Make Emojis Drive Your Instagram Traffic


How important are emojis? Well, now that you can hashtag them, for Instagram they’re pretty darn important. Make sure you sign up for my FREE 20 Page Instagram guide to take advantage of all my tips, tricks & strategies to immediately help you start improving your account and grow more followers!

In 2014, the Global Language Monitor announced the most frequently used word of the year. Except it wasn’t a word – it was an emoji. The red heart shaped emoji was used over 300,000,000 times. That’s a lot of zeros. (Hint – use the heart emoji in your Instagram when it applies – you’ll be able to get in on the love, and draw users to your post. Just don’t overdo it.)

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In 2015, the “laughing until you cry” emoji topped the list of most frequently used ‘words.’ In case you need a visual, it’s this guy, which is kind of how you might feel about an emoji being the most commonly used word:

Make Emojis Drive Your Instagram Traffic

We can learn something from these statistics, and that thing is – emojis are indeed very important. Sometimes it seems like an emoji can express what we’re feeling better than words. When it comes down to the psychology of it, emojis allow users to connect to one another in a more human way than text is capable of, because the brain reacts to the emojis in a similar way it reacts to a human face. Cool, right? So next time you send over a smiley face, it’s like you’re beaming over a real grin to someone who may be halfway across the world.

The Stats

Make Emojis Drive Your Instagram Traffic

There are about 800 emojis in Apple’s arsenal, and 92% of the online community uses these emojis on a regular basis. That group of people was asked if they believed that emojis were more accurate in expressing emotions than words, and 84% of women and 75% of men believed this to be true. Happy faces are the most widely used, making up 45% of the emojis used in America. This real-time emoji tracker is mesmerizing – you might find yourself staring at it for longer than you expected.

Major companies are getting in the game.

Make Emojis Drive Your Instagram Traffic

Burger King created a Chicken Fries Keyboard for those of you who felt a desperate need to express your emotions via breaded chicken. Dominos allows users to text a pizza emoji to their phone number, which signals they want to order a pizza. And Facebook offers emojis of basically everything from angry bunnies to flying saucers, providing enough material to ensure that you might never need to use text ever again.

Make Emojis Drive Your Instagram Traffic

A Twitter user notes the use of emoji marketing for Deadpool.

The recent Deadpool movie turned to a clever way to leverage emojis – it might take a double take to get the pun, but the result is a highly effective use of emoji marketing.

Emojis can be useful for your bio.

Make Emojis Drive Your Instagram Traffic

So now we know emojis are a big deal, and that you should be using them to your advantage. Since they can help say a lot with less space, they’re perfect when you have a space with limited character count – like your Instagram bio. For instance, where the word money would have taken up five characters, the cash bag emoji substitutes just as well with a single character.

Make Emojis Drive Your Instagram Traffic

Use emojis to get you noticed.

Make Emojis Drive Your Instagram Traffic

If you go to your search bar, you can actually search a post via emojis. Take a minute to figure out what your Instagram is all about. Are you an artist? Consider adding a painting emoji into your bio. There’s an emoji out there for just about everything – especially now that there’s finally a taco emoji. Emojis will also draw people’s eyes, as Instagram’s all about pictures – so a colorful emoji has the potential to capture the eye more quickly than descriptive text. Of course, don’t skimp on the text – a good bio will always quickly, cleanly, and cleverly describe the account, but adding emojis will give it a little punch.

Make your own emoji calling card.

Make Emojis Drive Your Instagram Traffic

Once you’ve got a handle on the emojis that suit your account best, it’s time to brand them to be your own. Pizza Hut effectively took over the pizza emoji with its text to order campaign. Which emoji can you take over? Just like creating your own hashtags, you can use an emoji to be associated as a signature move of your account.

Get A Little Creative

Make Emojis Drive Your Instagram Traffic

Emojis aren’t just for your bio. They can also help you whip up a winning comment as well. Take a look at Beyoncé’s Instagram account:

Make Emojis Drive Your Instagram Traffic Make Emojis Drive Your Instagram Traffic

When Beyonce announced that she was vegan, junk food lovers united and began to flood her Instagram accounts with their favorite junk food emojis. Her loyal fans fire back with the bee emoji and healthy food. We’re not saying that you should spam an account’s comment section with food – but check out the fourth comment from the top. The user employed wordplay into their emojis to make a pun on Beyoncé’s name. Those are the type of comments that will get you attention and allow your creativity to shine.

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