6 IMPORTANT NEW Instagram Features

By September 4, 2018 October 2nd, 2018 Instagram News

6 IMPORTANT NEW Instagram Features out now! Wolf Millionaire reviews & explains these NEW Instagram Features YOU didn’t know about.

Remember, I have been testing & using Instagram since 2013. I’ve logged more hours testing, experimenting, breaking and playing with Instagram than any other user who claims to know everything about Instagram and I continue to do so.

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6 IMPORTANT NEW Instagram Features

1. ANDROID – Rotate & Zoom Stories YES

Just as I mentioned in my iPhone VS Android – The Best Instagram Phone article, I use both Android & iPhone daily in order to stay on top of technology and how Instagram changes. Instagram regularly tests out all it’s latest features on ANDROID first before they even come to iOS (if they make the cut).

Android currently has the ability to pinch (with 2 fingers) and ROTATE or ZOOM (in and out) any photo or video you load into your INSTAGRAM stories. Super helpful feature especially for video as it also allows you to post horizontal (landscape) style videos without Instagram automatically ZOOM cropping it to fit the native forced portrait style that is Instagram Stories.

I currently do not have this option with my iPhone Instagram app.

Wheres The MONEY? It’s easier than ever to crop, rotate and post content you’ve created (because you are a lean mean content creating machine right?) making you more efficient and more creative! Time saved allows you to chase more lucrative money making advertising deals!

2. ANDROID – Reply To Feed Posts in DM

This feature has been coming and going. It replaces the current triangle icon with a reply icon where you can send a quick DM to someone about their post from your feed. You can see in this screenshot below 2 things going on which I will address below in the 3rd NEW feature being tested below.

I really like this feature and hope it becomes a keeper as it allows you to privately reply to some peoples posts (where you might not want to leave a comment).

This is helpful for connecting with more people faster for networking or giving that personal touch to grow an engaged community.

Wheres The MONEY? This is a no brainer, the quicker and easier Instagram makes it for us to send personalized DM’s to people, the easier it is to hit up your followers (or other targeted pages you follow) with private messages with unique time sensitive discount codes (to make them feel special) enticing them buy buy buy! MONEY MONEY MONEY!



3. ANDROID – Messaging / Account Change – NO.

This testing feature can fuck right off.

I do not support making significant USER EXPERIENCE/DESIGN changes for stuff that is second nature and is part of the original app UX navigation.

See the above example, where they now SWAPED “go to your account page” at the top right corner and the DM message/inbox icon down in the bottom right.

This single change completely pissed me off for the week it was present on my phone as I have such a habit of whipping through my 5 different accounts on my phone by tapping the lower right icon then selecting a different account from the top left username dropdown, or press-hold the bottom right icon to pop up and switch to another account quickly…

Wheres The MONEY? Well hopefully Instagram won’t implement this feature, but if they do they will make it that much easier for you to connect with your followers (customers) and other accounts you network with to show love on their accounts or in private DM’s. More communication = more money on Instagram!


Instagram has finally provided us (so far I have verified this for USA & CANADA residents) with the ability to request VERIFICATION from our Instagram app! Gone are the days you have to pay someone $10,000 to get verified (like so many of my unfortunate clients who thought it would help them make more money… and didn’t). So many even got ripped off despite my urgent warnings..

Make sure you app is up to date on iOS or Android and then click your top right hand corner button (with the 3 horizontal lines), it will slide open a menu from the left, then at the bottom click SETTINGS. Scroll down and look for “REQUEST VERIFICATION”. Then enter your full name and add a photo of your ID then hit send and wait to see if Instagram thinks your worthy enough of a verification badge!


It’s a good thing that Instagram finally provided us with this, after so many people fell for the Badge Scam Instagram Emails and these very real looking Instagram Verified Scams going around including this Direct Message Instagram DM Scam. So many people have had their accounts hacked, and will never get them back after they fall for these. DON’T BE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE!

UPDATE: I found another verification SCAM HERE: Bluetick Instagram Verification Scam DON’T FALL FOR THESE!

I highly suggest all those verified scam blogs as it will help you sharpen your “eyes” for these very well crafted FAKE INSTAGRAM EMAILS that so many people fall for, not just for verification but for all type of phishing scams online! I just want to keep you safe!

