Instagram Growth: An Inspiring Student

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Wolf Millionaire reviews a student that’s had exponential growth with their Instagram account since using my strategies. Utilizing Instagram as the great marketing tool that it is, is the best way to quickly build your brand and start making easy money, just like my students and I are doing!

@AStormTrooperADay is an Instagram account devoted to providing their followers with a daily dose of Star Wars Storm Troopers. Star Wars has always been cool, but since the new movie came out, it’s been blowing up. Evan simply followed his passion for Storm Trooper photos & vidoes and ran with it. With the help of my Wolf Millionaire InstaWealth Growth System, he’s experienced consistent daily growth in the last 4 months and has already started making money! Let’s take a look at what my student is doing correctly and what YOU can take away from this for use on your own Instagram account.

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I encourage you to go to and enter your email to sign up for my FREE  20 page Instagram guide which you can start to implement many of my strategies immediately and see new follower growth and better engagement with each new post. You’ll immediately realize that I know what I am talking about when it comes to Instagram, if the fact that I have 30 Instagram accounts with over 17 Million followers isn’t convincing enough. Oh and did I mention I have been making a healthy 6 figure income for several years now all thanks to my Instagram strategies? I even went out and bought a brand new McLaren which was delivered to me on July 30th, 2016. I must admit my life is pretty sweet right now considering I lost my job 3 years ago and was 6 figures in debt…

Case Study: astormtrooperaday

When this account first reached out to me, they had around 5,000 followers. As you saw from their testimonial, they’ve had some serious growth. From 5k followers to 58.2k, you could say this kind of growth is inspirational for anyone trying to gain a larger following for their brand no matter what it is. At the time of writing this blog post, Evan’s account is almost at 60,000 Followers! AMAZING!

The Perfect Bio

We all know that Storm Troopers are infamous for their inability to hit their target, but AStormTrooperADay’s bio is spot on! Let’s take a look:

Instagram Growth: An Inspiring Student

Let’s start with the basics. Their profile picture is big, bold, recognizable as it clearly represents their account: the helmet of a Storm Trooper. Their bio hits all the Wolf Millionaire checkpoints for success too! They tell us what their account entails, their snapchat username (another growing social network to funnel your followers into), their business email, and the link to their website where they sell decals. They use just the right amount of emojis to stay relevant and grab our attention to click their URL.

Notice that they’re only following 11 people- very good. You want to keep your follower to following ratio just right. If you have a low number of accounts you follow, people will assume your account is so good that others follow you because they are interested not because you followed them first. If you see someone following thousands of people you will know they used some shitty growth strategy taught by others which no longer works because Instagram banned these follow/unfollow & like/comment programs because they were spam like. Sham on these people for teaching you a strategy that no longer works. Unlike my strategies that have not only been consistent since I launched this program 8 months ago in December 2015, but I have also made several MAJOR predictions along the way, even before Instagram announced them! I don’t have a crystal ball but I sure know what the hell I’m talking about when it comes to Instagram!

Content That Any Star Wars Fan Would Be Proud Of

I’ve ALWAYS encouraged my students to keep their Instagram content diverse and interesting, while constantly preaching “content is still king”. No one likes a boring account. @AStormTrooperADay has been mixing things up in just the right way. Every post is varied from the others and yet still fits into what their account represents.

Instagram Growth: An Inspiring Student

A quick glance at their account shows some artwork, high-quality images, and 1 daily video (which I explain in detail in my InstaWealth Growh System why and how to leverage video). Who knew Storm Troopers could be so fun & interesting? I did, and I am extremely proud of this student for trusting my strategies and following his passions for Storm Troopers. He has one of my favorite growing accounts on Instagram, because after all who doesn’t love Star Wars, especially Storm Troopers!

Keep It Entertaining

In a world of memes, it’s obvious that laughs=likes. Everyone loves to scroll through Instagram tagging their friends in funny stuff- that’s good news if you’re like @AStormTrooperADay and know how to keep your account entertaining with posts like these:

Instagram Growth: An Inspiring Student

Instagram Growth: An Inspiring Student

Keeping things humorous is always a good way to increase follower engagement. Notice how many users are tagging their friends to share the Storm Trooper humor. This account always makes sure to give credit to who provided the photo their using.

Engage Your Followers

Want to really grow your Instagram account? Engage with the followers you already do have like AStormTrooperADay does. By asking questions or telling your followers to tag someone on the post, people are going to be brought to your account by their friends. Easy work for you.

Instagram Growth: An Inspiring Student

The post above is a perfect example of follower engagement that leads to Instagram growth. They ask their followers if the First Order Storm Troopers are their favorite, and to tag a Star Wars fan they know. Notice that people commented on the picture with their opinion. Sure, some of them didn’t tag friends, but it’s still good to see some action on the post showing that your followers are real people that care about this account enough to comment. 4,000 likes isn’t bad either! An overall quality post.

Videos Are Taking Over Faster Than The Sith Did In Star Wars Episode III

Instagram has made it so simple to upload and edit longer videos and that means more opportunities for your brand. We’ve talked about taking advantage of IG videos here.

@AStormTrooperADay uses videos here and there throughout their Instagram which is a sure way to see growth with your account. This post is simple and breathes life into their feed. They create a fun way to interact with their followers by seeing which character they get if they try to screenshot while the video is playing. With 820 comments and 12,000 views, I’d say they’re utilizing videos in a smart way.

Be Relevant When You Can

If there’s a holiday or event that you can take advantage of, do so! Sometimes that’s a good opportunity to use some popular hashtags to drive traffic to your account. My student does just this with a Father’s Day post. Check it out:

They did great engaging their followers as they do with all of their posts, and they used Father’s Day hashtags. They didn’t overload their caption with too many hashtags, but I would suggest thinking of a hashtag to represent their brand so they can make it their own and start using it on all of their posts like I do with #WolfMillionaire.

Take Some Notes

My student has proven that Wolf Millionaire strategies work if you take the time to put my techniques to work. Such a huge increase in followers means great things for their business. They’ve sold more decals than ever before and have started thinking about selling different products! AStormTrooperADay put in the work, what’s stopping you from doing the same?

It’s simple. Keep your bio informative, engage your followers and encourage them to bring new users to your account, and above all- content is king. No one wants to follow a boring account so don’t be afraid to experiment with videos and fun posts.

I encourage you to go to and enter your email to sign up for my FREE  20 page Instagram guide which you can start to implement many of my strategies immediately and see new follower growth on your account. I am personally looking forward to highlighting your growth milestones and seeing you succeed like all my students are doing!

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