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Affiliate marketing has been around since the dawn of the digital age. Wolf Millionaire explains how to make money using Affiliate marketing and Instagram.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest marketing strategies to use to make money on Instagram no matter what your niche or hobby is.

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If you haven’t already checked out my NEW free Wolf Millionaire Webinar I suggest you take the time to join and watch it. I outline and explain all the different ways you can make money using Instagram. Almost all of them DON’T require you to have a business, product or service in order to make money! At the end of my webinar I will send you a link to my updated FREE 35 Page Instagram guide.

There are so many affiliate marketing offerings to choose from like: online courses, to supplements, car parts, fashion, electronics, gaming to travel and beyond. All these different affiliate marketing offers make an excellent opportunity to make some easy money by marketing the ones that most closely align to your Instagram followers.

Lets take a minute and clear up some confusion many people have about affiliate marketing Most people confuse affiliate marketing with  MLM (multi level marketing) also known as pyramid selling or the ponzi schemes. Ponzi schemes generates returns (money) for older investors by acquiring new investors. This is similar to a pyramid scheme in that both are based on using new investors money to pay the older (initial) investors.

Many people don’t realize that you can make so much money selling T-Shirts on Instagram which doesn’t even require you to spend a dollar on T-Shirts before you could start selling them. Please checkout that FREE article I provided, it’s filled with a gold mine of instructions on how you can try one of my strategies out without a single cost to you! I’ve seen so many people fail at selling T-Shirts on Instagram because they don’t understand who their followers are.

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Affiliate Marketing 101

Affiliate marketing is simple. Someone has a product or service they are selling. They are willing to pay others who help them generate sales.  If you help them generate a sale (which is always tracked with a special coded URL just for you) the company will pay you a % commission on the sale.

Some affiliate marketing offers will pay you a set fee if someone signs up for their monthly subscription service. Some will pay you a set fee for driving new users to signup for an app or service. Either way, the more you know your demographic, the more you will be able to find the best converting affiliate marketing programs to bank serious money.

The most successful Affiliate Marketers in the world (I know a couple of you are reading this) are so successful because they know where to find the exact people they need to match it against hot trending affiliate offers in order to rack up effortless sales.

Before social media, affiliate marketing was done on the web. That took time though, you had to setup websites, build landing pages, split test your copy. Then drive traffic to your site which had an affiliate offering. This usually cost money.

Now you can do all of this for FREE and setup and start testing your affiliate marketing offers within minutes simply by leveraging Instagram! The worlds hottest and fasting growing social network! YEAAAAAAAAAAAA amazing fuck!

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Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

Just about every Instagram account I see trying to succeed using affiliate marketing on Instagram are all doing it wrong. So I am going to explain the thought process and strategy behind all the successes and failures I have endured to fully understand what “works” and what “REALLY WORKS” when it comes to affiliate marketing on Instagram.

First off lets talk about what DOESN’T WORK, because if you can learn what DOESN’T work first, then you can just spend time looking for all the easy affiliate offerings that WILL WORK for your Instagram following. I teach all of this in my InstaWealth Growth System, so if you want to let me teach it to you STEP-BY-STEP then signup. You’ll be able to watch over 80 easy to follow along video guides. I even update it frequently at no additional cost.

This is how I approached everything as I learned the ins and outs of Instagram during my first year researching, testing, testing and more testing. As a result I grew my MadWhips Instagram empire of accounts all the way up to 30 some accounts with 18+ Million followers during the last couple years and made a very very healthy income doing so!

Once you figure out what is failing (and it could be a lot of different attempts) you will learn how to change your thinking to look for creative ways that might work!

Here is a quick example of a successful Amazon Associates (The web’s most popular and successful Affiliate Program) affiliate offer I made money with recently testing out. I simply promoted the product on my Instagram Viral Story posts which generates hundreds and sometimes thousands of clicks to an affiliate offering or product of my own.

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You will see that I created a simple image with some selling features, noting the SALE, warranty, RETURNS and a big SWIPE UP which was pointing to my URL I created from the Amazon Associates Affiliate Offering code (yea it’s a mouthful) but it’s the big long messy URL in the image below (which is from dashboard). This is an amazing officially licensed Ferrari watch backed with a 2 year warranty and FREE returns. It doesn’t get any nicer of a “sell” than offering all these things to an automotive enthusiast following like I have!

Guess how many I sold? Enough to want to show you how easy it is to generate MONEY from Instagram even if you don’t have a product or service of your own!

Can you imagine the results if I posted this on all my Instagram Business Profile accounts (hint: I suggest you read that article with all the secrets to learn why having your Instagram account setup as a business profile is A GOOD IDEA, especially if you want to make money and use this strategy).

As you can see from the stats below I drove a total of 405 clicks to my affiliate offering of a Ferrari Watch!

If you don’t know what is, go read about it it shortens your URL’s into something you can remember and type easier, while giving you analytics about your visitors who click. I explain all of this in detail, STEP-BY-STEP so you can follow along in my InstaWealth Growth System.

Wolf Millionaire even has a very nice affiliate offering. If you help sell my Wolf Millionaire Instagram Guides, I will pay you a 40% commission! If you’re interested in joining send support (big red button below) a message for more details!

Now if your really want to run with this idea, or you’ve tried this and found success. Then go and find a bunch of amazing products that fit with your followers (or a wide demographic) and create a simple product review website and send your followers (from your URL link in your BIO) or your (Instagram Viral Story) to a website full of affiliate offerings!

Happy Instagramming

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