2019 Important Instagram Security CHANGES

By July 20, 2018 December 20th, 2018 Instagram News

2019 Instagram Security updates you must follow! Wolf Millionaire explains how to keep your Instagram account safe and secure from hackers.

2019 Instagram Security updates are finally here for you to take advantage of.

UPDATE: Read my NEW Instagram Security Bible and PLEASE SETUP Instagram’s NEW HACKER PROOF feature: Two-Factor (Non-SMS) Authentication NOW!!

So many people are getting hacked because they are not paying attention to my TEACHINGS! Please don’t be one of them…. Instagram won’t help you anymore..

Thankfully Instagram has FINALLY updated their not so safe 2-Factor using SMS (which isn’t SAFE what so ever) so that we can use an authentication app like Google Authenticator or Duo or Authy.

This is the SAFEST FEATURE to lock down your Instagram account to ensure you NEVER GET HACKED!

PLEASE don’t fall for this popular FAKE Verified Instagram Badge Scam or Direct Message Instagram DMScam!

If you read Hacking Prevention #4 in My Top Instagram Hacking Answers you’ll know why moving to an authentication app that cannot be hacked unlike an SMS 2-Factor system.

I was even featured in LA WEEKLY and HIGH TIMES for my help keeping major Marijuana Industry Instagram accounts safe from hackers.

You see just about every niche that blows up with the times eventually becomes a high profile target for hackers!

2018 Instagram Security Updates

What Do I Know About Instagram Security? EVERYTHING!

Not only have I been educating you on Instagram SCAMS, but I also have educated thousands of influencers, brands and businesses to help ensure their Instagram accounts are safe! I almost even fell for this Influencer Instagram Scam, it was so well done!

This year I have helped keep thousands of people from falling from the BIG InstaJam Scam, which was recently shut down because it was being run by a convicted criminal. Please make sure you use are using all these 2019 Instagram Security updates!

I am looking forward to featuring more successful students like these two major Student Success Stories below, but only if you’re going to give this Instagram opportunity and my teaching YOUR FULL EFFORT. Lazy students need not apply!

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NOTE: This year Instagram has REMOVED the ability for you to contact them if your Instagram account gets hacked. Yes YOU can’t report your page being hacked anymore and have the support or assistance from Instagram to help you recover it.

THIS NO LONGER WORKS UNFORTUNATELY: If you don’t get this email and you can’t reset your password, you’re going to have to take a few more steps to ensure the safety of your account. However, you’re still not out of luck. Visit http://bit.ly/reporthack and follow the steps ensuring that you list the email address that was last used on your account before you got hacked. You can then follow the directions to retrieve your account and get it back to working condition.

You will be taken to an Instagram page where you can report that either your account has been hacked, or another person’s account has been hacked. Click “My Account.” It will then prompt you whether or not you can log into the email account listed on your Instagram account. Ideally this should also be the email you list for Instagram to contact you (unless that’s been hacked and you can’t access it).

If you have access, you will have the option to be sent an email that will allow you to change your password. It’s also a good idea to change the password of your email address to ensure maximum safety, because the hacker may have identified that password as well.

If your Instagram account gets hacked today, you are most likely SHIT OUT OF LUCK!

You must use ALL my 2019 Instagram Security Updates to ensure you KEEP YOUR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT SAFE from DAY 1 by following ALL my 2019 Instagram Security updates found in my UPDATED & FREE 35 Page Instagram GUIDE!

I just want to KEEP YOU & your valuable Instagram account SAFE!

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Most likely along your path using Instagram, you have logged into other 3rd party apps with your Instagram account. This is NOT something I advise you to do, and RIGHT NOW you should check to see which accounts (hopefully none) you’ve given access to your account.

It can be other social networks, or apps that analyze your number of followers, post on your behalf, comment on your behalf or follow and unfollow people.

You have to do this in a browser, not directly in the app. Check every single app that you allowed to access and use your Instagram account. REVOKE & REMOVE access to ALL OF THEM. This is the only way you can be 100% you will never get hacked.


Here is how you DO IT STEP-BY-STEP:

1. Log into your Instagram account from your secure web browser like Chrome, Safari or Firefox with your desktop or laptop (not on your mobile app).

2. On the top right of the screen, click on your profile photo. Select “Edit Profile”.

3. From the Left Menu, select “Authorized Applications”. It will show you all the apps that you authorized to use your Instagram account. REVOKE & REMOVE access to EVERY SINGLE APP. This is the ONLY way to ensure that no other app will be able to hack your account.

4. Change your password.


Remember to ensure you never get hacked, you should NEVER give other apps or websites access to your Instagram account. You should NEVER give out your Instagram username and password to another app or website or person because those those apps will have access to your Instagram profile and ALL your personal information (email & phone number), making you very vulnerable and easy to hack!

MadWhips & DDE


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So many people on Instagram want the easy way to grow their accounts, but they don’t realize that growing your account with 1000’s of FAKE followers, and FAKE likes and FAKE COMMENTS will get you nowhere with any brand or advertiser… You’re basically wasting your time and money and end up looking like a loser!

Beware of people who just want to Scam You Like This Guy, another fraudster I helped expose and shut down.


Happy Safe Instagramming Wolf Pack!

Yours Truly, Anthony Carbone

(aka The Wolf Millionaire)

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