Star Wars Instagram Theme Success

By October 12, 2017Instagram News
Star Wars Instagram Theme Success

Star Wars makes an amazing opportunity for Instagram themed fan pages. Wolf Millionaire highlights one of his top students killing it with his account.

Star Wars has been around since 1977 and the brand is stronger than ever with the release of all their latest movies. Star Wars no longer caters to the sci-fi nerds of the world.

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One of my top Wolf Millionaire InstaWealth Growth System students has taken his specific niche passions for Stormtroopers to create a cult like following on his Instagram page.

Starting his @astormtrooperaday account from scratch he’s followed all my tips, tricks and strategies to grow his account to over 100,000 loyal, engaged Instagram followers while selling Stormtrooper and Star Wars themed products through his account.

Evan even quit his job (congratulations brother, so proud of you!!!) to pursue his own successful Social Media consulting firm.

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This didn’t happen overnight but was building slowly over time simply by leveraging his Instagram knowledge (learned through my STEP-BY-STEP Wolf Millionaire guides), his own Instagram success and the hot hot hot Instagram growth market helping other brands and businesses successfully use Instagram for their products & services.

Star Wars Instagram Success Formula

Lets dive into Evan’s popular @astormtrooperaday Star Wars themed Instagram account to see all the ways he’s making money, engaging with his followers and making use of all my tips, tricks and strategies.  YOU could be following in Evan’s footsteps creating a FAN page for ANY NICHE for anything you are interested in.  The secret to YOUR success is making sure you are fully passionate about whatever account you are going to pursue.  It will feel more like PLAY time than work and you will be more motivated to stick with it during slow growth times just like EVAN did!

Below is a high level snapshot of Evan’s account growth, following habits and content posting from start to current. As you will see Even even went through a period of slow growth for months after he went from 5,000 to 55,000 followers. I explain this in detail in my article here: Instagram Algorithm Changes Explained.   He also followed all my best practices without cheating and using programs that Instagram has banned.

Make sure you go read those Instagram changes in my 3 Part in depth explanation about the past and present state of Instagram so you can better understand and stay motivated during Instagram’s changes! It’s a log of information, but you just have to read it, I’ve done all the hard work. Remember to understand Instagram like I do you need to test, test, test, something I have been doing for years as I grew my Instagram empire to 18+ million followers… all YOU have to do is Learn Learn Learn from me!! THEN IMPLEMENT my STRATEGIES while following your strategies!

Instagram Growth Explained

You will see above, between July 2016 – Jan2017, his account experienced a slow down in growth, despite Evan’s consistent posting of high quality content. This is very normal and almost everyone with an Instagram account (who isn’t cheating) will experience this along their account growth.

Stormtrooper Instagram Testimonial

MOST STUDENTS give up here, because they have experienced QUICK growth (it’s easier to grow an account from scratch, than it is to grow a big account that’s been killing it on Instagram for the last 2-3 years!). Instagram is wanting to attract more people to it’s platform so it makes it easier for new accounts to grow and become famous!

BUT, you need to also understand that Instagram will randomly test accounts like @astormtroooperaday for months sometimes to make sure their account isn’t just a spam account especially after he went from 5,000 followers to 55,000 followers in such a quick period of time simply following all my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram video guides! SO YOU NEED TO BE PATIENT and just keep posting consistently even during slow periods of growth or when Instagram makes adjustments to their algorithm and feed. Even remained positive and consistent and today he’s benefiting from it!

As long as you keep pushing forward and don’t cheat like these people who use Fake Likes Exposed your account (no matter what niche) will grow more and more with better engagement every week and you’ll become successful over time.  You must network as I explain in full detail in my InstaWealth Growth System.

Remember, Instagram is the new micro blogging platform. This isn’t a race, if you want a get rich quick scheme, you’ve come to the wrong place. Instagram is here to stay and with their recent 800 Million Monthly Active user milestone Instagram is going to be more important than Facebook for Influencers, businesses, and anyone selling anything in the world.

Even has a very nice Stormtrooper RAFFLE going on which he is promoting in his BIO check it out here, you could win a Stormtrooper ARMOR & HELMET it’s a great way of getting your brand out there selling decals, air fresheners, keychains, custom phone cases, tshirts etc..

Instagram Bio Stormtrooper

The smaller the price point of something you want to sell, the more people are going to interact with you and buy. Keep it simple and start off by trying out Affiliate Marketing on Instagram where you don’t even have to put money down to start selling a product and making money!

Evan is also making use of his profile setup as an Instagram Business Profile so he can use Instagram Stories feature (see image below) with the SWIPE UP to drive more traffic to his URL of choice (any URL). It’s the sum of all these little strategies that help deliver the dollars on the big picture. I bet you didn’t think that a medium account with 100,000 followers and a star wars niche fan page could generate so much money that Even could afford to quit his job!!! YUP, he’s been putting in the work from day 1, and thats why he’s successful using Instagram!


GET TO WORK NOW, you will thank me later!

You also want to make sure you are using Organic Comments as I explain in detail for you to beware. It’s this simple, if you cheat you will be wasting your time and won’t make any money. You also run a very high risk of having your Instagram account disabled by Instagram for using those programs which Instagram does not like.

Take not that this account is already starting to use the Instagram Poll Sticker in stories! This is such a valuable new tool that you can use to figure out more about your followers and really refine what they like, don’t like about your account or what they want to see more of.

Instagram Poll Sticker

The stories Poll Sticker feature also allows you to do market research for products you are currently selling or anticipating selling! MAN I LOVE INSTAGRAM! Who would have thought a FREE simple photo/video sharing app would be so disruptive and help so many people make so much money!! (The answer is I didn’t until I lost my job and started to play on it a couple years ago!)

I am teaching you how to create an Instagram account that you can make money with for years to come and it’s not going to happen over night! Make sure you watch my FREE Wolf Millionaire Webinar and for those that watch it until the end I will personally send you my FREE 35 Page Instagram Guide to get your Instagram game up to speed!

It doesn’t matter how big or small your niche is. It also doesn’t matter if you are a male or female. My strategies work for every single niche on Instagram and simply leverage all the BEST PRACTICES that Instagram wants to see you use.  The more you follow my STEP-BY-STEP guides the more Instagram will reward your posts to help you GROW FASTER and get better engagements!

Wolf Millionaire Testimonial

Spend some time looking through his account. Note his use of a variety of posts from memes, facts, videos all while constantly engaging with his followers by asking them questions in his captions! This is the fun and creative part that I absolutely love about Instagram, while it might not always seem easy to be creative, you can learn and leverage what others are doing and adopt the similar style for whatever niche Instagram account you have!


Here is Evan’s testimonial that I posted when he hit 77,000 followers!

Star Wars Wolf Millionaire Testimonial


Here is Evan’s testimonial when he first went from 5,000 followers to 55,000 after signing up for my InstaWealth Growth System! His execution was on point growing and engaging with his followers. This is what hard work, patience looks like.  All he did was follow all my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides where I walk you through everything you need to know.  All you have to do is follow along at your own pace little by little every day!

Wolf Millionaire Testimonial


In the theme of this post, and my eternal love for Star Wars checkout the little video my Brother and I made last Christmas while at moms house. Yes thats snow and ice under my McLaren!

Happy Instagramming!


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