Viral Videos Make Money On Instagram

Viral Videos on Instagrma

Viral videos make all the money on Instagram! Wolf Millionaire breaks down how you can leverage viral videos in order to grow your account faster and make more money!

Viral videos are nothing new on Social Media, you know the ones that get posted over and over every couple months. If you haven’t taken my advice to post viral videos on your Instagram account to accelerate growth and make more money then you are losing out!

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Viral Videos Data

Thanks to the endless hours I spend continuing to study and learn more and more about Instagram and viral videos, it’s continues to be increasingly clear that viral videos are the king of social media. Instagram can’t simply keep up with the demand to serve it’s users viral videos. This just continues to scream opportunity to me!

The average Instagram user is significantly more engaged by video than a photo, and in a fast consuming social world with shorter and shorter attention spans, it would appear that the shorter the video, the better! This is also the case with Instagram Stories Killing Snapchat!

Across all social media channels and the data I continue to study before anyone (from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & YouTube), current data continues to prove that video engagement on Instagram is the highest among the varying platforms, as it far outperforms Facebook and even YouTube. CRAZY but NOT surprising!

Instagram’s video engagement was measured at 16%, compared to parent company Facebook’s 1.5% and YouTube’s 0.3%.  It would appear that Instagram viral videos are the killing it across all social networks!

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Recent data from an L2 study revealed that people are, predictably, fickle with how they devote time to their smartphones. A high percentage of users check into their phones every thirty minutes or less, with 22% checking in every five minutes.

However, the notion that users have shorter attention spans than they once did suggests that while users check their phones often, they do so for very short spurts which is where viral videos come in to hook people into watching them.

This affects how people entertain themselves, and how they should be marketed to! The days of sitting down to watch a television show and watching blocks of commercials are over; I personally haven’t watched a TV ad (thank you Netflix & TPB), or listened to the Radio (which is plagued with HORRIBLE ad after ad after ad).

High level big money marketing budgets getting spent are now producing much shorter, more impactful & very targeted viral video ads spliced into Instagram FEED & STORIES! (Have you noticed?)

The challenge that marketers and brands face is how to capture someone’s attention in an era where attention is fleeting. One approach would be the unpolished, or even viral video. Some ads on Snapchat and Instagram appear to be user videos at first, and later reveal themselves as branded.

Instagram followers (consumers) are wary and young and bored of old-school TV commercials, and know the look and feel of them immediately. After the Fyre Festival scam that tarnished the Instagram Influencer marketing game young wise consumers are really learning their lessons of what is Influencer marketing and what is Influencing.

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Viral Videos 101

By making shorter, less corporate & polished type video ads, brands are playing to the current trends of engagement, and using the viral video approach, consumers (followers) feel a stronger connection to the ad content because of it’s briefness and targeted short messaging.

A short improvised or viral video ad feels more authentic, and less like a traditional advertising message simply designed to sell something to the masses. These NEW short viral videos are the healthy alternative that are proving to be successful at generating sales in the hyperspace that Instagram and social networks!

Two important questions for brands to consider are whether users can spot if a video is an ad right away, and if so, will they automatically scroll past it even if it has some visual appeal? The key here is having content that users value, regardless of whether it is advertising content.

Remember content is King! What value are you providing your consumers or followers with? Ask yourself that question before creating any type of ad, photo or viral video based!

If a viral video ad provides something visually appealing – a beautiful vista, a stunning exotic car, something shocking or bizarre – consumers will want to look and they WILL watch the entire viral video.

Research has shown that consumers that follow brands on Instagram, 50% of them follow brands because they find those brands entertaining or inspiring so the fact that people are seeing an ad itself isn’t necessarily a deterrent, but it means that people want genuine engagement from ads, just as they want engagement from other content.

This is particularly important in the context of mobile-centric apps like Instagram, where users are checking in often but for very short time slots; for users to be engaged by an ad, it must give them visual value enough for them to want to keep watching.

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Viral Video Best Practices

Here are the top 5 Viral Video best practices that I have adhered to in order to help brands, businesses and Influencers crank out highly effective and converting ads for Instagram

1. Deliver targeted viral video ads organically (Instagram feed, Stories & Sponsored posts)
2. Focus on a single theme or topic (keep it simple and highly targeted)
3. Use captions & subtitles (followers read and watch sometimes instead of listening to audio)
4. Deliver fast Mobile optimized landing pages (this is key for mass conversions and sales during ad campaign)
5. Engage regularly with your followers comments (answer peoples questions, comments immediately after and throughout the lifecycle of your viral video post)

Viral Videos Summary

With Instagram promoting more of it’s video content than photo based posts, advertisers should be that much more incentivized to adapt to the booming model of short, authentic targeted viral videos to promote their products & services.

If brands want to see what people are looking at, Instagram is the best FREE place to snoop, track, and analyze the content (now that Instagram provides Video Views to the public) of other successful viral videos is the key to understanding what today’s consumers want to watch.

The takeaway from all this is simple and not surprising; people want to be engaged by strong content, and if they aren’t engaged they will scroll away fast.

Consumers aren’t averse to brands or marketing, they just expect that the brands that advertise to them do so with the same targeted sharpness and appeal as non-branded content, and the short, visually appealing viral videos at this point is the champion of engaging social media content.

Master viral video advertising and watch your sales soar!

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