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By December 7, 2017Instagram News

Archive & Highlight Instagram stories feature is here. Wolf Millionaire explains how and why these powerful new Instagram features will help you!

Archive & Highlight Instagram stories feature was just rolled out globally for iOS & Android! This shouldn’t come as a surprise to my Wolf Millionaire 💰 InstaWealth Growth System 💰 students who’ve been following all my strategies and reading all my weekly blog posts.

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Poll Sticker feature all year and I’ve been providing my 🐺  Wolf Pack 🐺  with Creative Content Tips for Instagram Stories all year!


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I’ve been extremely positive and transparent on the nature of Instagram, even with all their algorithm updates. Instagram Stories has been the best feature (that I predicted back in 2015) Instagram has introduced since they launched their app years ago.

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Instagram Stories was a SMASH HIT with everyone who uses Instagram and was the number one reason Instagram Stories is Killing Snapchat. It only took Instagram Stories 6 months to surpass Snapchats daily active users.

As of November 2017, Instagram revealed that it had 300 Million DAILY ACTIVE USERS who use Stories! Snapchat is still working to innovate their app with some redesigns and still only have 175 Million DAILY ACTIVE USERS by comparison. Now do you see the massive opportunity to start leveraging my InstaWealth Growth System Video Guides?

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Archive & Highlight Details At A Glance

Here is what the Archive & Highlight feature looks like when you update your app and get it on your mobile app. You will be prompted with a popup that lets you know “Introducing Your Stories Archive”. You can also turn this OFF so that Instagram doesn’t automatically save ALL your stories posts (for only you to see – useful if you want to save space on your phone).

NOTE: some of my older Android phones, while they do have the most up to date Instagram App, have not yet been granted this NEW feature, I am not sure if it’s because I haven’t used stories enough on those accounts or if it’s a device limitation. BE PATIENT if you don’t see it yet and have updated your Instagram app on iOS or Android mobile devices!

Archive Highlight Instagram Stories

After you’ve seen this notice you can start to experiment and use the Archive feature which will automatically save all your stories GOING FORWARD. If you had any story posts you posted BEFORE this new feature notified you on your Instagram account, you will not be able to save those or push them to your highlights. ONLY NEW ONES going forward.

When you create a new HIGHLIGHT for the first time, you will be able to setup and edit the cover thumbnail and label it so your followers or visitors to your account will know what each of your highlights are! Get creative 🙂 BLACK LEATHER GLOVES seasons is here, prestige worldwide my WOLF PACK!

Archive Instagram Stories


Instagram Stories Highlight

Once you have some Highlights setup on your account, you will simply be able to hit the ❤️  HEART EMOJI in the lower right of your Instagram stories posts and save ANY post to any of your highlights OR create a brand new one! It’s that simple!

NOTE: Attention all WOLF Millionaire InstaWealth Growth System students! I will be adding another 5+ hours of NEW content of all the best practices from all the new features Instagram has rolled out in the last couple months in JANUARY 2018! I am excited to share with you how we can leverage this brand new Archive & Hightlight features to make more money with OUR Instagram accounts, it’s a BEAUTIFUL NEW feature that Instagram has gifted us!!

Instagram archive stories

Have you noticed the Camera Roll Instagram Stories is no longer limited to 24 hour content? What about the new Superzoom Instagram Stories feature for creating FUN dramatic videos? Hopefully by now you have experimented with the Split Screen LIVE Instagram stream feature which is a HUGE hit with Influencers & brands to connect with their followers in an more intimate and engaging way!

Instagram is just getting started, hopefully you have realized how big of an opportunity this still is and you are interested in joining in to turn your Instagram play time into money making time!

Don’t bother signing up for my InstaWealth Growth System if you’re not going to be patient, learn and implement ALL MY STRATEGIES and follow your passions giving this insane opportunity YOUR BEST EFFORT.


Happy Instagramming!

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