Marketing Your Business on Instagram

By September 13, 2017Instagram News
Instagram Marketing For Business

Marketing your products on Instagram has proven to be an extremely profitable social media channel for small & big businesses. Wolf Millionaire highlights 4 valuable best practices to help you succeed.

Marketing your business and products on Instagram can and will return a higher ROI than any other Social Media Channel right now if you know what you’re doing! The best part is that you don’t even need a business, product or service in order to start making money on Instagram!

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I LOVE teaching and showing you all that in today’s digital age, anyone who puts in the effort (not a half ass one) but a true daily effort can launch a company on Instagram and become successful!

Marketing Business on Instagram

The secret to Instagram success is like anything in life, there is a formula that can be replicated if you learn it and execute it 100%.  If you will let me, I will teach you all the little Instagram best practices, tips and tricks and then show you how to apply them to your own account. It could be your personal account, a business account or a fan page for a niche that you love or want to connect with other people around the world.

I happen to love exotic cars so thats why I have 18+ Million Followers across 30 some accounts that I started from scratch a couple years ago! YES I had to hire a team of University & College co-op students to manage all my accounts and all the photos and advertising campaigns we post. Let me teach you how to Instagram like a PRO!

Make sure you checkout my Instagram Business profile secrets which will explain the differences between a regular Instagram profile and a Business profile.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your marketing strategy fresh & relevant through Instagram.

Marketing Your Business

1) Use #HASHTAGS (properly)

Just because you are operating a business and selling a product doesn’t mean your hashtag game has to be boring and strictly business. You can have some fun to evoke emotion, keep your followers on their toes by being creative,  but you can also use them to attract highly targeted new customers!

Here’s the best hashtags for Instagram a very complete FREE guide I wrote that went viral. There is a ton of value in using very specific Instagram hashtags, as I discuss in detail here. Using proper hashtags in posts about your business or products is essential to attract new targeted customers.  But do be sure to keep your business top of mind when you are using hashtags.

The idea is to combine the presence of your brand or business with the most appealing, relevant hashtags where your customers could be searching! Too broad of a hashtag and no one will ever see your post. To detailed of a hashtag and again, no one is out there looking at the hashtag you used. This is why you have to do #HASHTAG research and something I have been teaching STEP-BY-STEP in my Instagram Video Guides.

Wolf Millionaire

2) Use Instagram Influencers (that fit with your business)

You can quickly gain a huge awareness to drive new sales in your market (for any business or product) by using Instagram Influencers who align with your brand. Make sure you do your research and due diligence on Influencers. It’s extremely important to match your brand and target audience to the Influencer who will help marketing your business on Instagram. Make sure you read my thorough article on Instagram Influencer marketing which hasn’t really changed in 50 years except for the medium used to market your business. Print is dead. Digital is Hot. Instagram is KING!

Focusing solely on Instagram follower growth is the worst metric you could focus on because 100,000 followers who aren’t going to buy your product are useless to you, especially if they are only following you because some Influencer said to.  Influencers who are prompt, courteous and professional across Email, Voice, Text and in person are ALL signs of a truely professional Influencer. I look for these details when communicating from the start in order to assess which influencers will make my strict cut and be a PERFECT fit for my clients.

Remember, You don’t have to get an influencer with 100,o00 or even 1 Million followers and break your entire marketing budget. You can start with influencers who have 5,000-10,000 followers if they fit your business. The price you can pay a smaller one (or two or three) to test the waters is also a great strategy to use when testing multiple niches, demographics and geographies. Learn why an Instagram takeover might be a great fit for your business!

3) Engage With Followers (potential customers)

Think of every potential customer that discovers your Instagram posts, your account or starts to follow you. Theses are ALL potential customers to which you will be marketing your business and selling your products. Treat them as you would if they walked into your store. Don’t ever buy fake likes or you will get exposed as a fraud like I highlight from time to time.

If someone asks a question be prompt to reply. I scroll through so many posts on Instagram business accounts (that interest me) and I see question after question from their followers that hasn’t been answered! I am a potential customer and I see they haven’t replied in days, weeks or ever and I am now turned off because I now understand they don’t prioritize Instagram as one of their channels and I am turned off from buying.

Please be extra careful as I outline in my Instagram comment pods guide you are going to be using engagement groups

Ask your customers questions to get to know them and how you can make your product better. You can’t please everyone but you might get a valuable reoccurring “request” that you might see as a valuable or profitable business opportunity 🙂 Keep your ears open to your FOLLOWERS.

Make sure your customers needs always be a priority for you, and there are various ways to keep them front and center when you consider your activity on Instagram. Post polls and questions soliciting their opinions; generate discussions about what kinds of similar products people love; run contests that allow your customers to upload content, such as photo, slogan, or hashtag contests, and give away products as prizes. Learn the difference between Organic Comments VS Automated comments and why I never suggest you use

The bottom line here is be engaging with your customers, not just through the relatable captions of your posts, but in ways that speak to your customers directly, brings out their passions for your product or a product in your industry that you service and then reward them for following your business by providing them some value. Teach your customers and they will become your greatest brand promoters which further helps drive even more sales.

Instagram Marketing

4) Be Creative & Authentic (while keeping it simple)

This tip should go without saying, but it is surprisingly easy for people to lose sight of what led them to market their business on Instagram in the first place: it’s an innovative and creatively engaging medium!

So creativity is the lifeblood of all Instagram posts, it’s up to you to find your method for always being original and visually appealing. The basics are important: use the right angles, lighting, tone, mood, colours, etc.. that suit your brand and engage your customers at the same time. But you’ll have to think outside the box from time to time. Ask yourself “what can I do that the other guy isn’t doing and that my customers will love?” (hint hint the answer is creating videos).

Hopefully you have taken away some key learnings that you should be incorporating into your Instagram account to drive more conversions and sales!

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Happy Instagramming!


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