Negotiating Instagram Advertising Deals

By November 22, 2017Instagram News
Negotiating Instagram Advertising Deals

Negotiating Instagram deals can be stressful. Wolf Millionaire highlights his systematic approach to negotiating advertising and collaboration deals.

Negotiating isn’t for everyone, but it’s one of the most important skills to master if you want to sell yourself and your Instagram services especially on Instagram. This includes selling photos or advertising on your Instagram account or even other peoples products and services.

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There is much of an ART as there is a SCIENCE behind negotiating deals. The biggest asset that anyone can have in order to negotiate an amazing or fair deal is to have knowledge. Yes knowledge is power! Speaking of knowledge, if you haven’t already checked out my FREE Wolf Millionaire WEBINAR to learn 9 ways you could be making money with Instagram today without a business, product or service, make sure you sign up!

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Negotiating 101

Lets take a real world example of a negotiation between one of my students and a company that was interested in purchasing one of his photos for commercial use.

Not only has this InstaWealth Growth System student recently landed his first major Bell & Ross Watches Influencer deal (not some shit kicker watch deal either – the REAL DEAL), but he’s now managed to sell one of his photos for $2500 USD!! The best part, he’s not even a professional photographer! Dude I am so proud of YOU for your continued efforts to monetize your lifestyle using Instagram! Karim continues to follow his passion as an Airbus Captain while making major steps at making money with his lifestyle all thanks to Instagram!

Take a look at the images below as they depict a simple but powerful negotiation where he went from being offered 750 Euros ($880 USD) to negotiating a final price of 2250 Euro ($2600 USD) for 1 SINGLE PHOTO he took.

1. The initial email (November 16th) below from the company wanting to pay him to use his image. The biggest advantage here was that Karim was contacted by this company wanting to use one of his very specific photos. Most of the time when someone reaches out to you with a very specific request like this including a rate, you have the ability to respond in a tactful and professional way and demand more money.


2. His response and counter offer after doing his homework and being coached by yours truly on November 19th. Karim also had requested a mockup of where and how his image was to be used in order to give him better idea and context of the scale and usage, which is also important information to make a counter offer. After spending a couple days to research commercial / photograph licensing fees, Karim responded with a counter offer.  As you can see by the email, it’s short, to the point, and sticks to highlighting the facts. You don’t want to include any emotions into the email, it’s purely “heres my price based on what the going rate is” in a very polite and professional way.


3. The final email (November 21st) in which the company increased their offer and left the deal on the table as a “take it or leave”. BAM, just like that Karim has now been able to get 3x more than what was originally offered to him simply by doing a little homework and positioning his response relative to the initial outreach of a company that REALLY REALLY wanted to use one of his photos. You can see by the response below of the company they have also positioned it as a “here is whats it’s worth to us” based on what they consider “fair compensation”.  They ended the email in a way that tends to indicate that the amount they counter offered would be a final amount they’d be willing to pay based on “different options” they were considering.  At this point my advice was to take the deal as 2250 EURO ($2600 USD) is an amazing amount of money for having taken 1 simple photo! DAMMMMMM DUDE!!! NICE WORK!!


As you can see, the negotiating piece is rather simple when you break it down. It all starts with being professional and doing your homework. These same principles apply to everything in life when it comes to negotiating a fair price for anything in the digital marketing world. Remember if you don’t ask, you’ll never know. So push back a little and test the waters. It’s very rare that someone would take a counter offer after contacting you for something and run away if you asked for more money. Most professionals with good intentions will always circle back with you and let you know what they think of your pricing. If they don’t then you haven’t lost as anything as those people who are too ignorant, lazy and unprofessional are a dime a dozen online and will simply waste your time.

Happy Instagramming & Negotiating!

MadWhips McLaren

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