Algorithm Analysis of Instagram – Part 3

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Listen up! For the first time ever, I am going to teach you how to analyze Instagram’s algorithm exactly how I have for the last 3+ years. These specific methods I have used (and charged companies big money for) to analyze Instagram algorithm has given me the advantage over everyone else! This is another gift from me to you!

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Instagram’s Algorithm – WHAT THE F?

Instagram’s algorithm has really been up and down and all over the place during the last year. Everyone is bitching and complaining on a daily basis! We have seen wild erratic behaviour from huge growth, to slow growth, and high engagements to low engagements. This hasn’t stopped me from my Instagram Domination in 2016 (a must read).
This wild erratic behaviour is normal in the grand scheme of the life cycle of ANY social network. I have seen the exact same thing happen with Facebook, Twitter, Vine, YouTube even SnapChat even though as of recently Instagram is Killing Snapchat.
However this hasn’t stopped my students and I to continue landing lucrative money making Instagram advertising deals to promote other accounts, brands or people & products. Remember I taught you all How Make Money With instagram for FREE and continue to do so every week with my BLOG and YouTube Channel!
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You have to just keep learning my strategies and posting consistently. Did you hear me loud and clear? I cannot stress this simple fact enough, while content is KING, consistency is TRUMP! haha you like that one? It’s TRUE, Social Networks ALWAYS reward those accounts who are consistent with their posting, even you feel for weeks or months that you’re not getting anywhere, this is EVERY Social Networks way of weeding out the SPAM and the WEEK who create SHIT CONTENT! Rest assured, if you follow all my Instagram best practices and strategies you will be able to rise above all these changes just like my students old and new continue to do!
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Theres a reason I am the Wolf of Instagram, it’s because I have been analyzing Instagram’s Algorithm (as the computer geek I am) for the past 3+ years and with the data and detailed explanations below you will fully understand why my strategies are still working for new students every single month!  This is why I get paid big bucks consulting for brands from all over the world who want to better utilize Instagram to grow their brand and make more money from this explosive platform! You can thank me later….. I’ve literally logged more hours behind the Instagram app than anyone in the world. I have posted over 10,000 posts to Instagram in my first 2 years testing & observing the outcomes of what works and what doesn’t work over and over and over.
It’s true, I am exhausted from my Instagram efforts because of my obsessive compulsiveness to keep crushing it and staying on top of  Instagram’s algorithm as it continues to evolve and change.  But this is what has afforded me the lifestyle and financial freedom I have come to enjoy ever since I lost my job for the first time ever just over 3 years ago!
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Sure I have a brand new McLaren, NO DEBT, money in the BANK and CASH ON HAND, I have owned over $100,000 in watches (AP, IWC, ROLEX) in the last year (currently rocking a brand new SOLID GOLD Rolex Submariner) and just moved to Miami for the winter to really enjoy the beach lifestyle I have always dreamed of while escaping the harsh winters of Toronto.  I even took it a step further and got a ridiculous 2 bedroom condo, with a motivating and inspiring view so that I could host my MOM & BRO and my best friends. I love sharing my achievements with the people closest to me in life just as much as I love teaching YOU how to GROW more followers and MAKE MONEY with your own passions on Instagram!
Wolf Millionaire in Miami
I continue to log long hours observing Instagram’s every move and update even with a team of 7 University Interns who run my 30 account empire. I love teaching and seeing new students every week thank me for the information I continue to pump out on this blog, my Wolf Millionaire YouTube channel and my step-by-step InstaWealth Growth System.
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However, lets get one thing straight, despite logging long hours and sacrificing time with family & friends,  I am not sick of driving my insanely awesome BRAND NEW McLaren while wearing a Solid Gold Rolex Submariner  from all the money I have earned through advertising deals on Instagram!
There is still so much money out there to be had, and yet so many hours that I can put myself to work in the day.  This is where the massive opportunity is for YOU to GET THAT MONEY!
Hard work always pays off, and I am the poster child for the sacrifice & success that can be had duplicated by YOU, simply by following your passions and turning your Instagram PLAY TIME into MONEY MAKING TIME! Let me teach YOU how!
If you read this entire article from top to bottom you will learn exactly how I analyze Instagram’s Algorithm and you too can become an Instagram Wolf like I have.
Please just focus on growing an account using all my tips, tricks and Instagram best practices while following your passions in your niche, especially while Instagram is raging hot! We can still make a lot of money from this platform if you just keep posting consistently! Let me teach you how to analyze Instagram at a high level so you can start seeing the Instagram Matrix like I do! You won’t regret it! It’s actually really easy and as usual I am going to explain it to you STEP-BY-STEP just like I do in my InstaWealth Growth System where you are able to follow along and learn with me!
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How I Analyze Instagram’s Algorithm

