How To Make Money With Instagram Stories


On August 1st, 2016 Instagram rolled out “Stories” which directly “borrows” SnapChat’s successful Social Media formula. This is my 2nd Instagram Prediction to come true in less than 8 months! A “story” is a strung together collection of photos and/or videos which expires (gets deleted automatically) after 24 hours. It allows you to create a “story” via short posts that users watch like a really short story.  You can create and post as many 10 second photo and videos which will make up your “story”. Instagram even allows you to pull in photos or videos that you have taken on your mobile phone within the last 24 hours to use in your “story”…

In fact I haven’t been this excited about the opportunities I continue to see with Instagram since I first crunched the numbers over 2 years ago and realized how much money I could be making if I used Instagram properly. I have done all the hard work putting in hours upon hours over the last 2 years while posting tens of thousands of photos and videos as I slowly tested & learned how to master Instagram and make massive amounts of money from it. I even started playing the Instagram money making game late (about 1 year late to be exact), and in less than 1 year was making more money than my peers ahead of me. My Wolf Millionaire students are now making $200-$400 per week after only 3-4 months following my strategies in their spare time. Go read all the testimonials on my Instagram page @Wolf_Milllionaire, you can see their successes daily/weekly/monthly in real time. Money actually does grow on digital trees, contrary to popular belief.

I put all my Instagram secrets into my InstaWealth Growth System. It’s over 20+ hours of me walking you through & teaching you step-by-step everything I know about Instagram so you can do exactly what I have done. I’m not going to lie, making money on Instagram isn’t rocket science, it just requires a little consistency and a little bit of effort along with my KEY strategies that are really easy to understand and implement. Trust me, if a 38 year old like myself can master Instagram, anyone can, especially with how I have taught my course, explaining everything as if you hadn’t ever used a mobile phone or Instagram before.

Making money on Instagram with their new “stories” feature is similar to how Influencers are just starting to make money on Snapchat.  The thing is it’s way easier & faster to grow an Instagram account than a snapchat account, because Instagram posts & accounts are public, discoverable and don’t expire while Snapchat users don’t have a profile that can be discovered by hashtags or an explore page to display what they are all about.

With Instagram you just have to follow my step-by-step strategies to grow a following in a niche that you are passionate about and then sell advertising or promotional space in the form of photos or videos!  There is more advertising dollars out there than organically grown & properly run Instagram accounts to take those dollars from small and large companies around the world in every niche.

This is why I had the foresight to create 30 Instagram account and now have over 17 Million Instagram followers, all grown from scratch in just over 2 years. Make sure you go read my recent post on how to tell if an Instagram account has FAKE followers & FAKE likes so you don’t get scammed from all those shady accounts trying to cheat the system. The crazy part is, I have only been monetizing about 30% of my Instagram network because I want to continue to focus on growing more and more accounts & followers! I could easily be banking a half million dollar annual salary but then I would be sacrificing growth. I am all about growth, growth, growth then monetizing HARD & FAST!

Download this cheat sheet to learn how to make money with Instagram stories.

Now with Instagram “stories” you can review products or promote them to your followers in an organic storied way that fits with whatever niche your account is about and make money while promoting products or services in your Instagram feed with regular photos or video! I wouldn’t even be surprised if Instagram allows us to use clickable hashtags or @username mentions to click through to other accounts. This would be the icing on the cake and would really show that Instagram wants to really innovate and distinguish it’s self differently than SnapChat’s which has ZERO clickable links when you post a Snap. Instagram however, is now BANG BANG, DOUBLE THE MONEY with this new stories feature!

You could really become the next household Social Media name all from this one awesome new “story” feature Instagram just launched! Follow your passion and live the life you want, DREAM BIG and DO IT! Life is too short to be a slave!

This single new “story” feature is going to make me a million dollars by this time next year.  For those who think I am joking, you can sit at your cubicle while sharing a piece of cheese with your fellow rat-mate complaining about how you hate your job, your boss and secretly your life. Just make sure to bookmark and put a note in your digital calendar to check in with my success this time next year so you can come back and read how I have made my first million dollar annual salary simply by posting photos & videos to Instagram. I know I won’t be the one wanting to vomit when that time comes, but you might be if you miss out on taking this opportunity seriously!

