10 Steps To Launch A Product on Instagram

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Do you want to create a company using Instagram or launch products or services but don’t know where to begin?

Well, neither did John of @BoostedShades whose first company was established and launched exclusively on Instagram in 2014.  John recently hit a major milestone netting his first $1 Million in sales after deciding to launch his sunglass company less than 2 years ago! Learn How People Make Money on Instagram

This is nothing short of incredible, given how many other products were also launched before and after his brand on Instagram, most of which have failed and are no longer around. Not all companies can accomplish what John has done leveraging Instagram to launch his company and product.

Going to launch a product on Instagram? Then you should follow these 10 steps .

I have witnessed dozens of successful businesses start and flourish on Instagram and even more so fail. The secret to his success lies within the quality and price point of his sunglasses coupled with the strategic execution of how we leveraged Instagram’s organic and currently FREE engagement on targeted niche accounts to generate sales and awareness of his brand. Want to learn everything you need to start a company and launch a product or service on Instagram? Sign up for my NEW FREE Wolf Millionaire Webinar and at the end of my WEBINAR I’ll send you my recently updated FREE 35 Page Instagram guide to get you on your way!

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The Successful Launch of Boosted Shades

10 Steps To Launch A Company on Instagram

Source: Instagram.com/BoostedShades


John learned the basics of Instagram through trial and error. He spent thousands of dollars before connecting with me in order to put his marketing dollars to better work, using my strategic framework and allowing full leverage of the power of Instagram.

“I have worked with Anthony on Instagram for over two years now. You simply can not find a more genuine, skilled person to spearhead your company’s digital marketing campaign than Anthony, especially on Instagram. His extensive knowledge of the social media world always keep him ahead of the curve which has translated into increased sales month over month.  Anthony understands the importance of constantly testing and re-adjusting ad tactics in order to maximize the effectiveness of my Instagram advertising budget to generate a solid ROI month after month.”

BoostedShade‘s popularity started to explode on Instagram when he started providing automotive influencers and photographers in various niches with his sunglasses. His goal was to curate creative photos of his sunglasses at various car events, from tuners to exotic events around the world. This simple tactic allowed him to introduce his brand globally to a highly targeted audience and scale up sales to a global audience faster and more cost effective than traditional digital marketing tactics on any other social media platform.

10 Steps To Launch A Company on Instagram

Source: Instagram.com/BoostedShades

During our initial research and discovery period, we identified several popular Instagram influencers (with varying followings from 10k to 1+ Million Followers) and contacted them directly to see if they were interested in working with us. Those who were eager were immediately sent several samples of his sunglasses that they were interested in personally owning and wearing.  In exchange, we asked these influencers to simply post a picture of them enjoying their sunglasses as creatively as they wished in an automotive setting. They were also asked to create a couple targeted hashtags and a call to action directing followers to @BoostedShades Instagram account in the caption. There was no hard-sell in these captions, just a simple caption highlighting the influencers enjoyment of John’s fun new automotive “boosted” themed sunglass line.

After he had several dozen amazing photos creatively produced by these influencers, we then paid some larger automotive and lifestyle Instagram accounts to then promote these photos, closely tracking the number of sales that resulted from each Instagram account in order to evaluate the best pages producing sales. Most of these curated photos achieved more than 80% of the paid accounts average engagement of likes on every post, leveraging the incredible organic reach that Instagram provides for FREE!

This strategy quickly proved itself worthy as word spread and orders began to double and triple over his first summer of sales. John attributes 100% of his revenues from strategically tapping and launching his Boosted Shades on Instagram with the help of creative photographers and influencer accounts.

10 Steps To Launch A Company on Instagram

10 STEPS to Launch Any Product On Instagram

1. Understand your Demographic: This is the starting point and is absolutely essential if you want to fast track the success of selling anything on any social network, especially Instagram.  Assuming you have found an opportunity to sell a product or a service, make sure you have done enough homework with your targeted customer demographic and make sure that there is a need or interest for what you have to sell. It’s possible that you have a brand new product or service never offered before, or you plan on being someones competitor in an already established marketplace.

2. Start growing your Instagram account: Before you even start to reach out to other accounts or Influencers to promote your product or service, you should have a professional looking Instagram account with no less than 12 high quality photos that either explain or showcase your product or service. It also helps if you have a couple hundred (or thousand) followers.  It’s also essential that you have a simple website up and running that you can list in your Instagram URL, so people can get more information about your product or service and checkout your e-commerce store or checkout page to purchase what you are selling.  Make sure you go watch my FREE Wolf Millionaire Webinar, after you’ve completed it I will send you my FREE 35 Page Instagram guide which will help you get your Instagram account create and looking professional so you can start attracting followers (customers) immediately.

3. Identify Instagram Influencers: After researching the demographic, niche, and traits of who your ideal audience & customers are that you intend to sell your products or services to, research and make a list of all the most relevant and popular Instagram accounts and influencers who you feel has demographic followers similar to your audience of interest and whose account aligns with your brand or image.

