Visual Storytelling With Instagram Videos

Visual Storytelling With Instagram Videos

Visual storytelling is the use of Instagram video to capture what’s really special about you or your brand and draw followers in. Wolf Millionaire walks you through the marketing & money making potential that now exists with Instagram video.

It seems with all of these Instagram changes lately, the posting possibilities are endless. No longer is Instagram a stream of static photos, but instead lively visual content that inspires, motivates, and intrigues. Think back to when you made your very first Instagram post back in 2010. You boldly took a poor-quality picture of your food, threw on a crazy unrealistic, but edgy filter, and waited for the 10 likes to roll in. We all did. But now it’s 2016 and things have drastically changed. There is massive opportunity and it starts with two words: visual storytelling.

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Brand’s have taken Instagram by storm. They know that users have caught on to the new ways of Instagram and it’s getting harder to keep their attention. Visual storytelling with video is the next big thing, and it’s time to adapt. Instagram has recently made changes to their video lengths, and it’s one of the boldest ways to break away from the crowd with your brand. I’ll share some tips on how you can use videos on Instagram and  be able to stand out in a crowd of millions of users. Be sure to signup and check out my FREE 20 Page Instagram Guide for some quick tips to get your Instagram account growing.

Brands Took Instagram Videos And Ran With It

As always, research is key when it comes to running a successful Instagram account, or any business for that matter. You want to see what other brands are doing so that you can find creative ideas working for other brands and leverage them for your own. Let’s take a look at some major brands that quickly picked up the video feature on Instagram and have been successful at creating some great visual storytelling content.

LuLu Lemon

Lulu Lemon is more than a yoga gear store, it’s a lifestyle. We’ve discussed how powerful fitness brands can be on Instagram, but no one is going to buy work out gear if that brand doesn’t represent a lifestyle that they want to experience. Their Instagram account shows an adventurous, balanced life that yoga fits nicely into it

Their videos feature quick moments from different adventures with interesting perspectives. It’s intriguing and make you feel anxious to begin your own adventure. That is exactly the point of visual storytelling. You want to pull in your audience and make them feel that they are there too, or at least they could be if they use your product.


Nike has their Instagram technique down- especially when it comes to videos.  Check out some of these posts that are high-quality and put together well better than their commercials on TV.

Their videos are simple, and yet say so much. They need no words, just a sweet song or sound effects. Be sure to really evaluate each video your brand puts out. You don’t want to create a video that seems disorganized or cluttered.

Promote Your Product/Service

What does your brand do? Well hopefully you offer a product of some kind. Use Instagram video to showcase your products. Video on IG is your brand’s chance for visual storytelling. If a picture speaks a thousand words, think of what a short video can say.

Musicians use Instagram video as a promotional tool too. We’ve talked about Drake’s Instagram style being on point, but Ariana Grande’s use of video is pretty clever too. She uses two second’s worth of her music video to get her followers pumped about it’s release. I don’t even listen to Ariana Grande, and I was curious to see the video after seeing her promotional videos on Instagram. You can get people hyped up about your product too, if you are mysterious about it too.


Even Kylie Jenner chose to promote her new line of cosmetics on Instagram. Although she’s the Queen of Snapchat, it’s not always best to use that platform as your only means of marketing. Snaps disappear, Instagram posts stick around, and her product sells out every time it re-stocks, so she’s doing something right.

Soon. #kyliecosmetics video link in bio

A video posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

My own student, Timothy Sykes is known for being a penny stock millionaire that teaches his methods to others. He uses his Instagram to motivate and inspire people to take control of their financial future. Now he’s using videos to do so like his most recent Business Insider interview where he played and stacked and knocked down $1.2 Million Dollars in Cash, the result, viral content that everyone shares and likes with their friends.

What Makes For A Great Video?

Being that there are huge opportunities with Instagram videos, you should probably figure out how to incorporate them into your brand before even beginning.

Think of the theme in your video.

This is your starting place. When it comes to making a video for your brand, you need to decide what the point of it will be. Will it feature your product and how amazing it is in action? Maybe you’ll show the lifestyle your brand promotes. It could even be the view from behind the scenes.

Once you have the point of the video figured out, you’ll want to proceed cautiously. Will there be dialogue or music to accompany your video? Plan it out before filming anything. This is visual storytelling after all; you want to be sure to get the story right.

To GoPro or not to GoPro, that is the question.

Next, you’ll want to think about what device you want to use. Sure, Instagram is intended for our phones, but the game has changed. You’ve got users uploading pictures off of their DSLRs and GoPros for the highest quality photos. It’s up to you. You can definitely get away with a video off your phone, but using a high-quality device will take it to the next level, as well as give you more freedom when editing.

Aaaand Action!

Now to the good stuff. You’ll want to make sure this video seems professional in the way that it’s filmed-even if you’re filming something adventurous. Don’t have any distractions that can take away from the focus. Keep your hand steady, no one like shaky footage! Reshoot scenes if you need to. It’s better to have too much to work with, than not enough.

Edit, edit, edit.

The difference between a video with 24k likes and one with just 400 likes, is how it is edited. If you choose to use music, make sure it fits and is appropriate for your targeted audience. You want the video to have key moments that really drive the message home. Edit clips so that they work together and help break up the video. It really depends on the point and style of the video, but no matter how you go about it, keep it simple.

The Possibilities Are Endless…

When it comes to social media marketing, Instagram is still number one. It’s blowing Vine out of the water. Vine allows 6 second videos while Instagram offers 60 seconds. Don’t forget that IG also has over 300 million followers and Vine has a mere 40 million. This means Instagram is ideal for the visual storytelling that is 60 second videos.

Maybe your brand’s Instagram presence is at the top of it’s game or maybe it’s just the beginning for your account. Either way, utilizing videos is a sure way to seize the attention of users (aka potential customers/clients) and lead them to your account. There’s a lot that goes into growing your Instagram account, but Wolf Millionaire is here to guide you to massive organic growth. See for yourself and join my advanced Instagram students where I will teach you everything I know about Instagram from growing your first account, to networking and making money like I have with my 30 accounts & 17 Million real followers!

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