



It’s worth nothing that an ENGAGEMENT RATE that is good for an influencer with more than a million followers is NOT that good for an influencer with 5,000 subscribers. Smaller accounts will naturally have BETTER engagement rates than accounts with hundreds of thousands and millions of followers.

This is why I KEEP TELLING YOU that you don’t need tens of thousands of Instagram followers to be successful. Smaller accounts with thousands of followers have just as amazing (and most of the time) BETTER engagement rates that larger accounts, that is the NEW reality of the most recent Instagram algorithm.

Instagram wants to rewards smaller influencers to get them hooked to Instagram, while slightly punishing LARGE accounts because of the reach and ability to MAKE MONEY from Instagram.

Instagram wants brands and businesses to use their Advertising Manager so Instagram can make money. However everyone is subject to this change, and ITS STILL CHEAPER and more effective for brands with products and services to PAY Influencers and FAN PAGES to promote their products or services than it is to use Instagram advertising “sponsored” post manager!

Instagram isn’t greedy, they run a business, a very successful one and it’s NOT CHEAP to run Instagram, I know because of the VERY SMALL similar photo sharing App/Website I run with Server and data costs to serve images (especially to MILLIONS) like Instagram does in fractions of seconds is VERY EXPENSIVE!


I will be reviewing the best web service that will audit Instagram accounts that I have found in my Wolf Millionaire Instagram Video Guides this month, so stay tuned as I walk you through dozens of MAJOR BRANDS, Influencers, Businesses and FAN PAGES to show you the data about their followers demographics, engagement and suspicious activity.

YOU WILL BE SURPRISED to see who has the MOST FAKE followers from INDIA… It’s rather shocking and I will expose the truth so you don’t get ripped off!

The BEST way to audit Instagram accounts is still a manual one, heres 4 QUICK CHECKS you need to learn!

Step 1 Learn how to easily spot Fake Followers & Bots Explained, this is a dead giveaway of an account to AVOID.

Step 2 Learn how to quickly spot Fake Likes Exposed, it’s easier than you think!

Step 3 Learn who is Faking Instagram Comments and how to find others doing the same.

Step 4 Organic Comments VS Automated Comments if you didn’t know which one you should be avoiding.

Hopefully this helps you figure out who’s got a shit account playing games and buying FAKE followers. I will be walking you through dozens of accounts in the upcoming weeks in my Instagram Video Guides course, so make sure you sign up NOW and get learning! Instagram is the HOTTEST Social Network out there and you could be following your PASSIONS and making money like I have with my Instagram accounts!

If you haven’t already sign up for my FREE Wolf Millionaire Webinar and I’ll walk you through STEP-BY-STEP how my students and I make money without even having a business, product or service.  Yes you heard that right!

Happy Instagramming!


p.s. Learn the answers to these Top 5 Instagram Myths holding you back from turning YOUR Instagram PLAY TIME into MONEY MAKING TIME!

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