In order to analyze and fully understand the full spectrum of whats been going on with Instagram this year, we really have to dive DEEP into the numbers and analyze all that has been happening during the last 2-3 years. For those who really want to LEARN and better understand just how much time I’ve spent analyzing these numbers DAILY for the last ~3 years, make sure you go read my blog post I did exactly 1 year ago: Instagram Organic Growth Isn’t Slowing evaluating the LARGEST & most successful Automotive Instagram accounts (including Official brand accounts) as well as Official Fashion & Luxury Automotive Instagram accounts to compare! You will see that at the PEAK of Instagram wild wild west algorithm, my friends and I were growing by 150k-250k FOLLOWERS PER MONTH PER ACCOUNT for over a year! HAHA YEA IT WAS FUN and OUT OF CONTROL!
While us massive Million+ follower accounts (mega accounts) that have been making money hand over fist are all struggling to GROW like we used to, new students continue to grow their accounts rapidly in all different kinds of Niches thanks to my InstaWealth Growth Strategies that teach you all the Tips, Tricks and Instagram best practices THAT STILL WORK to GROW NEW ACCOUNTS! Just go look at all the testimonials I post on my Wolf Millionaire Instagram account, and all the FREE student account reviews I do to highlight their success and explain what they are doing right and where they can improve! Do you see anyone else on the planet doing this? NO, NO YOU DON’T.
Make sure you go read this important article: Instagram’s Growth Isn’t Slowing to appreciate and understand, you will see graphs of our monthly follower growth (which for some reason doesn’t provide anymore) but you can see even during the last 2 years we had MAJOR UPS & DOWNS with respect to our monthly growth, some months we only grew by 50,000 followers, others we grew up to 250,000 followers per month. 
Wolf Millionaire Toronto McLaren
It sounds ridiculous to complain about, but you have to remember my friends and I have been killing it on Instagram for the last 2-3 years, we’ve literally experienced everything including getting hacked along the way. This is why I have the ability as a TRUE Instagram LEADER to TEACH you everything STEP-BY-STEP, I have learned it all by trial and error, the HARD WARY, ALL THE WAY UP to 18+ Million Instagram Followers!
While some people might see all this doom and gloom as time to abandon Instagram, all I see is perfect timing to WEED OUT THE WEEK, THE FRAUDULENT and those who aren’t really willing to give Instagram 1-2 hours a day to turn their Instagram PLAY TIME into MONEY MAKING TIME!
Like I said above, while the fireworks are over, the music is still playing and Instagram’s future story is just getting started, those who follow their passions and use all my strategies will continue to be rewarded with GROWTH, ENGAGEMENT & MONEY as others lose interest and reduce our overall competition in this space!
Instagram Money Motivation

Lets Analyze Instagram Algorithm Data

See the TOTAL FOLLOWERS graphs & charts below pulled from for a bunch of accounts from October 2016 and updated November 2016 and just recently updated February 2017. I wanted to do my due diligence in order to highlight and teach you that what is going on in every niche! It is also changing every month. You can explore more at your own time, but you will find the same findings as I am highlighting across 99% of MAJOR accounts that are 2+ years old in EVERY SINGLE NICHE, especially those that post 4-6+ posts per day.

