1 Billion Instagram Users is Worth $100 Billion Dollars

By June 27, 2018 Instagram News
1 Billion Instagram Users

1 Billion Instagram Users! Instagram is Unstoppable! Wolf Millionaire explains the significance of this major Instagram milestone.

1 Billion Users! Can you believe it? I can, I even predicted last year that Instagram would skyrocket to over 1 Billion MAU (monthly active users) by the end of this year! I also predicted Instagram’s hottest NEW IGTV feature that launched last week which I’ve been testing and using successfully.

1 Billion Instagram Users

More users means more Instagram money for all my Instagram Video Training students and I who are using Instagram to follow our passions by creating engaging accounts that attract other like minded followers and allow us to make money from them!

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1 Billion Users = Billions $$ of Advertising Dollars $$

In 6 years since Facebook purchased Instagram (2012) for merely $1 Billion Instagram as a standalone company is now worth over $100 Billion dollars.

Instagram is predicted to generate $5.5 billion in US ad revenue this year. That’s a whopping 70% more than last year and is on track to do $10 Billion in advertising revenue in the next 12 months.

This major news doesn’t surprise me one bit and I’m so excited to be able to TEACH YOU everything I know STEP-BY-STEP with my Instagram Training Videos if YOU are willing to put in the work and learn everything I have learnt over the last 5 years using Instagram!

YOU could be on your way to joining thousands of Influencers making INSANE money with a simple Instagram account!


Remember I started with only 1 account and 700 followers, and have grown my Instagram network to over 30 accounts with more than 18 Million followers, making more than a Million dollars since I started my Instagram journey!

My world famous STEP-BY-STEP Instagram strategies (over 80 episodes and more than 24 hours of teachings) have helped more than 100,000 brands, businesses and Influencers thrive with their products & services on Instagram. I’ve even helped people make money who have little to no followers!

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Do YOU believe me NOW that Instagram is the single most important Social Network out there?

In fact, I expected this since 2013; the year I lost my job for the first time in my life and started to experiment and play with Instagram chasing advertising dollars which were small back then (making hundreds of dollars a month) to now making thousands of dollars. I had one month I made tens of thousands of dollars in the last 2 years. Instagram is on FIRE!

1 Billion users and growing! Instagram is attracting NEW USERS faster than Facebook and is on track to exceed 2 billion users within the next five years! We are now only 50% the way through Instagram’s current growth curve! Don’t wait another minute, LET ME TEACH YOU how to turn YOUR Instagram play time into MONEY MAKING TIME!

Instagram Stories launched in August 2016 and resulted in a steep rise in user growth and engagement. No wonder why Instagram is moving further into longer-form video content like IGTV.

1 Billion Didn’t Happen Overnight… it was kick started in 2017..

The introduction of Instagram Stories (which I told you all would be extremely important) boosted their daily active users (DAU) which went from 20% (120M Users) of their total monthly active users in October 2016 (600M MAU) to more than 60% (480M DAU) in September 2017 (800M MAU).

Thats a 4x growth of DAILY ACTIVE USERS in 1 YEAR, all because of Instagram Stories. DAMN!!

By these statistics alone, Instagram has a higher viewership than any other social network in the world and it’s not slowing down.

What makes Instagram so powerful (aside from 1 Billion users) is that Instagram’s audience is not only younger than Facebook, but they’re spending an average of 1 hour a day on the app, making it the most attractive Social Network for advertisers to throw money at Instagram and all of us Influencers in every single niche!

Unlike Facebook, Instagram is still growing in the U.S, and as you can see by this weeks reports, faster and faster every month!

The choice is yours, sign up and let me teach YOU, or continue to waste your time without making money on Instagram.

Either way, my students and I will continue to dominate Instagram and earn a healthy living from it!

Happy Instagramming

Your’s Truly,

Anthony Carbone aka The Wolf Millionaire



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