1 Hour Instagram Videos Coming SOON!

By June 12, 2018 Instagram News
1 hour Instagram Videos

1 Hour Instagram videos are coming! Wolf Millionaire explains how you can take advantage of this new feature and make money with it on Instagram!

1 Hour Instagram videos are coming soon! Yes, Instagram is going to compete with YouTube in the video space!

The longer video option on Instagram aligns with recent moves by Facebook to make video a bigger focus of its offerings. This push has given Facebook an entree into additional video advertising, which sells at higher rates than other kinds of digital advertising.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has called video a “mega trend”, and I’ve been stressing and teaching the importance of video as one of my top STEP-BY-STEP Instagram growth strategies.

Instagram’s decision to launch 1 hour Instagram videos comes just two years after the launch of Instagram Stories, a feature that allows users to share photos and multiple short videos of up to 15 seconds uploaded within a 24-hour time-span.

Instagram Stories is now the most popular and fastest-growing Instagram features, according to the company, with about 300 million daily Instagram Stories users. I use it more than I do my normal Instagram feed now!

Instagram is UNSTOPPABLE, YOU should be taking advantage of all the opportunities to find your financial freedom by following your passions and chasing your dreams like my students and I continue to do every single day!

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1 Hour Instagram Videos = MONEY


1 Hour Instagram Videos aren’t JUST about the 1 Hour Instagram Video, Instagram eventually intends to let creators and publishers MAKE MONEY off the longer videos just like YouTube, however it hasn’t finalized how accompanying ads like pre-rolls and mid-breaks or revenue splits will work officially yet.

Instagram has revealed it is already working with high-profile social media stars to produce “professional content” and that they will also eventually provide this 1 hour Instagram video functionality for regular users to upload longer videos! YESSSSSSSSS this means YOU will be able to use this powerful money making new Instagram feature!

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Wolf Millionaire Working Out

Instagram has been killing Snapchat for quite a while and it’s interesting to see how Instagram is killing it’s parent company Facebook now and taking on YouTube… ambition plans but with 1 Hour Instagram Videos the company is going to be untouchable and unbeatable by any other social network on content network.

I am going to be all over this VIDEO opportunity as I’ve already been practicing by experimenting with longer video formats like my YouTube vLogs  of me doing winter donuts in my McLaren and capturing the day I bought my first Porsche for my 40th birthday this year!!

Happy Instagramming


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