The only individual Influencers who continue to grow at ridiculous rates are the individuals with something REALLY REALLY unique about them or that have extremely long time loyal following since their Playboy Cover and still killing it on multiple platforms like Sara Underwood (1 posts a day), or even InstaFamous characters like Dan Bilzerian (1 post every 2-3 weeks now) or Jen Selter (1 post a week) to name a few off the top of my head.

Other Influencers who became very popular very quickly during the last 2 years with beautiful personalities, positive and realistic captions, coupled with high quality content (that just isn’t photos of their tits or asses) and continue to grow at 300-500 followers a day (similar to what my @Wolf_Millionaire account is seeing) are Celine (2 posts a day, still stunning), Chantal Torres (1 post a day and currently in a massive growth spurt), Kristine Ullebo (1 post a week, looking followers AND got real ugly over the last year eeeeek), and my favourite who should have way more followers than she does for the beautiful glowing uber positive girl FullyRawKristina (who I have a major crush for…. damn!) while other new comers on Instagram who had flat growth 2014-2015 have seemed to hit their stride in the last 6-8 months with an increase of steady growth like, xtina (1 post a month wtf), Sarah SnyderJolieJanine, Alexis Ren, Jon Olsson, some even had great growth, followed by some flatline, then a surge again like Janni Deler.

Instagram can be bizarre, but just keep posting and creating or reposting HIGH QUALITY CONTENT! I saw the same thing happen about 4 years into Facebook, and just as Facebook was changing their algorithm and slaughtering everyones organic reach, people lost interest (all the spammers and evil marketers with their MLM scams), then BAM, Facebook started rewarded accounts that had awesome content who continued posting consistently and these pages grew from a couple hundred thousand Facebook LIKES, to MILLIONS in the next 12-14 months. JUST KEEP WITH IT. CONSISTENCY & QUALITY WILL BE REWARDED. THIS IS WHEN INSTAGRAM WEEDS OUT THE WEEK.

Make sure you read this FAQ: If you want to KNOW WHO TO FOLLOW? or HOW MANY PEOPLE you should FOLLOW?

If you look at the numbers below that I break down into essential metrics we must look at in order to derive conclusions, all these accounts and MORE have had their WILD WILD WEST GROWTH STORY just slashed.  By looking at this chart you can see the various accounts that go through different growth periods every couple months. Many of us POWER ACCOUNTS that are 2-3+ years old and have millions and millions of followers that have been pumping out ads, and spam have little to no growth, and many now have a slight daily loss of followers. HOWEVER, because we’ve built a massive base of followers and continue to monetize our accounts successfully for our advertisers we pay the small daily loss no mind. Remember we used to grow 5000-10,000 followers PER DAY during the early years of Instagram!! INSANE YES!

Gone are the days where we could grow 5000-7000 followers a day!  The GOOD NEWS is that it’s still very easy to GROW an Instagram account just like my dedicated Wolf Millionaire Students I highlight weekly continue to do. While it not be the wild wild west, if you follow my InstaWealth Growth System, YOU CAN grow a very targeted Instagram following to engage and make money from! Just remember to be patient, Instagram like Egypt wasn’t built or evolved over night!

Everyone goes through ups and downs with respect to growth, it all comes down to how much effort you put into following all my strategies NEW ACCOUNTS can actually GROW faster than us bigger older accounts, mainly do the to fact that they post a low volume of posts per day and my strategies move the needle very quickly (growth & engagement) when you start a fresh account!

You can also see the very last column below TOTAL DAILY LIKES, because us LARGE POWER accounts post so frequently in the DAY, the # of TOTAL DAILY LIKES is still in the 100k-200k LIKES PER DAY!!! THAT IS INSANE FOR BRANDING!

Maybe now you can understand why I don’t give a shit about loosing a couple hundred followers per day on my ACCOUNTS when I am still pumping out HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS OF LIKES promoting my clients and Wolf Millionaire!! VOLUME IS KING IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY on SOCIAL MEDIA, this is why I created 30+ accounts and had the foresight to do so 3+ years ago! There’s nothing stopping YOU from doing the same, except for your own damn laziness!

