2018 Money Maker – Instagram Stories

2018 Money Maker is Instagram Stories. With over 400 Million users, Wolf Millionaire explains why Stories is the most important channel in the world.

2018 Money Maker award goes to Instagram Stories! It’s just crushing the social media game and allowing my students and I to make serious money with all of the new Instagram Stories features!


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Not only has Instagram confirmed their Stories feature now sees 400 Million Daily Active Users which doubles Snapchat, but they keep rolling out new features for us Influencers & Content Creators to MAKE MONEY WITH! Oh and it also keeps YOU the viewer hooked in watching these Stories!

Case Study: This Pilot Makes Instagram Money From The Sky

Ever wonder wonder why Instagram Stories has become so popular?  Lets rewind for a minute. Remember Instagram originally was a much different app than Snapchat.

Snapchat was killing it before Instagram introduced Stories all because of the format of the content that was being shared by people.

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Instagram allowed you to share static “moments” in photo or video form in a single post.  If we wanted to share more, we had to post another “moment”.

This all worked fine and dandy until Instagram CHANGED their algorithm and served us with content from different times of the day making it hard to create a “story” of multiple posts if you shared multiple posts to your Instagram feed during the day.

Meanwhile Snapchat was allowing us to share multiple “moments” which when viewed together created a story!

Storytelling is the most addictive form of content, and Snapchat was the only app that was taking advantage of this.. all until Instagram rolled out Stories.

Instagram Stories – The Most Important Social Channel 

First off, 1 Billion Instagram Users does help ensure this feature is getting used by 400 Million Users DAILY! Yes it goes without saying that more users means that your 2018 Money Maker is going to be STORIES.

Instagram Influencers love this feature because of the reach we get and how we can drive our followers to URL’s. URL’s that products on websites that advertisers are willing to pay us BIG MONEY to DRIVE TRAFFIC!

PRO TIP:  You can use Stories LINK (URL Swipe UP) to IGTV (Instagram TV) videos of yours now!


Secondly, the format of Instagram Stories is much different than our normal Instagram feed, so much so that people consuming Stories have proven to be more interested in seeing 15 second video/photos strung together into a “story” than a static image or video in their feed! SO START USING STORIES for your 2018 Money Maker!

This Killer New Instagram Feature is also really upping my Instagram stories game! Make sure you try it!

PRO TIP 2: I get wayyyy more engagement on my Instagram stories when I start the day off with a VIDEO of me greeting my followers (versus posting a photo). TRY IT just make sure you are positive and energetic, you gotta get your followers GOING!

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Remember in today’s digital age, people have short attention spans, and this is why it’s easier to tap the screen to advance to the next story when you get bored becomes easier than scrolling through your feed which Instagram has butchered.

Scrolling through your feed was so 2017… Tapping through your Stories is so NOW!

I’ll be continuing to play with all these new STORIES features non stop and creating an entire guide of how to create impactful STORIES  with all my usual best practices so stay tuned to the blog and my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guide

Happy Storytelling Wolf Pack!


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