4. Crunch The Numbers: Once you’ve made your list, the next most important aspect is to find out which Instagram accounts or Influencers are the best to advertise on. Create a spreadsheet with all the accounts you are interested in targeting, and for each find, record the following: Total Followers, Avg # of Likes per photo, Daily Follower Growth. Then look at which top accounts stand out engagement & growth wise over all others in order to target the healthiest accounts to stretch your marketing budget.

5. Influencer Mining: Choose specific Instagram accounts and Influencers that align with your brand and demographic and reach out to those people via Direct Message, KiK or Email.  This will take the most time, but if done right will deliver unprecedented sales the day you launch! Be personal and professional and to the point and explain who you are and what you’re selling and ask them if they’d be willing to represent your brand, service, or product in a creative photo or video on their Instagram account.  Most influencers (big & small) love to get free products in exchange for curating a photo or two! Some accounts might charge a small fee, so don’t get discouraged if people are charging you money to create these posts. It is worth it in the long run to generate as much organic content as you can from other accounts and especially Influencers.  It’s also very helpful to offer these larger Instagram accounts and Influencers a unique discount code that their followers can use. Users are more likely to purchase something if they feel they have been provided with a discount unique to them from an account they love and follow.  You can also use this information to see which pages have generated the most amount

6. Mobile Optimized Web Checkout: Since you will be marketing your product or service on Instagram where your entire audience will be reached via their mobile device, you need to make sure your website, e-commerce store and checkout pages are all optimized and easy to use on a mobile device. There is nothing that turns customers off than a checkout page that doesn’t resize to mobile and isn’t easy to use. Most e-commerce services like WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCartel are all mobile optimized with automatic resized websites suited for Tablets and Mobile devices, there is no need for you to design a website from scratch, use one of these services that match your needs and just customize your site to include your logo and layout.  If you’d like to view another great example of a clean, simple designed, mobile optimized e-commerce store of which was launched entirely on Instagram, checkout my MadWhips e-commerce store where I have generated over $250,000 USD in sales since launching November 2014.

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7. Request Customer Feedback:  As soon as you start generating sales after a product launch, reach out with a short personal email to some of your customers and ask them about their experience purchasing your product or service. Ask them what they liked, didn’t like and what you might improve on to ensure the next customer has a truly amazing experience purchasing your product.  This is absolutely crucial if you want to build a sustainable long term business with multiple products or offerings. Keep your first customers happy and they will be that much more interested to purchase again from you.  A little bit of love goes a long way with online consumers!

8. Customer Testimonials: Nothing introduces the element of trust for any product or service being sold online like testimonials do. No matter what age or demographic you are trying to reach, today’s consumers prefer to purchase products online if they can see others using the products and even better read about their experiences surrounding a product or service.  Encourage your early early customers to provide feedback and testimonials and ask them if you can publish their experience online (Web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and use it to promote the positive experience that your customers are having dealing with you or your products. Nothings brings in the sales like positive after positive customer testimonials.  Be proud to show off your glowing reviews and your army of customers who praise your product or service.

9. Build up your launch date with pre-sales: Offering your product or service to consumers without it being available can be a double edged sword. I have witnessed this first hand and have seen some unfortunate situations where shipping delays have wrecked havoc on companies offering “pre-sales” to drive anticipation and early sales before having the physical product to ship your customers. It’s ok to offer pre-sales if your product is in transit to you from your manufacturer, but you might think twice about offering pre-sales if you haven’t yet manufactured the products, especially if it’s coming from another country.  One small delay in materials, production, world disasters and your anticipated 3-4 week pre-sale campaign will end in a nightmare of unhappy customers, chargebacks, tarnished brand image and ultimately a failed launch.

10. Think Long Term:  The power of leveraging Instagram allows for fast scalable product launches which can make or break your brand if not done properly.  Today’s consumer, while brand aware, loyal, and trusting, can and will turn on you the minute you neglect, disrespect, or ignore their issues some might have with your product or service.  It’s essential that you react and respond to your potential customers, clients, leads and influencers in the most professional and positive manor at all times.  That one email, direct message or comment can be screenshot and used against your positive momentum.  Treat every customer like they are your first customer, rectify any situation that comes up where you find an unhappy customer and ensure that they leave satisfied even if that means refunding their money.  Keep the peace and your brand will flourish month after month and year after year!

Marketing your new business, product, or service can seem like a daunting task, but Instagram can make it easy. Sure, it will take work on your part, but it will pay off. Be proud of your company, do the research, and start networking! Instagram has proven to be vital for brand promotion, and users are always eager for collaboration with others.

Their followers will be introduced to your company and products, and vice versa. Instagram is all about networking and utilizing the tools such as hashtags that draw people to specific content. Next time your company plans to launch a product, be sure to utilize Instagram.

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Happy Instagramming!

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