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 7.01.24 PM


Analyze The Number of Daily Posts

The more you POST, the LESS likes your posts will get. It’s that simple. So you have to find that fine balance between posting every couple hours without overdoing it.  The problem with this if you are growing Instagram accounts to make a business out of it, is you are left with a limited supply of posts you can potentially turn into paid advertisements or shout outs. This is where growing multiple accounts allows you to increase your advertising supply of posts available to monetize.

I have specifically included my top 5 accounts in order to be FULLY TRANSPARENT with you and to show you first hand why Instagram not allowing my accounts to grow doesn’t mean anything to me.  AS you can see my TOP 5 largest accounts (that account for at least 9 of my 18+ Million Followers) are all posting 13-14 posts a day. THIS IS ON THE EXTREME SIDE and as a result you can see as of lately my TOP 5 accounts are actually loosing followers a day!  You might be thinking, this isn’t good?!??!

Well let’s take a step back and understand why this is.  First off while I do make a priority to make money from Instagram with all my accounts, the PRIORITY of my MadWhips Instagram Network is to POST the Wolds Hottest Cars which are uploaded daily to from amateur and professional photographers around the world.

I remember reading a students comments about my course “Anthony likes to teach us in the sense DO WHAT I SAY, NOT DO WHAT I DO”, and there is a reason for this. I am using Instagram for a very specific reason to support my company in order to showcase users photos and at the same time push the boundaries. I’d rather learn another (of many learnt) hard lesson than teach my students something that would potentially result in them getting their account banned or disabled. Social Network

Our users upload photos, and we feature them (we post over 225 photos PER DAY on our Instagram network as of NOV 2016) helping amateur and professional photographers and car spotters grow their following and get their photos out on Instagram. This is my main priority, to showcase the photos UPLOADED to  We post 13-14 photos a day on my top accounts.  You can see by comparing my smaller pages in the 500k-750k follower range where we only post 5-6 photos a day are still growing 50-150 new followers a day. If I reduced this down to 3-4 photos a day spread out during the day, I guarantee you I would see 200-300 new followers a day.  But again, my priority is to showcase all the sick photos that are uploaded to every single day!

My second priority is to monetize Instagram in order to pay for the overhead I have running (7 employees and cloud based servers which aren’t cheap) and make a profit after all I am an entrepreneur and I am not doing all of this for charity. I want to MAKE MONEY!

As an aside, after seeing and understanding the costs associated with storing & serving photos for, I honestly cannot fathom the costs associated with Instagram running their platform. Content delivery is NOT cheap no matter how advanced your data serving sciences are!

Wolf Millionaire McLaren Sellfie

You see, once you start posting more than 10+ photos a day, you start to potentially turn off followers, who will unfollow you because you post to much. There is a fine line and science/art to growing an account from scratch and deciding when to add in more than 1 post a day. I explain all of this in detail in my InstaWealth Growth System so you can better understand the PROS/CONS and art of growing an account.  As you can see with my @Wolf_Millionaire Instagram account, I have been able to grow it to over 300,000 Followers in my first year, simply by posting 1 photo a day. With that comes the ability to also nail a solid average of 2500-3000 likes per photo I post.

All the content I post on my Wolf Millionaire Instagram account I have taken with my iPhone 6 (and now iPhone 7). If I wanted to make sure all my posts were 3000-4000 likes I would just post CARS, WATCHES & MONEY, but I want to use Instagram as it was intended to, to highlight my life, my students successes so not all my posts of my ugly face are going to kill it, but some do. Bottom LINE, I don’t care, I am having so much fun thanks to my 18+ Million Instagram followers and the life it’s afforded me, I just want to motivate and inspire YOU to show you what is possible with Instgram if YOU PUT IN THE EFFORT and follow ALL MY STRATEGIES!