Make sure you read this NOW: My Top Instagram Hacking Answers & What To Do If Your Instagram Account Gets Hacked

BTW, how many other so called “Instagram Guru’s” have delivered so many FREE teachings to KEEP YOU SAFE from hackers and warn you from these

Wheres the Money? Well some people on Instagram will argue that having a verification mark helps them make money, which it might but only if they are scam/con artists who prey on peoples inn-ability to evaluate what an online scam or fraudster looks like, but I haven’t had a problem banking a heavy 6 figure income from my network of over 30 Instagram accounts without a single verification mark on any of my accounts!

Read this article on why I don’t have an Instagram Verified Badge – WHERE’s MINE??

From the dozen or so accounts that I have helped get verified on, we did not notice any major increase of revenue or sales from their Instagram accounts because they were already a TRUSTED account with a TRUSTED BRAND.

5. IGTV – Instagram TV Is Here To Stay.

Make sure you read all the these important IGTV features and start using them to make MONEY with Instagram!

Here’s a little secret most (everyone) doesn’t know. You can include @username links, #hashtag links AND URL LINKS that are clickable in the IGTV description just like the ones I circled in RED below.. Yup you’re welcome for letting you know this as Instagram didn’t mention or advertise this sneaky and wonderful little feature to click through URL’s!



For those of you wondering, is IGTV going to be around as an important Instagram feature? YES ABSOLUTELY.

IGTV is actually the FUTURE of Instagram and most social media channels. Even YouTube has acknowledged VERTICAL VIDEO SUPPORT!

Instagram has been testing out ways to get us to engage and consume IGTV as seen by the screenshot below that really pushes these IGTV videos by our followers in our FEED!



Wheres The Money? If you’ve been studying my Instagram Training Videos you’ll know that the URL links in our BIO’s are very valuable, and the URL SWIPE up in our Instagram Stories are also very valuable (TO MAKE MONEY WITH), so Instagram just gave us ONE MORE WAY to make money charging clients for CLICKABLE URL’s that can drive traffic to any WEBSITE!

Looking forward, Instagram is also going to implement an ad/revenue sharing model just like YouTube with their IGTV videos. So start using IGTV and start creating 2-5 min videos NOW so you get the hang of it and can come up with some amazing content as you PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE with yourself and your account!

6. TWO FACTOR (non SMS) security – FINALLY…

Fuck You Instagram. That’s all I have to say about their lazy SMS 2 Factor implementation they have only had for the the last couple years and caused so many brands, Influencers and large pages to suffer hacks. This type of half ass software engineering is completely unacceptable (before and after IG was bought by FB). So FUCK YOU ZUCKERBERG for not implementing this sooner.

Make sure you read all my Top Instagram Hacking Answers as you will completely understand why this NEW non-SMS 2 Factor security update by Instagram should have been offered to us Influencers 5 years ago!! It’s ABOUT FUCKING TIME SYSTROM….


7. Video Tagging on Instagram – FINALLY!

Yesssssss, I just UPDATED this popular to include the brand new Video Tagging Instagram feature that just rolled out! Make sure you check out this STEP-BY-STEP Video Tagging Walk Through so you can start using this amazing NEW money making feature! Just one more amazing Instagram Money Making STREAM!

Well there we have it, 6 7 significant NEW design and functionality changes coming to Instagram further showing Instagram’s intent to give us the best money making social media platform ever created!

Wheres The Money?  This is yet another very special SKILL I am teaching you NOW, so that you can add this to your Instagram Consulting list of SKILLS to charge other brands, companies and Instagram accounts for to help them get setup with non-SMS TWO FACTOR security for their Instagram accounts. I’ve been able to charge between $250-$500 USD per account just to walk a business through HOW TO LOCK DOWN THEIR ACCOUNT safely from hackers! YOU could be doing the same if you work your ass off like I do!

So if you want to LEARN MORE, make sure you check out my FREE Weekly BLOGS, FREE YouTube Videos, FREE Webinar – HOW to MAKE Instagram MONEY ….. if you’re serious about learning how to earn a living using Instagram, then I’m willing to teach you!

All you have to do is start by taking the first step to LEARN from me!

Happy Instagramming!




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