The fact that Instagram has become the fastest growing and most popular social network is no doubt due to its easily consumable and produceable photo/video centric simplicity.  This is why I have been making so much money on Instagram, because over 500+ Million people (and growing) use Instagram daily, if not hourly. (Don’t try to tell me any different, I know you check Instagram just as much as I do, but for a different reason – I’m doing it to check how much money I am making every hour off of people like YOU who are using it to get a quick fix.

SnapChat while similar offers a slightly different approach, maybe one that is a little more personal and private due to the removal of the social grading system also known as “LIKES” and replacing it with “VIEWS” and a screenshot counter to let you know how many people saw your post and then screenshot to save it.  SnapChat also originally evolved as a messenger that allowed you to send nude photos to others with a self destruct timer 😉 which has matured & evolved into the hottest new Social Network next to Instagram.

Today’s fast paced society no matter what part of the world you live, all wants to consume fast, easily accessible and instantly gratifying media. We are hooked on the easy solution to everything. Social media is today’s new drug of choice! It’s free, and available EVERYWHERE at a flick of your mobile device or click of your mouse. When we are feeling down or bored due to the lack of dopamine in our already overstimulated brains we turn to social media for an instant quick fix. Instagram has been the drug of choice for over 3 hot years now, and it’s as addictive as heroin and is here to stay. Instagram hasn’t even hit it’s stride as a social network, it’s still relatively young compared to others before it, there is so much growth ahead for Instagram, all I see is dollar $$$$$igns.

Instagram will never die out like Myspace, Twitter or Vine (yes all three of those shit box networks belong in the same graveyard) purely because of how simple, photo & video centric the experience is, not to mention owned by Facebook who has billions of dollars to keep it hot fresh and attractive through innovation; even it’s copying another social network like SnapChat. Do you actually think Mark Zuckerberg is going to let Instagram fail?? HAHAHA ya right!!

This is why you should take advantage of my InstaWealth Growth System and start following your own passions, turning your Instagram play time into money making time just like my successful students and I have been doing. I continue to make a very high 6 figure annual salary from Instagram advertising deals and I recently took delivery a brand new McLaren Sport Series that I custom spec’d just how I wanted it back in December 2015.

It’s hard to fathom that I lost my stable & secure job just over 3 years ago. I also own over $40,000 in watches & jewelry thanks to rewards along the way like an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chonograph,  IWC Big Pilot and a pair of 18k Cartier Love bracelets because I love myself so much for taking the chance and listening to my gut when I noticed the opportunity oozing from Instagram. Did I mention I just took delivery of a BRAND NEW McLaren exotic car??

Life can be like an ATM when you find the right opportunity, and right now that ATM is Instagram which just keeps spitting out hundred dollar bills every hour, so I am going to continue killing it with my strategies while laughing all the way to the bank with or without YOU!

I am the only one who’s bomb tested Instagram for 2 years and packaged ALL my learnings into a course in order to give the opportunity back to those willing to take advantage of all my hard work so you could simply follow along and implement my strategies. There are thousands of people like me making thousands of dollars from our couches, beds (I haven’t set an alarm since I lost my job), afternoon patio spots and from the hottest beaches all over the globe while making serious bank with our mobile phones & Instagram.

Working (I mean playing) a couple hours a day on Instagram sure does beat working out of an office with all the other rat race contestants you call your cell mates. The thought of ever having to go back to working a 9-5 job sends shivers down my spine. Make a change if you want a better life, you are in control of your destiny!

Still reading because you know very well that I know what I am talking about, just not ready to commit (typical trait) well I’ve created a FREE 20 Page Instagram guide just for you cheap, sceptical “onlookers” to further demonstrate I know what I am talking about when it comes to Instagram.  Go to and enter your email address and we’ll send you an email with my guide filled with Tips, Tricks & Strategies that you can start using right away (unless you’re even too lazy to even follow my FREE guide) to see immediate growth & improved engagement not to mention a more professional & attractive and HACKER PROOF Instagram account whether for personal or business. Cheers!



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