As we can also see by the numbers below, the OFFICIAL BRANDS are still KILLING IT, with also a slight decline over the last 4-5 months so you can see where Instagram places its priority to feature them ahead of you when new users sign on to Instagram and fire up their account and start following accounts. This is just the raw economics of Instagram and big brands that Instagram wants money from. During my first year on Instagram (when I went from 700 to 5 Million followers) my FERRARI, BUGATTI, LAMBO, PAGANI, McLaren accounts were all growing faster (and were larger in size then the actual brands themselves! LOL Yes I had to change all my account names because I got contacted by every single automotive brand’s legal council who wanted to TAKE DOWN MY ACCOUNT.  Fucking pathetic, you’d think they would have been interested in working for me given how much FREE advertising I gave all their various cars owned by owners around the world.

They were not to happy that I was growing my themed accounts faster than they were, but tough love, thats how social media goes if you are asleep at the wheel. Some of these brands even tried to have my accounts disabled because they didn’t like that I had more followers than them. It’s sad because after all, I was simply doing a better job than they were showcasing their vehicles…. These fuckers should have been paying me to promote their brands!

Wolf Millionaire Visits Facebook HQ

The Instagram Algorithm and “Likes”

The more you post each day, the less LIKES your posts will get. It’s that simple. That is why my students with these small accounts in the 50k-100k range are able to hit 2k-5k likes PER POST, it’s because they post 2-3 photos a day and let Instagram serve their content in their algorithm which rewards accounts that post 2-4 photos a day spread out evenly.  The second you post too soon, Instagram stops serving your LAST photo and starts serving your latest photo. This is why posting every 6-8 hours is KEY during the early stages of growing an account, to MAXIMIZE the lifecycle of your posts to generate the MAXIMUM number of LIKES and time propagating through Instagram FEED/Discover/Explore pages

In 2015, while using Iconosquare to monitor my stats, I saw that while I was growing some days at 5000+ followers per account, I was actually loosing 500-1000, however the net growth reported on SocialBlade every day would still be several thousand new followers.  Now that we are seeing less overall growth every day, loosing followers for OVER-POSTING is very apparent. You can look at SocialBlade stats at the wee hours of the morning like 1am-3am and see most accounts will be reporting a RED number or loss of followers, until the day continues and they start posting and their followers outnumber their un-followers.

Myself and most of the other BIG Automotive Instagram accounts that I grew up with on Instagram also all used to just jam as many posts as we could into our days, something in the 18-20 POSTS PER DAY RANGE!   Now you can see below they are being conscious in order to try and find that balance between daily growth (500-800 followers a day), the numbers of posts, and what their avg # of likes per post is.

If I really wanted to optimize my account NOT lose followers on my TOP accounts highlighted in red below, I would have to REDUCE the number of posts I did a day, AND start being really really picky about the content that I posted. I am actually going to test this out before you in DEC 2016 & JAN 2017 to prove this very theory that I already know the answer too.

Many of my advertising partners require me to promote their content. While their content is screened by me, it’s not always the VIRAL KIND that gets WILD LIKES and ENGAGEMENT.  This is one of my in depth teaching in my InstaWealth Growth System, how & where to find the VIRAL CONTENT!

I would have to simply focus on the VIRAL type of content like I did when I first started out before I even had my first million followers, I had an eye for finding the hottest exotic car content that no one else was posting! This is exactly what I teach my students how/where to curate and find on their own in order to kick their growth story into hyperdrive.  CONTENT IS STILL KING, that is why I have so many successful students who put this into practice and are growing more than some of the largest most successful Instagram accounts that have been around for 2-3 years!

I created a spreadsheet script that analyses and generates a breakdown of daily posts & likes for my top accounts so I can get data to see what posts are over or under performing, while tracking the overall state of Instagram and their algorithm which is responsible for how many likes we get.  There are many accounts now with FAKE BOT followers seeming to be growing by the thousands while getting insane engagements, be very careful falling for these accounts as I highlighted and busted many of them along the way. Here is some old data, because well I am not going to give all the keys to the candy store for FREE.



