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By December 29, 2016Instagram News

Using my Wolf Millionaire InstaWealth Growth System, another one of my students has made their Instagram account steamroll right on up to 16K followers and has drawn in a ton of engagement with some crazy shock-factor in their posts! Let’s see how @earthmotivation has integrated my strategies to get their eye-catching account thriving!

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@EarthMotivation at first glance..

Right away we see @earthmotivation’s short, to the point bio and we see a contact email. Great start! It looks clean and we know exactly what we’re diving into here. They have almost 16K followers and are only following a couple accounts- great ratio! This account has taken my strategies and evidently applied them to create an account that WOWS everyone who comes across it with major shock factor! It’s also great that they have their email listed for users to contact them alternatively.

Wolf Millionaire Student Success

Consistent Theme & Posts to Impress

How does @earthmotivation deliver on shock factor and keeping followers wanting more? First off, I notice that they reel in viewers and keep them happy by keeping a very consistent theme in all their photos. Their theme screams high quality, unique, never-before-seen content in almost every post, and this is one crucial aspect of theme is one that I constantly emphasize in all my posts, and I cannot stress it to you all enough!

Your Instagram posts must impress and articulate something that words can’t say, and also they need to convey something that has never before been said! There’s a vast competition out there and you don’t want your photos and videos blending in. Keeping a theme for all your posts ensures engagement and keep viewers scrolling. I know I was hooked when I was checking out this account! Their crazy unique ideas for posts are addictive to look at- whether the content be animals, landscape photos, or human interactions.

Having a consistent theme is one important, major way to mainline attention to your account and contribute to your brand identity. For this one-of-a-kind account, we can surely tell that their theme is all about inspiring and motivating viewers with high quality, appealing photos. Take a look at the photos below and notice the consistency in theme in them all. They all have that shock factor I’m talking about and definitely cause one to scrutinize more than at the average photo in most Instagram accounts!

earth motivation shock factor

earth motivation shock factor

earth motivation shock factor

earth motivation shock factor

Mix it Up & Have Fun!

I love how this account has fun with their photos- they know how to play. I found myself smiling  and laughing out loud a few times at their shock-factor worthy pictures and videos, which is not always the case with most accounts! Stirring up energy and feelings from your viewers is a almost a guarantee that they will  follow, share, and like what you’ve got.

It’s important to stay light-hearted and easy, especially with social media and how it drives our lives, because that’s what really gets us through life, right? Take it too seriously and you’re in for a mundane ride.

@earthmotivation does a great job of motivating us, as promised in their name, with creative and sometimes even witty posts. They know how to draw in their viewers and they understand the psychology and emotion behind a post. Take a look at these photos and tell me it doesn’t invoke something in you! These are sure to give you a laugh or smile, enjoy!

earth motivation shock factor

earth motivation shock factor

earth motivation shock factorShock Value Video Posts

I like that @earthmotivation isn’t afraid to use videos! Videos are cause for a ton of engagement and can really boost up your likes and shares. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, that videos are a must and they are guaranteed to get you action! If you look below you see a couple videos that got mad interaction!

Out of all their posts, the videos got the most attention with 60K and 107K views! Great job! For comparison, we have one of @earthmotivation’s most popular photo and as you can see it got 13K likes, which is still a ton of draw, but it shows us the impact and difference that videos make on an account.

earth motivation shock factor earth motivation shock factor

 earth motivation shock factor

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Wrapping Up: Some Tips & Props

Overall, this account shines and impresses! Shock factor sells, @earthmotivation demonstrates, and there’s no question about that! Although I have so many compliments for @earthmotivation, I think they could benefit from making sure that every post and video has proper credentials. Give credit to your photographers and those that deserve it people!! I noticed a few times, they wrote “DM for credits”. That’s fine, but in reality not a lot of people are going to take the time to do that, and it seems like an extra step to get in the way of viewers knowing or finding the true owner of the material.

I also would love to see this account have a few photos that are borderline believable, as I noticed a lot of the photos have been photo shopped to create a fantasy aspect. I love the creativity, but there’s always a balance, as moderation is sophistication. I think the key here is creating posts that will cause people to wonder, is this, or could this be real?

Lastly, and to wrap up I have to say that this account is THRIVING for a reason and they definitely deliver on their name and post photos that most minds can’t even think up or and create! Props to @earthmotivation for their hard work and creativity! They’ve applied my strategies of having a consistent theme, mad shock factor and draw, tons of videos, all the while being entertaining and unique in their work as well, and I’m so proud of them!

Now It’s Your Turn

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