Wolf Millionaire Vs. Others: Is it really a competition?

The doomsday pendulum has finally swung and is taking out Instagram apps/programs that no longer respect IG’s updated API changes.  As of June 1st, 2016, all Instagram app/web developers must now adhere to a very strict new Instagram policy.  What does this mean for you? Well it should mean nothing if you are a Wolf Millionaire Student and have followed my step by step strategies in my InstaWealth Growth System.

If you recall I predicted this months before Instagram even made this official announcement because I’ve seen it in the past with other social networks which has led to a quicker decay and death because it allows users to cheat. Instagram wants to keep a tight clean platform with an emphasis on the content for it’s users so it’s drastically changing how 3rd party apps can interface with it’s data.

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Want more proof that I’m at the top of the Instagram Money Making Food Chain?

Why You Should NEVER Buy FAKE Followers

Well start by taking a look at my @Wolf_Millionaire Instagram account which is less than 7 months old, has grown to almost 250,000 Followers (have been growing the account in front of your eyes since I launched it without the shitty strategy of Follow/Unfollow that others teach) with an extremely high engagement.

Why You Should NEVER Buy FAKE Followers

I have purchased over $30,000 in watches – Audemars Piguet & IWC as milestone rewards, I have a$15,000 Designer Sneaker Collection and if thats not enough to prove that I know what I’m doing with Instagram and that I am indeed the Wolf of Instagram, well I just took delivery of a BRAND NEW McLaren($250,000) that I have been waiting for 6 months since my deposit; all from the money I make month after month thanks to all the advertising on my Instagram accounts! In addition to all my personal successes with Instagram, go and read all the successful testimonials from all my students. All of my early students who signed up for my InstaWealth Growth System 4-6 months ago are all making $200-$400 a week now simply by following their passions & implementing my step-by-step strategies! This isn’t rocket science, it just requires a little patience, consistency and my strategies!

Other Instagram courses out there are now scrambling to figure out their own organic strategies as they have all relied on the use of apps like Crowdfire & Likestagram to teach their students how to automatically grow their followers by following and unfollowing Instagram users from other accounts.  This is and never was a sustainable strategy as I have explained with caution in my InstaWealth Growth System.

The only bulletproof way to organically grow your Instagram account with real engaged followers is by following all the strategies I have explained in my 20+ hour step-by-step Video Guides created for you to easily follow along every step of the way. There are several reasons why I went from 1 account with 700 followers to 30 accounts with 17 million followers in just over 2 years while earning a healthy 6 figure annual income from advertising deals and it’s certainly not because I am anyone famous.

My success and my students successes stem from the fact that my strategies are all connected to creating content which is king and help teach students to have an eye for creating viral content.  Furthermore I’ve bomb tested Instagram and personally logged more hours exploring different strategies on Instagram than anyone else in the world, all to see what worked and what didn’t work during my 20,000 some posts I have done along the way. In my course I teach you all of these tricks, tips and strategies that continue to deliver results to all my students who put in the work.  Just stroll through my Wolf Millionaire Instagram account to see me put my money where my mouth is by growing  over 200,000 followers in less than 6 months through killer content and highlighting testimonials from my students around the world who are killing it with their own niche accounts!

I don’t teach how to cheat the system, I teach you how to create the best branded Instagram account and content for you to organically attract new followers. Who wants to gain followers by mass following a bunch of random people, then unfollowing them all and repeating this process. Those followers that you are unfollowing ultimately will turn into ghost followers. So while it’s a quick fix to grow your account to 5k or 10k to pad your Instagram ego, it was also risky business as one wrong automation setting with these programs and your account would get disabled by Instagram.

You will also notice big announcements from your favorite analytics programs (most of which have been proactive to these upcoming changes) like Iconosquare and iPad apps like Flow or Padgram which will no longer support your ability to view your Instagram account feed through their apps. You won’t be able to like or comment through any 3rd party program as well. Instagram is closing their hatches and is now forcing you to actually use Instagram completely through their app.

For all my in-depth tips, tricks and strategies on how to grow your Instagram followers in any niche, check out our InstaWealth Growth Video Guides. I’ll teach you step-by-step everything I know about Instagram, which includes starting an account from scratch – you’ll be able to start Instagramming whatever niche you know best and are passionate about. Let me help you turn your IG play time into money making time!

Want to learn more but are simply too cheap to spend $497 on my full InstaWealth Growth System course? If you are too cheap to invest in learning the skills to easily and quickly quick start your Instagram money making machine, then I seriously question your real interest in taking advantage opportunity that will be raging for the next 5-7 years easily.

I’ve created a FREE 20 Page Instagram guide just for you cheap, sceptical “onlookers” to further demonstrate I know what I am talking about when it comes to Instagram.  Go to www.WolfMillionaire.com and enter your email address and we’ll send you an email with my guide filled with Tips, Tricks & Strategies that you can start using right away (unless you’re even too lazy to even follow my FREE guide) to see immediate growth & improved engagement not to mention a more professional & attractive Instagram account whether for personal or busines. I am looking forward to featuring more successful students like you, but only if you’re going to give this opportunity a proper full effort. LAZY students need not apply!

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