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Instagram Algorithm & Our Ever Changing Growth Stories

With more and more Instagram accounts out there providing killer content to rank higher in Instagram Algorithm feed changes (just like I teach and show you where to get it), re-posting these VIRAL posts that hits the discovery/explore page (have you ever noticed the same photos over and over and over on the explore page?) continues to validate all my original strategies that I released over a year ago! This is how well I know Instagram’s Algorithm and how excellent of a course I developed! It took me 2 months to create the 22+ hours and over 80 videos step-by-step video guides in my InstaWealth Growth System.

Furthermore, you can clearly see where the shift and focus in growth has occured due to Instagram algorithm updates this year by looking at the BIG OFFICIAL BRANDS and how much they are growing, their engagement (likes) and the number of posts they post per day. Most of these Major brands like Mercedes, BMW, Lamborghini, DolceGabbana are all growing more than 10,000 followers a day, and their content, is SHIT. Most of these brands really hit their growth stride earlier in 2016 just when I started to see the inflection point of all of our Instagram accounts starting to trend towards slower growth than we had seen for the last 2 years!

This goes to show you the game that Instagram is playing, they are rewarding the companies that spend $500,000 to $1 Million a year on their platform and giving them priority, pushing them into the top “recommended to follow” spots, and allowing their content to get prioritized in ALL THEIR FOLLOWERS FEEDS.

Instagram Algorithm Growth Story: 2015 vs 2016

Take a look at the MONTHLY growth charts below from 2014-2015 (thankfully I screen grabbed these). For some reason doesn’t provide these charts anymore which would have been nice to quickly compare this year (which has been even more so all over the place) to the last 2 years. You can see from the graphs below, back in 2014-2015 the Instagram GROWTH STORY was also pretty volatile! Wild and crazy growth but such bi-polar swings some months!

From the graphs below, we see major established accounts (keeping in mind @exotic_performance was the newest of the bunch, all others were at least 1+ year older) major auto accounts were growing 150,000-200,000 followers PER MONTH all the way down to 50,000 the next month, then back up, back down… It’s been a crazy ride during the last 2 years!  We all enjoyed and became very accustomed to the growth we were experiencing. The unfortunate reality is that Instagram’s Algorithm is changing because Instagram wants to make money now. As I keep re-iterating, this doesn’t spell complete doom and gloom. It just levels the playing field and actually provide NEW opportunity for NEW accounts to grow!

2015 Instagram Growth Story

These same accounts that used to see MAJOR GROWTH in the hundreds of thousands of NEW followers every month have all been slammed down to fairly FLATLINE growth since March 2016 this year as we can see by examining the long term growth line for via for each of these accounts. You can now go explore accounts in your niche to see how the Instagram algorithm has affected other accounts, most likely you will see the same kind of growth or FLATLINE curve amongst them. Keep in mind these curves below are the curves that you can expect from any account that grew naturally and organically with the swings of Instagram. No 3rd party follow/unfollow apps were used, no fake followers, no fake likes, all organic because we had Instagram down cold and were on the growth train early!

Long Term Instagram Growth Story 2014-2016

Final Instagram Algorithm Thoughts

REMEMBER YOU MUST READ, Part 1: Instagram Growth Story Explained and Part 2: Instagram Growth Questions of this 3 Part first of it’s kind Instagram reveal. You won’t find this information anywhere on the web because no one else knows as much as I do about Instagram.

Keep in mind my students and I will continue to prosper, as Instagram grow’s from it’s current staggering 600 Million Monthly Active Users (MAU) to over 1 Billion MAU just like FACEBOOK (but faster). We will all continue to profit from Instagram for the next 5-7+ years as Instagram continues to roll out new features we will make money from just like the LATEST: QR SnapCodes Make Money on Instagram, the hottest LIVE Instagram Stories Feature that finally KILLED OFF PERISCOPE, the powerful and lucrative Instagram Stories Mentions, and their upcoming Instagram Shopping Feature which has me extremely excited for!

Instagram continues it’s reign as the #1 social media app Killing SnapChat one feature at a time and are doing so every month with new features! Get on board and don’t lose out on this massive opportunity that will continue to attract new users and PUT advertising MONEY in our pockets week after week!

Happy Instagramming Wolf Pack!

Wolf Millionaire & Timothy Sykes


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