Follow The Tastiest Instagram Food Accounts

Follow The Tastiest Instagram Food Accounts

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We may not agree on politics, religion, which Kardashian is the best to follow, but we can all agree on one thing: we love food. We can also agree on that you’re going to want to immediately follow these accounts, and then go grab whatever dish you’ll inevitably be craving. Get ready to dig in to the most mouth-watering account Instagram has to offer. Take note – most of the accounts have websites attached to them, so if you’re looking to make your food account take off, consider adding a website to complete the effort.

1. New_Fork_City

Follow The Tastiest Instagram Food Accounts

New Fork City’s account description says that they just want to “share our love of food with the world.” As mentioned in our previous post featuring this tasty top notch account, Instagramming your food can make it taste better  – if that was even possible. Excuse us while we take a burger break. First though we can take note of how this account is using Instagram’s interactive qualities to its advantage. You can send in a picture of your most delectable meals from around New York and have a chance to get featured on their site.

2. Foodintheair Follow The Tastiest Instagram Food Accounts

Have you ever held your food up in the air in praise like Rafiki holds Simba up in the intro to Lion King? We bet you have. And so has everyone else, especially in Food In The Air’s Instagram account. Who wouldn’t want to praise their food? Now you can document it – Food In The Air, too, allows you to send in your praiseworthy food photos for others to fawn over, too.

3. SpoonforkbaconFollow The Tastiest Instagram Food Accounts

What more could you want than a spoon, a fork, and some bacon? How about basically every recipe under the sun, complete with gorgeous pictures featured on Instagram. Spoon Fork Bacon offers the how-to’s on how to recreate the magic that’s featured in their accounts, so you don’t have to resort to just staring at your screen and wishing the food would come to life.

4. Spoon University

Follow The Tastiest Instagram Food Accounts

Why does anyone go to regular college when there’s Spoon University? Listen up, millennials, because there’s really no other account you need to be following to get your daily scoop on the goods you should dishing on. They also have a fully established lifestyle website, complete with recipes on how to make the pictured food, or also how to get a great workout in or how to drink coffee.

5. Infatuation

Follow The Tastiest Instagram Food Accounts

We’ll take one of everything, please. Infatuation offers a diverse range of delectable plates from beer and burritos to the prettiest avocado flowers you’ve ever seen. It’s no wonder they’re the creators of the #EEEEEATS hashtag, which appears alongside all their photos. They also proudly proclaim themselves as creators of restaurant reviews that don’t suck.

6. Mollyyeh

Follow The Tastiest Instagram Food Accounts

If you’re looking to follow food adventuring forays into the big world of baking, then look no further for your sugar fix. We’re talking picture perfect bites of cake and cookies that will keep you scrolling for days. And if you get tired of scrolling, you can hop on over to the website to make your own.

7. Luckypeach

Follow The Tastiest Instagram Food Accounts

The Lucky Peach is a food magazine that’s going on five years strong, and there’s a reason for that – as if tiny pear bunnies wasn’t a good enough reason. Another good reason is their zany Instagram feed, often featuring food turned into smiley faces or Hello Kitty dumplings. Each post is a surprise, but it’s always guaranteed that it will be delicious.

8. Coffeenclothes

Follow The Tastiest Instagram Food Accounts

Some might agree that coffee and clothes are the best things in life. The people behind the Coffee N Clothes account would definitely agree, and we think we do, too. Especially after browsing through this beautifully curated account full to the brim with coffee cups that you’ll want a latte more of (sorry, but not really.)

9. Punch_drink

Follow The Tastiest Instagram Food Accounts

It’s 5:00 somewhere, right? It’s 5:00 all the time at Punch Drink’s Instagram account. Also the account of a magazine, you’ll find your happy hour when following the creative margaritas and beers. We get tipsy just looking at all the possibilities.

10. Evolutionfresh

Follow The Tastiest Instagram Food Accounts

Here’s how to bring your marketing to the next level. Evolution Fresh is doing it right with its colorful creations and inspirational posts. You’ll suddenly find yourself craving a bottle full of kale, as long as you can look as cool as these guys do in their photos.

Now that you’ve seen it, you can do it. Next time you’ve got something scrumptious for dinner, go ahead and snap a picture and wait for the magic to happen.

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