Watermarks Guide For Instagram Photos & Videos

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Watermarks Instagram Guide

Watermarks are essential if you are an Instagram content creator. Wolf Millionaire explains everything you need to know about Watermarking your photos and videos on Instagram.

Watermarks are essential for protecting your photos or videos and can be used to help create your unique brand image. Most people trying to add watermarks to their Instagram content continue to do it wrong. Although I cover watermarking extensively in my InstaWealth Growth System in Videos 26-33 (For Android Users) and Videos 35-41 (For iOS Users) I am going to quickly run through it to help those who haven’t yet joined my Instagram Wolf Pack!

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Watermarks 101

Ok so before we dive into my Watermarks Guide for Instagram photos or videos, you really need to ask yourself a couple questions. The most important question is, do I own the rights to the photos or videos I am about to put a watermark on? The second question is “to Watermark or NOT to Watermark” which is a question I am always asked with any new client I consult for.

The first question is a very important question that most people don’t realize they need to answer. You must read one of my most popular articles to teach you about Credit & Copyright Rules on Instagram to ensure you never get reported for use someone else’s digital content let alone putting your own watermark on it. Getting reported for using someone else’s photos or videos without their consent will get your account disabled by Instagram for copyright infringement. DON’T PUT YOUR WATERMARK or ANY WATERMARK on any photo or video YOU DON’T OWN or don’t have permission to use. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

The second question my adaptation of Shakespeare. But it’s also a very valid musing. Adding watermarks can be a double edged sword. On the one side you get to market and brand yourself to everyone looking at your photos or videos, and on the other you risk Instagram not giving your posts enough love because guess what Instagram knows when an image or video has a watermark.  I’ve experimented with this theory on both Instagram & Facebook and have found that photos without my MadWhips logo do better than ones with it.  However I have found no major difference in engagement or reach while watermarking every single one of my Wolf Millionaire photos!

So it’s to my belief that Instagram does parse/read your actual photos and videos. The outcome seems to be photos that have big obnoxious designed logos will get less love and engagement because of such. Keep your logo clean and minimal and use it from day 1 to get your followers accustom to seeing it which will no doubt help you get your brand world known quicker while protecting your photos and videos from getting stolen.

If you are going to put watermarks on YOUR photos or videos, the next thing you really need to consider is, do you have an awesome enough logo or brand to watermark your content. Is it simple? Does it look good when shrunk down onto a small Instagram image viewed on a mobile device?

If you DON’T then you really should go back to the drawing board and create a new logo or watermark that fits with your brand and is SIMPLE. KEEP IT SIMPLE & UNIQUE. I see so many busy intricate logos and while they look great on my laptop, on mobile devices it just makes your content look like shit.  The other option is to not put watermarks on your content.

Watermarks – Android & iOS Apps

Remember, I cover this topic in detail showing you STEP-BY-STEP exactly how to use the best apps to put watermarks on your photos & video are in Videos 26-33 (For Android Users) and Videos 35-41 (For iOS Users) of my InstaWealth Growth System. But today I am going to reveal my two favorite apps I use. I carry around a iPhone 7+ and Android Pixel XL as my daily driver phones. Yup I carry one of each so that I can always stay on top of both platforms as they evolve with unique apps.

For my Android I use Add Watermark, it’s FREE (Google Play link) which you can also pay for (and I do). I’ve been using this app since I started putting MadWhips watermarks on my photos back in 2014 🙂 It’s simple clean and quick to use once you have your logo setup.

For my iOS devices I use iWatermark, they have a FREE version and paid version (iTunes link) again an app I’ve been using for years on my iOS devices, super simple, easy to setup multiple logos.

Pro Mobile Phone Tip: There is nothing that tops my iPhone 7+ for taking VIDEO, especially in low light. However I am starting to use my Pixel XL way more than my iPhone 7+ in order to take my photos. I just love the slight color correction that the Pixel XL do automatically to my photos.

While both cameras on each phone take INCREDIBLE photos, I prefer my Pixel XL at night.  One MAJOR downfall of iOS (I think as of iOS 10) is they have this bullshit image stabilization that you can’t disable which royally fucks with my attempts to get video out a window or roof (while being a passenger of course).  If you ever wonder why you see distortion in your photos or videos taken while moving even slightly fast this is why. I don’t have that problem with my Pixel XL. Hopefully Apple rectifies this issue with the iPhone 8. UPDATE: nope there is still image stabilization in the iPhone 8 and iOS 11 doesn’t seem to be able to let me disable it. GRRRRR.

Hopefully you enjoyed this guide and now you understand the pro’s and cons of using Watermarks on Instagram.

Happy Instagramming!

Wolf Millionaire Toronto

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